Nysset N9

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Where is the nearest bus stop? When is the next bus coming? 

Nysset provides access to Public Transport timetables and real time bus information, for City of Tampere, Finland, directly to your mobile!

Features include: 

  • City map with nearby bus stops 
  • City map with bus routes 
  • Stop timetables 
  • Bus locations in real time 
  • Real time bus stop traffic monitor

Nysset is fast and easy to use. It tracks your location, and helps you to pick the right bus stop and route.

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Application versions: 
File nysset-jmk_1.5.2_armel.deb565.69 KB01/07/2014 - 22:41


  • Fix a bug that caused buses with special line codes to disappear from view when selecting line codes in bus line list
  • Fix a bug that caused obsolete bus lines to display in bus line list after stop database update


  • Application no longer crashes if a stop stored in Favourites list becomes obsolete


  • Adjust map type and content options directly from context menu
  • New settings for adjusting map font and render style
  • Double click the map to zoom into a position


  • Fix for compatibility problem that was caused by a change of format in bus tracker data
  • Add link to OpenRepos site


mussab's picture

hey people     ..........

i need a lil help...i mean big


mussab's picture

hey people     ..........

i need a lil help


Boxeri's picture

Good and nicely working.

I would hope however, that there would be an update option in the map view. Now, one must exit and reopen the application if left open for long time and timetables go old.

konekoodi's picture

I suppose you mean the list showing the next departures for the selected bus stop? A good idea, I'll add that on my TODO list. Thanks for your feedback!