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ownNews is a native Sailfish OS application that brings the news to your device from your ownCloud news account.

This is very early version so expect bugs and lack of functionnalities. However, it somewhat works for the core functionnalities.

Known Issues:

- When the account settings is changed, you need to close and reopen the app to apply

- Very slow on the first start after install

- Links do not open in the browser

- Some lag due to very un-optimized synchronisation core

Application versions: 
File harbour-ownnews-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm361.33 KB17/01/2014 - 02:21


TigreBleu's picture

Hi ray,

That is exactly what I did. I helped (a little) buschtrommel on ocnews so I stopped working on ownNews as it is redundant.

Therefore I strongly recommend using ocnews for now on. I keep ownNews here just as an archive.

Ray_Ven's picture

ok, I think I've been patient.... 1h, no feeds :-( (ssl cert issue probably)

how about working together with buschtrommel (ocnews) quite sure you guys will make oc feeds even better by joining forces!



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I'm very happy to see a native Sailfish OS app so fast, even if it still is in its early stages. Keep it up and you will have a lot of happy users :)