Warehouse Installer

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'Warehouse Installer' will help you with Warehouse installation on clean devices.

Since Nokia has closed harmattan repositories, some Warehouse dependencies are unreacheble by default. This package will fix that.

You need to enable application installation from uncertified sources:
Select Phone Settings and Applications > Installations, and activate Allow installations from non-Store sources.

PR1.3 firmware required.

You need to install N9RepoMirror application, to remove offline Nokia repositories, and add working mirrors.

This small video guide will help you with installation: http://youtu.be/sbQ2KogPQJY

Application versions: 
File warehouse-installer_0.0.3_armel.deb93.28 KB13/05/2014 - 21:16

warehouse-installer (0.0.3) stable; urgency=low * Tokens update


DrDweeb's picture

I am aslo getting the ERROR: Some parts of the cache could not be refreshed.

I have installed N9 RepoMirror (0.6.0) and I have enabled developer mode. I am running PR 1.3

What have I missed?

basil's picture

If you have enabled developer mode, check output of 'apt-get update' command runned as root
You have some repositories enabled, which are unavailable now.
Also, with developer mode, you can directly install Warehouse without Installer.

DrDweeb's picture

OK. I successfully installed warehouse directly.

Enabling some applications repositories fail due to repository refresh error.

Sadly FF cannot install, which is something I wanted.



basil's picture

Your device has some repositories enabled (probably nokia, or manually added previously), which are not available now. You can get list of repositories by executing "apt-get update" from terminal as root.

Mad's picture

I cant seem to get this to work.

I can successfully install N9 RepoMirror, but I am getting the 'ERROR: Some parts of the cache could not be refreshed' error.

After N9 RepoMirror is installed it does find updates for certain bits of software, when it couldnt before, so I assume that bit is working fine.

I've seen this error thrown around a lot, but the fix suggested always seems to be install the RepoMirror, which I already did in the first place.

I tried once on factory settings out the box, and have since flashed to PR1.3 and still been unsuccessful at installing Warehouse through the installer. Any help would be great.

basil's picture

Install N9 RepoMirror, enable developer mode at phone settings, then you can directly install Warehouse, without installer.

Mil's picture

I had the same trouble. then I changed the names of the aegis.ssu-keyring-001.list and aegis.ssu-keyring-005.list (just put it into quotation marks or smth similiar) in /etc/apt/sources.list.d after installing RepoMirror.

after that developer mode installed without any issues. it was obviously still trying to use this old lists...

good luck!

tipkovnica's picture

I have N9, freshly restarted. Problem is old Nokia repository is not working. I have found instructions to install this repomirror that will allow me to install dependency notice and developer mode. I can install repomirror no problem but when installing warehouse with warehouse installer I am stuck error cache not refreshed, when installing developer mode I have download fail. I beleive this solution is not working for freshly restarted devices anymore. Please help, N9 is useless without this. Thanks!

basil's picture

Make sure, that you have RepoMirror version 0.6.0 installed. Refresh packages via system menu of application updates. After those action, you will be able to enable developer mode and install Warehouse.

Termo's picture

Hi I have the same problem with Warehouse.... Stil send me ERROR... How can I install it on my N9?

basil's picture

You need to install N9RepoMirror application.

ejcrashed's picture

Hi Basil, i'm getting this on the Action log:

ERROR: Some parts of the cache could not be refreshed

Working ...

It gets stuck then. This on a recently reflashed N9 :(


basil's picture

Hi there! Please specify image name which you used for flashing. Also, check if you can enable developer mode on your reflashed device? 

ejcrashed's picture

Hi!, Images used for flashing:


Main: DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin

Right now if i try to enable Dev Mode it fails because Nokia's repositories are down, i'm trying to install Dev Mode dependencies manually to to see if i can enable it. (from https://openrepos.net/content/koenigseggccgt/developer-mode)


basil's picture

Install this package https://openrepos.net/content/ancelad/n9-repomirror manually, by downloading deb file.

After installing, check for updates, and try to enable developer mode with default UI switch.

purplewakanda's picture

I installed the N9 Repo Mirror, checked for updates but unfortunely I still can't enable developer mode with defualt UI switch. 

basil's picture

Make sure, you tried version 0.6+ of N9RepoMirror. It was updated on 25 May 2015.

ejcrashed's picture

Thanks Basil,

And thanks to Coderus/Ancelad we can enable Dev Mode again :D

Still, warehouse gives error when updating repositories, i think this is because Nokia's repos fail, and Warehouse stops updating when if detects this error.

Maybe its necesary to comment Nokia's repos on sources.list.d.

basil's picture

Yes. Edit "/etc/apt/sources.d/aegis.ssu-keyring-001.list" and comment all "downloads.maemo.nokia.com" repositories.

sbastn's picture

I have this same problem. I can find "/etc/apt/sources.d/aegis.ssu-keyring-001.list", but what exactly means to 'comment all "downloads.meamo.nokia.com" repositories'?

basil's picture

Nokia has closed it's repositories. Commenting out lines wont help you (commenting means adding # as first char at each line: "#deb ..."). You should install this package for enabling mirror repositories, and everything should work as expected.

sbastn's picture

Thanks for info! Unfortunately n9 repomirror didn't work for me.

basil's picture

Make sure to try 0.6+ version of N9 RepoMirror. It was updated on 25 May 2015

Maddy's picture

Hi basil i m install N9 repomirror 0.7.2
But developer mode not working.
Plz help me

basil's picture

What error is shown? If you installed RepoMirror, you can try to check for updates from phone system menu and then proceed directly to warehouse installation, without usage of warehouse-installer.

fundi's picture

i tried all versions while flashing the phn each time before a new install. Is there an alternate method to have root access ?? Other than through terminal and the repomirrors or warehouse?? Big up for trying to keep the awesome nokia n9 alive

purplewakanda's picture

I reflashed the device with PR 1.3 still this never worked so I downloaded the warehouse.deb which installed without any issues.

arjunchandkn's picture

Thanks basil for the wonderful app

UranusOne's picture

@basil: Does the package requires version PR1.3? And, please, can you specify in the description?

basil's picture

Yes, PR1.3 required for both, Warehouse Installer and Warehouse itself.