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Simple toggle to restart the bme, useful in many situations like the crappy battery drop to 4%.

Please notice that if you have changed your your root password, you should edit the /home/user/bme_restarter/ script!! 


Application versions: 
File bmerestarter0.0.1armel.deb17.38 KB19/01/2014 - 22:32


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In my opinion it would be useful to add an information popup about succesful operation.

For example through DBUS command like there -

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can anyone find me font manager for nokia n9

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Very useful,thanks ;)

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Hello everybody! I want desperatly install this application, but it fails every time i try shows me:

Operation failed.: E: Sub-process

/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)


What can be the reason? Thanks for any response!

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Same problem. What is wrong?

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looks useful, will try on next battery drop ;)

till now I used bme refresh from N9QTweak, but now only one tab is great.