Warehouse for SailfishOS

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BETA. This application is still under active development. 

Warehouse is not yet compatible with SailfishOS version 2.1.4 or above.
Use Storeman as OpenRepos client application.

Warehouse is a native client for OpenRepos.net
Browse and install applications, enable repositories.

Just download and tap to install.

If warehouse does not start after upgrade, uninstall warehouse, and install latest version.

TMO support thread is open for discussions: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=91574

Application versions: 
File harbour-warehouse-0.3-22.armv7hl.rpm95.04 KB18/09/2014 - 00:18
File harbour-warehouse-0.3-28.armv7hl.rpm95.02 KB07/10/2014 - 00:48
File harbour-warehouse-0.3-29.armv7hl.rpm94.65 KB24/10/2014 - 13:29
File harbour-warehouse-0.3-30.armv7hl.rpm94.51 KB22/04/2015 - 01:03

Version v0.30-30

  • General performance improvements

Version v0.3-29

  • Qt5.2. js fix.

Version v0.3-28

  • Performance regression fixed

Version v0.3-27

  • Extra transaction info added

Version v0.3-26

  • Faster repositories updates check: only openrepos
  • Application manage UI updates

Version v0.3-25

  • Hide non-openrepos updates
  • Fix categories preload
  • Check for updates at application page

Version v0.3-22

  • Search field autofocus

Version v0.3-21

  • Single repository refresh option added at profile page

Version v0.3-20

  • Warehouse Installer compatibility

Version v0.3-18

  • Basic polkit auth policy added
  • Application changelog shown
  • Fast single-repo refresh
  • Fast repository disabling

Version v0.2-16

  • Emergency fix for category API change.


orestes1986's picture

Is the "Obsolete" supposed to uninstall the old-named app?

basil's picture

Yes, but it does not prevent re-installing.

orestes1986's picture

It doesnt seem to work, I added:

Obsoletes: passgen <= 1.0-5 passgen-debuginfo <= 1.0-5 passgen-debugsource <= 1.0-5

Conflicts: passgen <= 1.0-5 passgen-debuginfo <= 1.0-5 passgen-debugsource <= 1.0-5

Provides: passgen passgen-debuginfo passgen-debugsource

but it erases it after I reoprn the spec file

It's ok though, It does not bother mr that much that it does not uninstalls the older version


Thank you anyway



basil's picture

This happens because you have .yaml file in your project, and .specs file is generated from it. Add those options to yaml file. Refer to Spectacle-yaml readme for specification and sections description.

orestes1986's picture

Thank you for all your help, I edited the YAML and it seems that it generates a fine spec



- passgen <= 1.0-5
- passgen-debuginfo <= 1.0-5
- passgen-debugsource <= 1.0-5
- passgen <= 1.0-5
- passgen-debuginfo <= 1.0-5
- passgen-debugsource <= 1.0-5
- passgen <= 1.0-5
- passgen-debuginfo <= 1.0-5
- passgen-debugsource <= 1.0-5

It generates a spec like this:


Provides:   passgen <= 1.0-5
Provides:   passgen-debuginfo <= 1.0-5
Provides:   passgen-debugsource <= 1.0-5
Conflicts:   passgen <= 1.0-5
Conflicts:   passgen-debuginfo <= 1.0-5
Conflicts:   passgen-debugsource <= 1.0-5
Obsoletes:   passgen <= 1.0-5
Obsoletes:   passgen-debuginfo <= 1.0-5
Obsoletes:   passgen-debugsource <= 1.0-5

which seems fine to me

Still it does not uninstall the old app

Anyway thank you for all your help and guidance, I think I might have bothered you a lot.


spacenewt's picture

When I use the search function, the text field only shows "upper half" of the words/letters, making it hard to read what I'm typing. Can you fix it? Thank you.

basil's picture

Search field will be fixed in next update.

spacenewt's picture


lechindianer's picture

When the app finds updates (while in mainscreen - searching for updates per pulldown), you have to tap to proceed. But to me it seems that the default on SailfishOS is tap to cancel.

basil's picture

Since there is no default UI notifications elements, "tap to proceed" used for notification & action, because warehouse cannot force page switch. This notification appears when any updates available, even if you havent search for them, i.e. from last warehouse start, or after performing console command.

Check/join discussion here: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1408108#post1408108

Markkyboy's picture

I like this app, I love checking in and seeing what's new. I like the automatic offering of updates to installed apps. I noticed sometimes there isn't a place to add comments on some apps here and there.
Great work, Basil, thanks :)

basil's picture

Comment settings depends on publisher. It can be disabled for specific application, to avoid spam, and so on.

michdeskunk's picture

in the sailfish version i cannot scroll down all the pages; and in categoryes->all i cannot see al the applications... there are 2600 and more apps but i see only 2 pages of apps...

basil's picture

Currently numbers shows all packages available at openrepos for harmattan, sailfish, nemomobile and does not show number for your specific platform. In future releases this will be fixed.

jpn9s's picture


What an application. Thank you Basil!

Goodbye Nokia Store, wellcome Warehouse! I will recommend it to all my N9 and Sailfish friends.

jpn9s's picture

Works perfectly also with Sailfish, too.

When Warehouse was loaded with Jolla , it went into Downloads box af first. From Downloads boc it was found with FIle Browser program. Finally the installatioin was done then very easy by tumbling / clicking the file.

casanunda's picture

Sailfish version is actually working well.


abjectio's picture

Great work. Looking forward to get this "Warehouse" on SailfishOS. 


malinkb's picture

Great application, and thank you so much for helping me with this application tiday Basil.

Alexxxlrus's picture

зачётный каталог получился! Спасибо!!!

fravaccaro's picture

I've been following the OpenRepos project for a while...and I dare to say you guys are great!

NielDK's picture

Looks good, looking forward to a usable releas :)

Well done so far!

basil's picture

You can follow the updates after installing the warehouse. It will notify as soon as update will be available. btw, i'm glad to see that you have added all those icons to your apps ;)