JTube Lite

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JTube Lite for Harmattan & Fremantle.

You need to have phoneME installed on your device. Then install attached DEB, find JTube in apps menu and enjoy.
It works on both Harmattan & Fremantle. Package is just MIDlet + desktop file as launcher.
Direct watching doesn't work. Only downloading videos work, you must change download path to /MyDocs/

App's (normal Java app) author is Shinovon. I only packaged it for Harmattan & Fremantle.

Site: http://npp.nnchan.ru

Contact (with me): https://t.me/wunderwungiel

Chat: nnproject Chat



Application versions: 
File jtubelite_1.1.0_armel.deb41.84 KB03/04/2022 - 18:19
File jtubelite_1.1.1_armel.deb62.79 KB25/09/2022 - 17:11


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Thanks, It works. However not user-friendly at all ! I struggled to run a simple Search... The downloaded videos are playable.

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The non-user-friendly interface is the issue of phoneME, JTube on Symbian works much better.

iteroni.com is best method for YouTube on N9