Advanced Camera

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NOTE: Versions 0.9.5 and above are available in the sailfishos:chum repository

Advanced Camera (aka piggz-o-vision) is a community camera application for sailfish devices which utilises the latest features in 3.0.2 to query/set parameters supported by the device.

Allows full control over:

  • Effects
  • Exposure/scene modes
  • Focus mode
  • Resolution
  • White Balance
  • Flash mode
  • ISO

Currently selected parameters are displayed on the buttons where possible.

Tapping the screen sets the focus circle when in Auto/Macro/Continuous

Hold the shutter button to focus and take an image when in Auto/Macro/Continuous focus mode, other modes take an instant image.

Exposure mode will typically provide a HDR mode for taking HDR images.

Known Issues:

  • XA2 cant take HDR photos, this will be fixed in a future SFOS-X release
Application versions: 


  • Continuour-focus fixes from @llelectronics
  • Meta-data additions from Lukáš Karas


  • Revert a change that broke getting the viewfinder resoltuion on startup


  • Added support for 4.1 Multi-camera (thanks @llelectronics)


  • Added aarch64 package


  • Add settings for audio/video bitrate
  • Hide menus that are empty becuase the device doesnt expose them
  • Fix image orientation on some devices
  • Add save location menu


  • Fix manual focus bug introduced in 0.6.5


  • Keep display on during video recording and playback.
  • Fix setting the resolution when switching camera
  • Fix playing after regaining focus
  • Gallery: delete intended media instead of the current one




  • Menu fix in portrait mode


  • Added share button to gallery
  • Added proper page rotation



  • Minor cosmetic fixes for light ambience
  • Translation updates


  • Add/fix manual focus mode
  • Add video player
  • Allow hardware focus/camera button to operate the shutte


  • Make camera switching work
  • Fixed light themes invisible mode and buttons hard to see
  • Add portrait orientation photo taking mode
  • Focus circle tweaking

Thanks to @llelectronics for many of those fixes


Video Recording
Digital Zoom
New setting dock
Bug fixes

Added icons for effects
New app icon
Translation updates

Updated to fix crash introduced in 0.2.1
Fixed focus mode switching

Fix viewfinder resolution on non FHD devices
Minor code improvements

0.2 - Initial release


Seven_of_nine's picture

SFOS @ Xperia 10: black camera image & image size (number of pixel) not working.

prometheos's picture

@Seven_of_nine: you mean "back camera"(AK Main Camera)? 

@piggz same misbehaviour confirmed on my Xperia 10 Plus/i4213 with SFOS

JacekJagosz's picture

4.2 didn't break just older phones, but Xperia 10 as well

albatros1965's picture update on Sony peria XA2 H4113 seems to break main and selfie camera access.

When app is launched it shows all setting posibilities, but the image remains black.

Xeno_PL's picture

4.2 update on Sony peria X (Compact) seem to broke main camera access.

When app is launched it shows image from main sensor for a brief moment, then image goes black. Tapping to refocus shows image for a second then it goes black again.

Selfie shooter is ok.

Termitebug's picture

Hardware keys doesn't work currently. Version info: XA2 Plus, SFOS, AC 9.0. In the meantime I have to use stock camera app. No hurry and thanks for this app!

zipotron's picture

Hello again, amazing app, I use instad the stack one always! But I miss something, to be possible to block the screen or at least the touch digitalizer and shot with the volume buttons, for use in wet envirements or under water. I was trying to shot a picture on a lake and was impossible!


Other thing would be great is to adjust manually the light (in a scroll as there is already for zoom)


Thanks for that great job!

sapphous's picture

O glorious piggz! Your app is magnificent! I beg you, add a flash setting that keeps the light continouously on (like a flashlight) for night photos! Long have I sought this power, to no avail!

TMavica's picture

I cant change the 3 camera in v8.1, but 8.0 is work

MacGyver's picture

Any ideas if the multi camera could work with Xperia 10 Plus?
When I press the button, it only changes between front and main camera, it does look like its trying something for while (black screen with 320x240 resolution for 1-2 seconds). Would be nice to get that Tele lens working....

ziellos's picture

I am wondering if exposure compensation is available in this great camera app, running on a Xperia 10 ii? Stock camera does offer it, but so far I failed to find a related setting in advanced camera. Any idea?

zipotron's picture

Hi, just realized, I was trying 8.0, the last version 8.1 is handeling good the three rear cameras, but still failing switching for the front camera. Thanks a lot for this big improvement!

zipotron's picture

After pushing the "change camera" button non any camera is working anymore, not even after restarting the app... I am using a Xperia 10 II

piggz's picture

Which version?

zipotron's picture

Is version. Switch to rear/ front cameras was doing the same behavior in the last version of Advanced-camera

kirbylife_'s picture

Front camera is not working on Xperia XA2 SailfishOS 4.1 version.

unmaintained's picture

The cameraId has changed from a string (primary, secondary) to an integer allowing to accommodate for devices with more than two cameras.

I've hacked piggz-o-vision to allow for all 4 cameras to be used on my Xperia 10II, maybe this also fixes it for XA2.
Details under:

apozaf's picture

What I meant was: could you maybe rebuild the app with this hack implemented plz?

apozaf's picture

Can you rebuild it for Storeman?

piggz's picture

I already have a PR for 4.1, though, its a breaking change, so wont work on 4.0.  It also has issues that should be fixed in 4.2.  I will make a build of it available soon.

unmaintained's picture

Thank you, Version 0.8.1 fixes the issues with the three main cameras on Xperia 10 II

peperjohnny's picture

Hey piggz, would it be possible for you to rebuild the app with aarch64 for the 64bit devices?

Malakay's picture

Hey Piggz, I was just wondering - could be possible to make a webcam app, or an Advanced camera feature, which will make a webcam from my SFOS equipped phone? I mean something like Droidcam for Android :) Maybe it could use Droidcam on PC side and native app on SFOS side.

Info here:

teleshoes's picture

two new bugs in sailfish
1) camera hardware button doesnt work
2) sharing from the builtin image viewer shows empty contacts (so you cannot send MMS from adv-camera, you have to use gallery app)

piggz's picture

on 2, i bet thats the new Jail...

robthebold's picture

I'm seeing the no contacts thing, too. SFOS, Advanced Camera 0.8.1-1.4. I can enter a number manually and MMS a picture fine. (Sharing from Jolla Gallery still works with MMS as expected.)  Is "jail" the new sandboxing thing? I guess that does keep rogue apps from snooping on stuff they shouldn't . . .

I like the new "choose main camera" thing on the 10 II. Thanks! I've used it already.

It'd be neat to also be able to switch between the selfie cams on the XA2 Ultra. No rush, though, since my device is cranky about rebooting periodically. My bad for buying used . . .

Thanks again.

lxmx's picture

Hi Adam, on my device (XZ2) the ISO control button is missing. Does that mean that the camera driver doesn't support the ISO setting?

piggz's picture

Correct, it means ISO settings arnt exposed by your camera stack, which i beleive is getting more common on newer devices.

Ropelius's picture

Front camera not working

Firefox84's picture

What in my opinion is missing, but probably is really easy to implement would be camera sound for taking pictures. Maybe with an option to turn it off, for situations were it might disturb. The original camera app has this sound, and i find it pratical to know when a picture has been taken. Thanks really much Piggz!