Advanced Camera

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NOTE: Versions 0.9.5 and above are available in the sailfishos:chum repository

Advanced Camera (aka piggz-o-vision) is a community camera application for sailfish devices which utilises the latest features in 3.0.2 to query/set parameters supported by the device.

Allows full control over:

  • Effects
  • Exposure/scene modes
  • Focus mode
  • Resolution
  • White Balance
  • Flash mode
  • ISO

Currently selected parameters are displayed on the buttons where possible.

Tapping the screen sets the focus circle when in Auto/Macro/Continuous

Hold the shutter button to focus and take an image when in Auto/Macro/Continuous focus mode, other modes take an instant image.

Exposure mode will typically provide a HDR mode for taking HDR images.

Known Issues:

  • XA2 cant take HDR photos, this will be fixed in a future SFOS-X release
Application versions: 


  • Continuour-focus fixes from @llelectronics
  • Meta-data additions from Lukáš Karas


  • Revert a change that broke getting the viewfinder resoltuion on startup


  • Added support for 4.1 Multi-camera (thanks @llelectronics)


  • Added aarch64 package


  • Add settings for audio/video bitrate
  • Hide menus that are empty becuase the device doesnt expose them
  • Fix image orientation on some devices
  • Add save location menu


  • Fix manual focus bug introduced in 0.6.5


  • Keep display on during video recording and playback.
  • Fix setting the resolution when switching camera
  • Fix playing after regaining focus
  • Gallery: delete intended media instead of the current one




  • Menu fix in portrait mode


  • Added share button to gallery
  • Added proper page rotation



  • Minor cosmetic fixes for light ambience
  • Translation updates


  • Add/fix manual focus mode
  • Add video player
  • Allow hardware focus/camera button to operate the shutte


  • Make camera switching work
  • Fixed light themes invisible mode and buttons hard to see
  • Add portrait orientation photo taking mode
  • Focus circle tweaking

Thanks to @llelectronics for many of those fixes


Video Recording
Digital Zoom
New setting dock
Bug fixes

Added icons for effects
New app icon
Translation updates

Updated to fix crash introduced in 0.2.1
Fixed focus mode switching

Fix viewfinder resolution on non FHD devices
Minor code improvements

0.2 - Initial release


Orologiaio's picture

@piggz thanks for changing the file name scheme!

TMavica's picture

Every portrait photo taken, show in landscape, need rotate everytime after taken

Mick's picture

Shaping up to be a nice app.
Nice to see a zoom feature finally added.

Qleg's picture

@piggz, and how about physical button?  it's sometimes more convenient

Orologiaio's picture

Great app! Is it possible to have the pictures taken by this app named with the standard naming algorithm used by the stock camera app? Something like YYYYMMDD_HHMM.jpg (this means that a photo taken today, April 4th 2019, at 14:08 would be named "20190404_1408.jpg").
This would make it easier to sort photos by date simply using the file name, useful with many simpler file managers.

me_on_the_road's picture

Thank you! Works great on my XA2.
The CPU usage is nearly 70%, what could cause that?

MartiMasa's picture

Dear @piggz, I have to agree with @ferlanero, absolutely awesome work! Since the last update everything works perfectly. Looking forward to see it in Jolla store ;-) Happy to support your work!

piggz's picture

Thanks for the kind words. there is a donate link in the description, maybe i should move it up a bit!

ferlanero's picture

Stunning camera app. No need more words.

pvcn's picture

Great App, thank you! Unfortunately, it works only with widescreen on my XCompact, so if i use it holding Phone vertically, icons down't rotate and i have to close app with swipe from right corner. Is anyone else having that problem?

piggz's picture

Ah, thats a feature not a bug,.portrait photos should be outlawed :) ... Its being worked on and will come 'soon'

kif's picture

Great app, all the tools missing from the stock camera app ... except focus does not work on my XA2 no matter which focus mode I select!

Focus works in stock camera.

flanker's picture

Update 0.2.2-1 is working on my Xperia X Compact oposite to 0.2.1-1. Thank you piggz for prompt resolving the problem. Maybe changelog should be updated, too ;-)

piggz's picture

done, cheers

4carlos's picture

Camera app freezes on Jolla 1 when switching back/front camera

Qleg's picture

Thanks for app :-)

App icon is SfOS logo instead camera. Is it OK?


dirksche's picture

Works now on my X

dalas_revo's picture

0.2.2 works again on XA2. Thank you!

dirksche's picture

Thank you.

piggz's picture

Crash on some devices with 2.2.1 is known and will be fixed soon

dalas_revo's picture

Added it for the XA2 to the issue

piggz's picture

thx, the problem is almost fixed

PawelSpoon's picture

Will do so

Sanpo's picture

Same here. Crash after update

PawelSpoon's picture

After the last update, it does crash on xperia x.
2.1 works, 2.1.1 crashes

dalas_revo's picture

Same behavior as for flanker in XA2. I think it may have something to do with resolution, as in terminal I see a lot of text with


before it crashes.

piggz's picture

Can you get some console output and post it as a github issue?  Its working ok here so need something to work from

dirksche's picture

Same behaviour as flanker describes on my Xperia X

Pelzlurch's picture

Me too, on my Xperia X

pagis's picture

I got the same behaviour as @flaker describes.