It's a simple fix/recompile for a batterylog by Lucas Fraser to fix reporting energy readings broken in the app on sailfish 4+ original git: https://...
by direc85
Fully discharging a battery and charging it back to full charge again wears it out sooner than you might expect. Battery Buddy can help you increase...
by aviarus
i took the sources and compiled them for aarch64, here is the description on the git repsoitory: Graphical log showing the average battery...
by rinigus
SystemDataScope is a GUI for visualization of collectd datasets. Together with collectd and RRDtool, it provides a system monitoring solution for...
by coderus
For SAILFISH OS 3.4 and later install 0.2.9 version and above!   Simple colored line on top of everything to display battery charge percentage....
Similar to "Battery notifier" app, but without icon and have setting in Setting app (see screenshots).
by elros34
Battery monitor for Photon Q with console view mode.
by coderus
Simple colored line on top of everything to display battery charge percentage. Application compatible with Sailfish OS versions up to 2.0.5. For 2.1...
by miska
Simple monitor showing current battery consumption. Visible in cover action as well, so you can peek to see how battery hungry is your phone at it’s...
by xkr47
Charger Control Charger control is designed for the original Jolla Phone and allows you to control how the battery is charged/discharged when a USB...
Battery notifier will show you notification (real notification/lockscreen/audio/led/event screen) about percentage of your battery when it go to less...
Doesn't work on 1.1.9, i'm not going to release an update since battery is natively visible in the lock screen since this update.   This patch...
by hooddy
Monitor energy consumption of applications and hardware. Battery Usage displays a list of top energy consumers in the phone. This app is developed by...
Simple toggle to restart the bme, useful in many situations like the crappy battery drop to 4%. Please notice that if you have changed your your root...
by flotron
Lockscreen charging indicator with bigger graphics and colors for easy sight.  As it says, is a charging indicator with battery level, it works only...
by zaidk9
shouts when battery gets full useful for power saving and over charge