DeadBeef Silica

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A Sailfish port of the DeadBeef audio player.


  • Wide range of supported formats:
    • Lossy audio: MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, DTS, WMA, MusePack, MP2, MP1
    • Lossless audio: FLAC, APE, WavPack, ALAC, TTA, Shorten
    • Uncompressed audio: WAV, AIFF
    • Tracker music: MOD, XM, IT, S3M, STM, PTM, MTM, 669
    • Game music: GBS, AY
    • SID tunes
    • MIDI (requires FreePats package installed)
    • Other rare audio formats (most of them are not tested)
  • Cuesheet (.CUE files) support
  • Gapless playback
  • Streaming radio support
  • Multiple playlists support with ability to save and load playlists in M3U, M3U8, PLS and native DBPL formats
  • Support for tags in various formats
  • Playback Queue support
  • 18-band graphical equalizer
  • Support for various playback orders (linear, shuffle tracks, shuffle albums, random) and looping modes (loop all, loop single song, do not loop)
  • scrobbling support
  • Support for controlling playback through the buttons on a lockscreen
  • Support for playing files directly from ZIP files

Available and upcoming translations:

Статус перевода

Please feel free to propose your own translation using online translation service.

Known issues:

  • MMS streaming protocol is supported but currently broken
  • For raw ADTS AAC format track duration calculation and seek operation are working incorrectly
  • When track without tags is played, no track name is displayed on a lockscreen (normally, file name should be displayed in this case)

Please use bug tracker to file bug reports and feature requests.

Application versions: 
File deadbeef-silica-0.1-10.3.1.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm102.59 KB25/12/2017 - 18:20
File deadbeef-silica-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm1019.3 KB23/04/2019 - 19:54
File deadbeef-silica-0.3-1.armv7hl.rpm183.05 KB08/06/2019 - 17:36

- Added Spanish translation
- Fixed WavPack support
- Fixed MIDI support by providing Freepats package
- Long track and artist/album names are no longer extend outside cover margins
- Track/artist names on a lockscreen no longer flicker when track changes
- When playback stops, buttons on a lockscreen now properly reflect this
- Fixed most of occurences when media controls do not appear on a lockscreen

- Implemented translations support
- Added Russian translation
- Added ability to add network sources to playlist (and files by file path also)
- Implemented equalizer
- Implemented playlist saving
- Implemented playlist sorting
- Added ability to rename playlists
- Added ability to change plugins settings
- Implemented playqueue support
- Added support for loading media files directly from ZIP archives
- Simplified pull-up menu by moving less frequently used items to separate page
- Improved visual appearance of track name, album and artist on a cover
- Added placeholder for missing metadata in "Track Properties"
- Improved "Playlists" page behavior: now new playlist is created at the end of the list and when new playlist is created, is it activated automatically
- Other various improvements of UI
- Fixed bug with missing track name on cover when currently playing track is no more in a playlist
- Implemented verbose logging to aid in debugging of potential problems
- Deadbeef was rebuilt with following new plugins enabled: supereq, lastfm, vfs_curl, vfs_zip, mms, ffap

0.1 Initial alpha release


vladimir912's picture

Не могли бы Вы сделать порт для N9 (Harmattan)?

raffles496's picture

Installed and work fine so far in my Xperia XA2 with Thanks for you work and time.

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Historyscholar's picture

I want to translate it to Chinese ,can you add it to the website?thanks:)

kravich's picture

Hi! The language I should add is Chinese (Simplified) zh_Hans, correct?

Historyscholar's picture


kravich's picture

Done. Thank you for your interest in translating app!

mixmax's picture is missing. Is it what you report before the app description ?

Do you plan to fix it quickly ?

Tks a lot.

kravich's picture

Hi! I'm sorry it took so long. Problem should be fixed now, please check if everything works as expected.

247's picture

Oh good to hear, i do guess the artists view is still very far, right?

kravich's picture

>artists view is still very far, right?

Unfortunately, yes.

247's picture

Just played an ape + cue, and it work flawlessy :) but noticed that bluetooth keys in car stereo are not working (default media player works fine)

kravich's picture

Yes, bluetooth controls are not implemented yet. This feature is planned and should appear in one of the next versions.

carmenfdezb's picture

Thanks for the update!! ;)

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carmenfdezb's picture

Deadbeef can't play a .mod file that I have. Have you ever tried to play tracker music? Does it work?

kravich's picture

Yes, MOD playback works for test files I have, but I didn't tested tracker music support very thoroughly. Could you please email problematic file to me so I can analyze the problem?

lispy's picture

Gapless Playback!!! Thank you so much...

kravich's picture

Glad you like it!

carmenfdezb's picture

Nice!! Thanks for the update!! I'm working on Spanish translation, I will do a pull request to your project soon ;)

kravich's picture

Awesome, looking forward to it =)

kravich's picture

Hi All. As some of you may have noticed, version 0.2 was available here for installation. Unfortunately, I messed up something with package versioning and this prevented old installations from successful update, so I rolled everything back to prevent spreading bad packages. Updated version will be provided once I'll fugure out how to fix this. Sorry for inconvenience.

kravich's picture

The problem with updating of existing installations should be resolved now. However, please write me if you still experience any problems with installing updated version.This may happen in case if you installed some updated packets of this application before (these packets were built improperly).

Ygorr's picture

Please add search throug library, add to queue from list(add to what play next), increase play speed with 5% step

kravich's picture

Hi Ygorr! Sorry for the late reply. Playqueue support is already implemented and will be a part of a next release, which is not so far I hope.

As for the medialibrary and playback speed adjustment - this requires support in deadbeef core and therefore more difficult, but I will try to implement this anyway (at least medialibrary which is quite demanded feature).

sdiconov's picture

Even the new package fails to install. It complains about libzip but there is no package to fill this dependency.

kravich's picture

This problem should be fixed now, please check

kravich's picture

Hi All. It was found that system update replaces libav package with the new one that is incompatible with current deadbeef package. This leads to removal of this application upon update, and makes it impossible to install it again after.

For now I workarounded it by disabling "ffmpeg" plugin in this package, and application became installable again. Because of missing ffmpeg plugin some secondary audio formats may become unplayable. I will try to fix this issue properly along with next update of GUI plugin.

Kabouik's picture

So glad to see DeadBeef on Sailfish, thanks a lot for this.

247's picture

Yes, exactly this one...