Patch: MazeLock

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Patch available to install from Patchmanager 2.0. Updates for newer SailfishOS versions would be only available via web catalog. No new updates in openrepos rpm packages.


Devicelock patch enabling MazeLock for SailfishOS

Patch working only on 2.0.4 release
For older releases download second rpm file drom site and install it manually


Package for patchmanager:


  • support up to 6x6 maze grid
  • long press showing keypad
  • entering "62935625" in keypad mode or "mazelock" in alphanumeric mode showing maze lock again
  • after each 3rd wrong code input you need to draw automatically choosed line to continue entering code
  • when setting new code symbols won't be masked, you can keep in mind entered code in case of system crash

MazeLock can be configured with settings applet:

Donations are welcome =)

Application versions: 


coderus's picture

never happen to me, sorry

elastic's picture

Happens to me randomly since 

Happens more often with every patch that is related to the lock screen animation but even with none of them installed it happens every now and then ... 

MoritzJT's picture

I guess he used this patch in addition to yours:

cornerman claims he can't make them compatible without your help

coderus's picture

isn't that patch just appeared, but reported problem exists before?

MoritzJT's picture

Oh, you are right. I didn't take that into account. However it still might be related to the same root cause. Some other patch altering timings maybe? IDK

Rikudou_Sennin's picture

Hello, first thanks for the great patch!

Second, do you think you could help me a bit? I'm trying to write a patch that would change the layout of device lock screen.

coderus's picture

try asking in forum

sathelstan's picture

Dev mode is not turned on so I could not connect to the phone via ssh. Guess I will have to send it to Finland.

Thanks for your advice.

sathelstan's picture

I cannot remember the pattern code I entered.  Is there a work- around to wipe the phone without the code or is my phone permanently broken? 

Thank you very much.

coderus's picture

There is a chance if you can connect to phone via ssh over wifi. If no, then contact jolla zandesk, confirm your identity and send phone to finland for a wipe.

sathelstan's picture

Hi, my phone is permanently locked.  It calls for a code when I try to wipe it, What can I do?

coderus's picture

you can do only entering your lock code in recovery. mazelock is




HtheB's picture

Thanks for the update!

I would like to ask for 2 features:
- Can you add an option to hide the line when drawing the maze?
Of course, this shouldn't hide the maze line when you enter a new lock code to avoid problems when making a new mazelock line.
- Can you also add an option for a small vibration when crossing the dots?

I have also noticed a glitch when trying to enter a new mazelock or when deleting it, the UI looks not aligned correctly

coderus's picture

glitch fixed in v0.1.2

inta's picture

Any plans to upgrade this to SFOS 2 ( and above)?

inta's picture

There it is … thank you, great work :)

shults's picture

Please HELP!

I have applied the patch after the last update. Now when I start the phone nothing shows on the screen except of the ambiance picture!

Is there a way to unapply the patsh without resseting the device?

coderus's picture

you need to reinstall lipstick-jolla-home-qt5 and jolla-settings-system packages

shults's picture

how can I do that from the recovery shell?

coderus's picture

you can't. you nees ssh access to phone using wifi. in recovery you can only replace patched files with original ones.

shults's picture

I cannot unlock the device. Dev mode is enabled and I know the pass but it doesn't connect to wifi and there is no connection through ssh with putty.

So is there a way or i will have to reset the device?

shults's picture

I have downloaded the file lipstick-jolla-home-qt5- that you provided and put it on the sd card. How to execute it from the recovery shell?

coderus's picture

you need two files. and after entering chroot you should do zypper in filename for both of them, then execute sync command, exit chroot and reboot phone.

shults's picture

/ # mkdir -p  /mysd
/ # mount  /dev/mmcblk1p1  /mysd
/ # mkdir /mnt/rootfs
/ # mount /dev/mmcblk0p28 /mnt/rootfs
/ # chroot /mnt/rootfs
bash-3.2# zypper in /mysd/1.rpm
bash: zypper: command not found

it is not working

MoritzJT's picture

Stopped working on same as before ;-)

coderus's picture

you forgot to disable patches before upgrade? :D

MoritzJT's picture

Never! How could that happen to me! :-/ Yeah I did... Thought the update wouldn't affect this part. Bad idea...

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MoritzJT's picture

Will uninstalling and reinstalling them help?