phoneME (JAVA VM)

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This port of phoneME Advanced allows you to run some basic JAVA midlets on the Nokia N900 running Maemo 5. The Nokia N9 with MeeGo can run this port too, though with some little inconveniences. While many features like 3D, GPS, bluetooth, multimedia playback, etc. are still missing, some popular midlets like Opera Mini seem to work OK.

More information about the phoneME project can be found at

  • In your main application menu, you will find several new entries:
    • Run MIDlet: Select a JAD or JAR midlet file and run the midlet.
    • MIDlet Settings: Set several properties on how the midlet will be run (full screen, logging, etc.)
    • microemu-demo: a simple test midlet from the MicroEmulator project.
    • Opera Mini: This is the JavaME webbrowser from Opera
  • For additional functionality, you can install:
Application versions: 
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SSL certificates of Opera Mobile for Harammatn are too old (2012). Most of sites reject its requests.

In 2019, you MUST use the Midlet version of Opera and especially Opera Mini 8.0 (2014):

- first install phoneME (JAVA VM)

- then copy the Opera Mini 8.0 files inside your /home/user directory (.jar, .jad, .desktop, .png)