File Browser

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File Browser for SailfishOS

File Browser is a simple tool to view and manage files on your phone.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This app can be used to corrupt files on the phone and make the phone unusable. The author does not take any responsibility if that happens. So, be careful.


  • Browse and search files and folders on the phone
  • Open files (if xdg-open finds a preferred application)
  • View image files and pictures as thumbnails or in a gallery
  • Play back WAV, MP3, OGG, and FLAC audio
  • Install Android APK and Sailfish RPM packages
  • View contents of APK, RPM, ZIP and TAR packages
  • Preview contents of video, text, SQLite databases, and binary files
  • Select multiple files (by tapping the file icons)
  • Link, cut, move, copy and paste multiple files at once (by long pressing an item or tapping the file icons)
  • Rename files and folders
  • Create new folders
  • Delete files and folders (by long pressing an item or tapping the file icons)
  • Show hidden files (filenames starting with a dot)
  • Edit file and folder permissions
  • Open multiple windows
  • Copy, edit, or manually enter paths
  • Quickly filter files from the top pulley
  • Set per-folder view preferences
  • Save custom quick shortcuts for navigating and moving files

Bug reports, translations, code contributions, and other feedback are very welcome! Please prefer the forum thread for new questions.

This app is free software released under the GNU GPL v3+. The source code is available on Github. Legacy versions (compatible with SailfishOS 2) are still accessible here.


[translated names to help OpenRepo's search function: harbour-file-browser, harbour-file-browser-beta, File Browser, File Manager, Filemanager, Filebrowser, Tiedostoselain, Dateiverwaltung, Pliki, ...]

Application versions: 
File harbour-file-browser-2.4.0-1.armv7hl.rpm253.11 KB12/01/2021 - 17:46
File harbour-file-browser-2.4.0-1.i486.rpm280.87 KB12/01/2021 - 17:46
File harbour-file-browser-2.4.1-1.armv7hl.rpm264.69 KB01/02/2021 - 16:07
File harbour-file-browser-2.4.1-1.i486.rpm293.06 KB01/02/2021 - 16:07
File harbour-file-browser-2.4.2-1.armv7hl.rpm290.29 KB06/02/2021 - 19:37
File harbour-file-browser-2.4.2-1.i486.rpm319.32 KB06/02/2021 - 19:37
File harbour-file-browser-2.4.3-1.i486.rpm328.11 KB17/02/2021 - 18:50
File harbour-file-browser-2.4.3-1.armv7hl.rpm299.51 KB17/02/2021 - 18:50
File harbour-file-browser-2.4.3-1.aarch64.rpm306.95 KB15/05/2021 - 19:13
File harbour-file-browser-2.5.1-1.aarch64.rpm331.93 KB30/03/2022 - 12:27
File harbour-file-browser-2.5.1-1.armv7hl.rpm324.4 KB30/03/2022 - 12:27
File harbour-file-browser-2.5.1-1.i486.rpm353.88 KB30/03/2022 - 12:27

version 2.5.1: Mar 30 2022

  • Hotfix for OpenRepos: fixed disabling sandboxing (Sailjail)

version 2.5.0: Mar 30 2022

  • Important note:
  • - the Jolla store version cannot show all files in Sailfish 4.3 and later
  • - sharing, PDF viewing, and storage settings are disabled in Jolla store
  • - please install the unrestricted build from OpenRepos if you need all features
  • New translations: Polish, Indonesian
  • Updated translations: English, German, Swedish, Norwegian Bokmål, Slovak, Estonian, Chinese (China), French, Finnish, Hungarian, Turkish, Spanish
  • Updated list of contributors
  • Added support for backups using MyBackup
  • Added new setting to show/hide solid window background
  • Added a proper "About" page
  • Improved image loading times and error messages
  • Improved discoverability of global vs. local settings
  • Improved error handling on image/video preview page
  • Improved app icon and action icons
  • Improved logging with info about restricted/enabled features
  • Improved opening files externally
  • - installing RPM and APK files should be possible again
  • - a possibly upcoming "open with" system feature will be available right away
  • Improved detection of optional features:
  • - internal PDF viewer will be properly disabled if sailfish-office is not installed
  • - sharing will be disabled if no supported sharing method can be found
  • Fixed sharing on Sailfish <= 3.4 and Sailfish >= 4.x
  • Fixed opening directories in non-Harbour builds
  • Fixed image rotation for JPEG files
  • Fixed zoom-by-double-tap for images with almost the same dimensions as the screen
  • Fixed "Open" instead of "Install" showing for APK files
  • Changed a settings key: "gallery" mode must be re-enabled once
  • Updated config file location for Sailjail compatibility

version 2.4.3: Feb 17 2021

  • New translations: Dutch (Belgium), Estonian
  • Updated translations: Slovak, Hungarian, Norwegian Bokmål, Chinese (China), Swedish, Spanish
  • Fixed double tap to zoom images of square and almost square dimensions
  • Fixed horizontal mode
  • - File Browser can now be used in all orientations
  • - Please file a bug report if startup fails and a note about "delaying initialization" appears in the log.
  • - Part of the fix uses a workaround for a system bug and may break unexpectedly.
  • Improved image page animations

version 2.4.2: Feb 06 2021

  • New translations: Czech, Slovak, Hungarian
  • Added support for opening directories with xdg-open
  • Updated list of contributors

version 2.4.1: Feb 01 2021

  • Note: translations are now managed using Weblate ( - contributors welcome!
  • New translation: Norwegian Bokmål
  • Updated translations: Spanish, French, Swedish, Chinese, German, ...
  • Added item count to folders in listings
  • Added link target to files in listings
  • Changed file size display units to SI units (i.e. powers of 2, KiB=1024B instead of kB=1000B)
  • Improved performance of file size preview and selecting files
  • Fixed label colors in permissions dialog, rename dialog, transfer dialog, file preview page
  • Fixed hiding empty file info fields
  • Fixed creating numbered file names when pasting over existing files with '.' in their path

version 2.4.0: Jan 12 2021

  • Finally out of beta
  • - Configuration is now stored at ~/.config/harbour-file-browser. Copy your beta configuration from ~/.config/harbour-file-browser-beta to keep custom shortcuts.
  • - You can safely remove the folder ~/.local/share/harbour-file-browser-beta.
  • - Updated root mode for non-beta release (packaged separately)
  • - Note: it might be necessary to manually remove the old packages harbour-file-browser-beta and harbour-file-browser-root-beta
  • Updated translations: Swedish, Chinese, German
  • Greatly improved performance when loading folders and moving/deleting files
  • - before: loading a folder with 5000 images (sorted by modification time) took ~5 seconds, moving/deleting 1 file took ~8 seconds; with times climbing exponentially
  • - now: loading the same folder (any sorting mode) is nearly instantly, moving/deleting too
  • - now: sorting mode will no longer noticeably affect performance (sorting by modification time was by far the slowest mode before)
  • - note: when deleting/moving/filtering more than 200 files the view will lose its position and jump to the top
  • Greatly improved filtering performance
  • - before: filtering a folder with 5000 images took ~20 seconds, scrolling was nearly impossible
  • - now: the same folder filters nearly instantly, scrolling is smooth
  • - note: the folder listing will be updated when closing the top menu
  • Improved navigation performance: switching between folders should feel much more responsive now
  • Fixed a bug causing page navigation by swiping to break
  • Fixed performance issues when opening view preferences
  • Fixed keyboard flickering when opening view preferences
  • Fixed selection panel being closed while one file was still selected
  • Fixed file pages breaking after file(s) have been moved away
  • Fixed folder listings jumping to the top after deleting or transferring files and after changing settings
  • Fixed highlighting files when the context menu is opened, a thumbnail is being shown, or gallery mode is activated
  • Added support for simple wildcards when filtering
  • - use '*' to match any one or more characters
  • - use '?' to match any single character
  • - use '[abc]' to match one character of the group in square brackets
  • - to include a literal '*' or '?' you have to enclose it in square brackets
  • Added proper user feedback while loading folders
  • Added indicators for files that are being moved/deleted
  • Added an informational placeholder when no file matched the filter
  • Improved suggestions highlighting when manually editing the current path
  • Improved system integration: "open storage settings" menu item will only be shown if storage module is installed
  • Improved navigation menu: duplicate history entries should not happen anymore
  • Improved licensing: the project is now 'reuse'-compliant (cf.
  • *** For developers:
  • Added and improved some documentation
  • Added a new worker thread class for loading, refreshing, and sorting folders in the background
  • Added modification time info from stat(3) to StatFileInfo
  • Implemented custom sorting by modification time, as QDir's performance is terrible
  • Implemented a hashing/caching algorithm for partially refreshing folder listings
  • Improved icon rendering: code can be easily reused in other projects
  • Clarified licensing for all files: documentation is GFDL, some files are CC0 (all files have proper SPDX license headers now)

version 2.3.2-beta: Jan 07 2021

  • Fixed deleting files via context menu
  • Fixed clearing selection while filtering
  • Added a menu icon to directory headers (can be disabled in the settings)
  • Improved description text for adding custom transfer targets
  • Refactored page navigation and navigation history (even good things can be improved)
  • Fixed some console noise

version 2.3.1-beta: Dec 04 2020

  • Updated translations: Swedish, Chinese
  • Changed file info icon to the default system icon
  • Changed toolbar icons to 112x112px instead of 64x64px
  • Fixed height and thickness of toolbar icons (lines) to match system icons
  • Fixed file previews so file icons don't scale too much
  • Fixed an error message caused by string formatting

version 2.3.0-beta: Nov 22 2020

  • Updated translations: Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, German, English (thanks to contributors!)
  • Implemented navigation history: use the directory popup to navigate back and forward (see below)
  • Added support for adding shortcuts to a manually entered path (bottom pulley on the shortcuts page)
  • Added support for adding custom transfer targets by path (top pulley in the transfer dialog)
  • Added a new directory popup (similar to the old one from version <= 1.8.0)
  • - open it by tapping on the page title in a directory listing
  • - navigation history: go back, forward, and up ("up" is the same as swiping left)
  • - quickly toggle viewing hidden files
  • - edit the current path (or e.g. paste a path from clipboard)
  • Added setting on how to abbreviate/elide filenames
  • Added preview for SQLite databases
  • Improved performance on many pages (directory listings, search, shortcuts, navigation, ...)
  • Fixed a large amount of visual bugs, inconsistencies, and papercuts
  • Fixed many small bugs concerning edge cases in nagivation, settings, etc.
  • Fixed accidentally opening the keyboard when switching to the sort/view settings
  • Allowed rotating all pages (it is still not working perfectly, but this might be a bug in the system)
  • Fixed handling selections: selections will be cleared less often, e.g. helping with sorting files
  • Fixed filtering files case-insensitively
  • Fixed keeping search results without restarting the search after checking a file
  • Implemented rudimentary video error handling (when previewing files)
  • Improved error handling in file previews (rpm, sqlite, zip, ...)
  • Improved file type detection and file icons
  • Improved support for thumbnails (e.g. PDF and video files can have thumbnails now)
  • Added and improved documentation
  • Clarified licenses: GPL v3 (or later) for code, CC-BY-SA 4.0 for graphics
  • Prepared for first non-beta release in Jolla store
  • *** For developers:
  • Restructured the development environment
  • Implemented a new versatile dialog for manually entering paths, including completion suggestions
  • Implemented different search types in the search engine
  • Added support for limiting the amount of search results
  • Added directory info properties to the file data backend

version 2.2.2-beta: May 29 2020

  • Fixed saving settings when the settings file did not exist
  • Fixed showing disk space under SFOS 3.3.x.x
  • Fixed rare possibility of duplicate bookmark entries
  • Fixed bookmarks vanishing when the user renames the configuration folder while the app is running
  • Fixed calculating size info and counting files for links or directories containing links
  • Fixed copying hidden files when copying a directory recursively
  • Improved user notice when a link is broken
  • Improved directory/link state detection (might help with a bug regarding CIFS mounts)
  • *** For developers:
  • Internal API changes
  • - Documented Engine::isUsingBusybox()
  • - Added Settings::keys()

version 2.2.1-beta: May 02 2020

  • Added root mode (packaged separately)
  • Fixed inconsistent default setting for "View/UseLocalSettings"
  • Added "open storage settings" to bottom pulley of shortcuts page
  • Disabled opening system settings from shortcuts for Jolla store and when running as root

version 2.2.0-beta: May 01 2020

  • Fixed showing file info page under SailfishOS 3.3.x.x
  • Fixed the same for symlinks to directories on another partition
  • Increased performance when changing directories
  • Shortcut to Android data will be hidden if the directory is not available
  • *** For developers:
  • Internal API changes
  • - Removed some small helper functions
  • - Refactored and split scripts and libraries
  • - Removed Engine::homeFolder()
  • - Renamed Engine::androidSdcardPath() to Engine::androidDataPath()

version 2.1.1-beta: Apr 19 2020

  • Added support for opus audio files: recognize them as audio, and allow internal playback
  • Removed trying to show thumbnails for PDF files and videos: the system thumbnailer does not support it

version 2.1.0-beta: Jan 12 2020

  • Added file icons for compressed files and for PDF files
  • Implemented a new "Gallery Mode": images will be shown comfortably large, and all entries except for images, videos, and directories will be hidden
  • Implemented previewing videos directly
  • - Note that this is intentionally kept simple. Use an external app for anything other than quickly checking what the file contains.
  • - Thumbnail images for videos are not available as they are not supported by the system thumbnailer.
  • Added support for USB OTG devices
  • - Any device mounted below /run/media/nemo will now be shown together with the SD card
  • - Added a bottom pulley to the shortcuts page to manually refresh the list of devices
  • - External storage settings can now directly be accessed via the context menu (see below)
  • Improved usability of bookmarks and shortcuts
  • - Implemented manually sorting bookmarks
  • - Fixed wrong icon for deleting bookmarks
  • - Fixed bookmarks when transferring files
  • - Moved shortcut to Android storage to the main "Locations" section
  • Improved settings handling to be more robust
  • - Please note that all *customized* bookmark names will be reset *once* after installing this update
  • - Fixed a bug where bookmark names (not the bookmarks themselves) could get lost
  • - Added runtime-caching of settings to handle missing permissions
  • - Fixed changing view settings in read-only directories
  • - Restricted saving local view settings to /home/nemo/* and /run/media/nemo/*, so even if File Browser is run as root, no unwanted files will be written anywhere
  • - Improved settings handling to be more intuitive when resetting a local value to the global default
  • not Harbour-compliant changes:
  • - Added showing PDF files directly from the file page (swipe right) using Sailfish Office
  • - Added context menu to external devices (bookmark page) to directly open system settings
  • Fixed a typo on the sorting options page
  • Added option to copy current path to clipboard to the main bottom pulley
  • Fixed showing path in pulley when adding a bookmark via shortcuts page
  • Performance improvements in
  • - loading directories
  • - switching between thumbnail modes
  • - previewing large images
  • *** For developers:
  • Internal API changes
  • - Moved settings from Engine to standalone settings handler
  • - Replaced separate method for detecting SD cards by method collecting all mounted devices

version 2.0.1-beta: Dec 30 2019

  • Updated translations: Swedish, Chinese, Spanish
  • (other translations still need updating - contributors welcome!)

version 2.0.0-beta: Dec 12 2019

  • Performance improvements in
  • - changing directories
  • - loading directories
  • - applying new settings
  • Implemented sharing files (non-Harbour version only)
  • Added file transfer option (quickly copy/move/link multiple files to multiple destinations)
  • Added shortcuts page instead of quick-links menu (swipe right)
  • Added bookmarks option (add from pulley or context menu, access on shortcuts page)
  • Show content preview of file immediately as attached page (swipe right)
  • Improved pulley menu order on file page
  • Moved some entries from pull down menu to push up menu on directory page
  • Added more sorting options for directory listings
  • Added setting to sort case-sensitively or case-insensitively
  • Simplified applying directory settings (top pulley or tap on directory title)
  • Fixed calculating disk space usage
  • Improved file date/time info
  • Added setting to use local view settings for all directories (.directory files from desktop file managers)
  • Improved selection panel and context menu in directory listings
  • Added file actions (copy/rename/share/... to file page)
  • Added quick-filter option to directory listings (open top pulley to maximum)
  • Improved rename dialog
  • - disabled text prediction
  • - added support for renaming multiple files at once
  • - added check if file already exists
  • Improved horizontal app layout
  • Implemented file preview thumbnails
  • Added image viewer page (swipe right from file page)
  • Added "shift" selection of multiple files (long press on file entry to start)
  • Added cover actions ('search' and 'show shortcuts')
  • Added support for selecting text file preview (just like in the Notes app)
  • Implemented computing size of all selected file/directories (with properties page)
  • Implemented computing directory size (visible from properties page)
  • Implemented opening new windows
  • Improved launcher entry
  • Improved support for light ambiences
  • Improved and added some custom icons
  • Added support for animations in image viewer (e.g. GIF files)
  • Added list of contributors (swipe right from settings page)
  • Added support for initial directory as command line argument
  • Added settings page as attached page to shortcuts page (swipe right)
  • Added root mode app icon and highlight cover when running as root
  • Re-built app icon as SVG and generated new png images
  • Improved many strings (translations not updated yet)
  • Updated German translation
  • Polished user interface with improvements here and there
  • **IMPORTANT**: for version 2.0.0 and upwards, the licensing has been changed to the GNU GPL v3 (or later).

version 1.8.0: May 12 2019

  • Added a confirmation dialog for file overwriting
  • Fixed colors and icons for Sailfish 3 light ambiences

version 1.7.3: Jul 05 2018

  • Fixed the SDCard location for users with an unusual sdcard symlink

version 1.7.2: Jun 11 2018

  • Fixed SDCard location for Sailfish 2.2.0
  • Fixed to start on Sailfish 1 phones

version 1.7.1: Feb 11 2018

  • Added translations for French, Dutch and Greek
  • Fixed icons for high density screens

version 1.7: Jun 27 2016

  • Add translations for Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish
  • Small UI improvements to match the Sailfish look

version 1.6: Mar 22 2015

  • Add translations for Finnish, German and Simplified Chinese languages
  • Fix occasional search page hangup

version 1.5: Sep 01 2014

  • Multiple file selections
  • View contents of tar files
  • Display image size, exif and other metadata
  • Displays broken symbolic links
  • Move and copy symbolic links
  • Display mime type information
  • Display chr, blk, fifo and sock files correctly

version 1.4.2: Mar 20 2014

  • Added full public domain license text
  • Fixed path to sd card
  • Fixed deleting symlinks to directories
  • Added view contents to show rpm, apk and zip files

version 1.4.1: Jan 26 2014

  • Added Settings page
  • Added show hidden files
  • Added show directories first
  • Added rename files and folders
  • Added create folders
  • Added change permissions
  • Added disk space indicators
  • Fixed two deletes to work simultaneously

version 1.3: Dec 29 2013

  • Added filename search
  • Added audio playback
  • Added image preview
  • Added view contents to show text or binary dump

version 1.2: Dec 23 2013

  • Added menu to open files with xdg-open
  • Added context menu to cut, copy and paste (move/copy) files
  • Cancel file operations
  • Watches file system for changes to update the views

version 1.1: Dec 19 2013

  • Android APK and Sailfish RPM packages can be installed
  • Context menu to delete files and directories

version 1.0: Dec 17 2013

  • Initial release



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ichthyosaurus's picture

I'm surprised root mode works at all on SFOS 4... Maybe you're trying to access "privileged" folders? IIRC that's either not possible or error prone. I think someone once reported problems with that.

levone1's picture

Question - why do I sometimes get "no permission to read folder" when trying to start file-browser root? I see in terminal that the issue is
QInotifyFileSystemWatcherEngine::addPaths: inotify_add_watch failed: Permission denied
but can't fix it. I've tried various chmod attempts and sysctl max user, etc...

ichthyosaurus's picture

I've no idea... What version of SFOS are you on?

levone1's picture

Any way to multi-select?

ichthyosaurus's picture

Tap the file icon to select a file. Any other file entry you tap now will be added to the selection.

You can also select a range at once: press and hold the file icon, then tap the last file you want to select - all files in between will be selected.

levone1's picture

Great, thanks. This app has come a long way. Over the last few years, I haven't paid it much attention, as there were others that seemed more promising, but development all but stopped on them. At this point, you've surpassed them all. I especially like the "copy path to clipboard" option...

TrulloF's picture

Thank you. I'll encourage the guy who mentioned it to provide more details here or file a bug report.

elkiaer's picture

It is not possible to share a file using mail anymore on SFOS 4.0.
When sharing you can see the E-mails accounts but after choosing an E-mail I get the message in the new screen that there are no accounts.

ichthyosaurus's picture

Sharing uses system capabilities. Please file a bug report in the SFOS forums:

TrulloF's picture

In the German SFOS Telegram group somebody reported, that if you copy a folder into another one, the content of one folder gets lost. Maybe you could try to reproduce that behaviour?

ichthyosaurus's picture

Thank you for the report, this sound like a serious issue. I can't reproduce it, though. Can you provide more details?

  • which version are they running?
  • can they reproduce it reliably and if so, how?
  • are there any special characters (everything other than A-Z) in one of the paths?

I fixed a bug in version 2.4.1 that caused pasted folders to show up in /home/nemo instead of the target. Please try to reproduce it again with the latest version.

delocoyo's picture

How insecure can be this app? Why u write down that can be insecure , that we get the risk in our own?

ichthyosaurus's picture

Generally speaking, the risk should be low if you use the app right.

  1. Users can lose files through their own actions: accidentally deleting stuff, (ab)using root mode, etc.
  2. Software is never bug free. Eve though this project is quite mature, there might be a bug causing data loss somewhere.

Please just don't use the app if this concerns you. (Also, I recommend you to read the GPL v3, especially sections 15-17, "Disclaimer of Warranty".)

konstan's picture

Thanks for the new version :)

Malakay's picture

Great, thanks :)

konstan's picture

Slovak translation is done.

ichthyosaurus's picture

Thank you very much! I'll release a new version this weekend. :)

Malakay's picture

Hi Ichthyosaurus, czech translation completed, please obtain it in the app :)

ichthyosaurus's picture

Thank you very much! I'll release a new version this weekend. :)

konstan's picture

Nice, but...on Gemini PDA is not working accurately :(

ichthyosaurus's picture

I can't test anything other than latest Saifish X. Can you describe the problem in detail?

konstan's picture

On Gemini PDA (Sailfish X 3.4). After starting File browser it is turn 90 deg. to the right (can not insert screenshot here, sorry). I must swipe it vertically and then is FB in right position.

Edit: The same result is on Xperia X; a) rotate it 90 deg. to the right; b) pull app grid from left to right; start File Browser

ichthyosaurus's picture

Oh, horizontal mode... Yes, that's still not quite working and it seems to be caused by the system. (Maybe it would cause less confusion if I just disabled it for now.)

konstan's picture

Anything new on this? I can't use File Browser on the Gemini PDA at all, because this device is horizontal with rotation disabled. The File Browser will appear in an unusable state when launched, and even if I force it to display something, no application on the file (eg .rpm, ...) can be launched, only the clock / rotating circle will be displayed. Is it possible to fix it, please?

ichthyosaurus's picture

Fixed in 2.4.3.

> only the clock / rotating circle will be displayed

I don't quite understand what you mean by this, but it should work now anyways.

Please keep in mind that I'm the only person developing this project* (in my free time, of course) and that the main problem is most certainly a bug in Jolla's "page stack" code. You're lucky I found a way around this (today after ~2 years). I'm not sure if this is/was a regression from version 1.8.0 but downgrading is always an option, too.

* I'm very thankful for all the great contributions of the growing group of translators, and for any other contributions!

ferlanero's picture

Thank you very much for this awesome release! This file manager is really useful right now!

Malakay's picture

Ah, thats the point :D I was wondering if its necessary to enable or disable thumbs for every folder separately or if it has some ''global'' setting :D thanks a lot :)

ichthyosaurus's picture

I should implement “interaction hints” to help people discover all features...

Malakay's picture

Xperia X by the way