Patch: Apostrophe key for all stock keyboards

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Patch adding an apostrophe key next to the comma key in the space bar row.

Please note that this patch only works with the stock keyboard. It does however work with patches adding custom keyboard layouts. Not supported is, for example, the Dolphin keyboard.

Note: this patch conflicts with the patch adding accents to spacebar row keys. Therefore I added the same characters here, too.





Application versions: 

- update compatibility info: the patch is compatible with all versions of SailfishOS 3

- the patch no longer conflicts with the wider spacebar patch
- added "accents" (character alternatives shown on long-press)
- improved description
- simplified changes to make them as small as possible

1.0.0: initial public release


Kabouik's picture

Excellent patch, thanks! Do you think there would be a way to make it work with the set of "Qwerty French with arrows and numbers" and "Qwerty with arrows and numbers" keyboards from Fravaccaro?

ichthyosaurus's picture

This would need a new patch because these keyboards don't use Jolla's stock keyboard base. I guess it wouldn't be that useful anyways because it would make the spacebar row extremely cramped...

Kabouik's picture

I'll be trying it but I'm sure it can be very useful for those who would go through the learning curve of typing on a keyboard with a smaller spacebar. The apostrophe is a character that is very often used both in English and French (both languages are covered by Fravacarro's keyboards), and OKBoard does not handle them very well, which means it is often necessary to type them manually.

Thanks a lot, I think it'll be a very nice improvement.

Do we need to keep Fravacarro's keyboards installed (i.e., you patch applies on them), or does your patch fully replace them?

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I added a new patch; have a look