Patch: MazeLock

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Patch available to install from Patchmanager 2.0. Updates for newer SailfishOS versions would be only available via web catalog. No new updates in openrepos rpm packages.


Devicelock patch enabling MazeLock for SailfishOS

Patch working only on 2.0.4 release
For older releases download second rpm file drom site and install it manually


Package for patchmanager:


  • support up to 6x6 maze grid
  • long press showing keypad
  • entering "62935625" in keypad mode or "mazelock" in alphanumeric mode showing maze lock again
  • after each 3rd wrong code input you need to draw automatically choosed line to continue entering code
  • when setting new code symbols won't be masked, you can keep in mind entered code in case of system crash

MazeLock can be configured with settings applet:

Donations are welcome =)

Application versions: 


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If this would run on, I'd be soooo happy.

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Maze-Lock is a fine patch, but it is incompatible to Sailfish at the moment. After I installed and activate this patch there is no way to log int my mobile phone at the moment (23.10.2017). Becouse the white points disappear. The only way to access t your phone is via SSH-Connection and Deleting Mazel lock from the terminal. I hope this will be fix in the future.

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Hi. I tried SSH via USB 'Remote Terminal' Win10 64 but no luck. How did you delete patch?

Edit: Am running Sailfish X on F5122

Edit: see this post for Xperia X fix

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Anyone else has problems with mazelock on jolla c? My touchscreen is very awful when using maze lock.

Have you coderus jolla c? Does it work correctly?

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Not installable on

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i've an intex aqua fish device converted to jolla c with intalled ,after applying mazelock patch and rebooting my lock screen is blank with only ambience image showing .i can only access camera from lock screen and nothing else.tried connecting device via telenet and using commands given in this link"" to revert patch but some commands of mounting are not working for my device ,shows resource or device busy error.pls help me revert patch by providing step by step guide.thank u.

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Same thing here on a Jolla 1, Hopefully what follows will help others.

I followed your link to start the phone in rescue mode, connected using telnet and opened a shell.


rpm -qf /usr/lib/qt5/qml/com/jolla/settings/system/MazeInput.qml # to check package name
rpm -e sailfishos-mazelock-patch-0.2.1-1.noarch.rpm # to uninstall it

exit the chroot, reboot the phone and voilà !

For your commands for mounting wich doesn't work, did you see this comment from coderus extracted from your link ?

jor Jolla 1 you do:

mount -o subvolid=0 /dev/mmcblk0p28 /mnt

For Jolla C do:

mount /dev/sailfish/home /homefs

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installed it on webkatalog, how do i activate it?

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After the installation of the maze is too small, in the settings to change the size of the maze did not change, how to operate?

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in actual version its really way small on Xepria X .. i'd say more than 50% of portrait-screenwidth is  actually wasted on a 2MP display


Xperia X - Mazelock screenshot

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What you mean small? Show me screenshot.

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Возможно, он имел в виду, что настройки всегда стоят на 0 и не сохраняются на других значения. У меня так же почему то на OPX после обновления до 2.1

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Thanx for the fix - no need to change it - in the new size it's faster to unlock and safer as your thumb hides most of the maze :-) 

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same here. since 2.0.4 i cant use mazelock. my pin was 3 2 4.. and it does not get recognized. i had to change it to 1 4 ... cause swipe down works, while swipe to left not

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i have now an aquafish also on 2.0.4 and have the same issue there:

a code like : 1 4 7 8 9 works but 3 2 1 4 not cause neither 3 nor 2 get recognized

i have the feeling that it is related to the question: does the swipe start verticaly or horizontaly



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in the patch version for SFOS 2.04, you cannot swipe over the first dot anymore to get it recognized, instead you have to touch it precisely. Could you modify your patch to return the old behaviour? Thank you.

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i dont understand, works file for me.

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Hi Coderus,

I have the same problem since last update (on Fairphone 2, don't know if its relevant). Please take a look at my video of this problem, it might give you a better explanation:

Well, it actually makes MazeLock more secure, but on the other hand it's also a bit annoying when you want to access your phone quickly. So a fix would be greatly appreciated ;-)  Previous version on worked fine.

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I'm having the same problem. If you start the swipe even a bit outside the maze, as one often may do if one's code doesn't start from 5, it won't get recognized by the maze. The mouse area of the maze should be a bit larger than the maze itself.

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I have the same problem


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Nevermind! found long press!

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i downloaded mazelock a few minutes ago turened the patch on and reseted the home screen to activated the patch. before instaling the patch i had a password but i didn't set any maze password. my old password has 77 in the middle of it and now i can't use 77 in mazelock. now i cannot access my phone and i really don't wanna reset my phone and i live in bangladesh, over here i don't even have any opton to send it back to jolla.


what should i do?

and what does "long press showing keypad" means? where should i press for long time?

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Андрей Привет! Нужна твоя помощь, где мы можем с тобой связаться?

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I can confirm that the problem with figure shown on activating device is connected with less animation patch. At least on problem exists with patch enabled and doesn't without it.

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I need Help!

MY phone is permanently locked and in recovery mode I have to type in my pin.

What is my pin if My Mazelook looks like tihis:

* * *

* + *

* + *

The stars are my pin, and in the middle I didn´t draw anything.

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mazelock is


so your code is 7412369

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I have noticed that in some situations the Mazelock figure is automatic displayed already without you have drew it. This problem has came with new OS version  This is security issue!

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No idea what you talking about.

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If I double click to wake up my phone mazelock figure is already shown even phone is locked.