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UPnP/DLNA client for Sailfish OS


  • Discovery of UPnP/DLNA devices in a local network
  • Remote control (Play, Pause, Next, Prev, Seek, Volume up/down)
  • Playing local content (Music, Video, Images) on Media Renderer devices
  • Playing gPodder's podcasts
  • Playing remote content (e.g. internet radio, SomaFM channels, Icecast streams, FOSDEM videos, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, TuneIn stations)
  • Playing items from Media Servers on Media Renderer devices
  • Streaming of local Microphone to Media Renderer devices
  • Streaming of audio playback of any local application (similar functionality to pulseaudio-dlna server)
  • Screen capture / Screen mirroring
  • Recording of tracks in Icecast streams
  • Play queue (play once/repeat options)
  • Playlists (saving/opening)
  • Sharing content to other devices via UPnP Media Server

Sandboxing note (version >= 2.12.0)

  • explicit SailJail permissions are enabled in version >= 2.12.0
  • app settings get reset (settings migration is not implemented)
  • features that don't work right now under sandboxing:
    • Screen Capture
    • gPodder integration
    • settings option to enable/disable 'Open link'
    • media detection in web URLs with youtube-dl


All translations are very welcome. There are three ways to contribute:

Source code

Bugs reporting, Feature requests

Any comments, issue reports are highly appreciated.



Application versions: 
File harbour-jupii-2.9.1-2.i486.rpm3.78 MB15/03/2021 - 13:43
File harbour-jupii-2.9.1-2.aarch64.rpm3.47 MB15/03/2021 - 13:43
File harbour-jupii-2.9.1-2.armv7hl.rpm3.4 MB15/03/2021 - 13:43
File harbour-jupii-2.10.2-1.i486.rpm3.8 MB30/11/2021 - 20:43
File harbour-jupii-2.10.2-1.armv7hl.rpm3.42 MB30/11/2021 - 20:43
File harbour-jupii-2.10.2-1.aarch64.rpm3.48 MB30/11/2021 - 20:43
File harbour-jupii-2.11.3-1.i486.rpm3.83 MB13/02/2022 - 15:38
File harbour-jupii-2.11.3-1.armv7hl.rpm3.45 MB13/02/2022 - 15:38
File harbour-jupii-2.11.3-1.aarch64.rpm3.52 MB13/02/2022 - 15:38
File harbour-jupii-2.12.0-1.i486.rpm3.83 MB27/03/2022 - 20:50
File harbour-jupii-2.12.0-1.armv7hl.rpm3.45 MB28/03/2022 - 12:11
File harbour-jupii-2.12.0-1.aarch64.rpm3.51 MB28/03/2022 - 12:11

2.12.0 (beta)

  • Sandboxing permissions enabled
  • Screen capture disabled (doesn't work with SailJail)
  • Few minor changes needed to make app working under sandboxing

2.11.3 (harbour release)

  • FOSDEM 2022 videos
  • Better support for Bandcamp/Soundcloud web URLs (Album, Artist) when you open link with Jupii (via 'Open link' dialog)
  • Many bug fixes

2.11.2 (beta release)

  • Translations update: Slovenian, German, Russian (Many thanks to all translators for their great effort!)
  • UI bug fixes and few visual improvement
  • Regression fix: Sometimes track skipping did not work
  • Regression fix: App crash during audio capturing

2.11.1 (beta release)

  • Translations update: Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish (As always many to all translators for their great effort!)
  • Regression fix: Logging to file was broken
  • Regression fix: Playlist browser did not work

2.11.0 (beta release)

  • Fixes for Bandcamp integration
  • Most recent searched phrases (Bandcamp, Icecast, SoundCloud and TuneIn browsers)
  • Featured content for Bandcamp and SoundCloud
  • Remote content playback fixes and improvements

For more details see the About->Changes page in the app.


mkiol's picture

My pleasure. I'm super glad that someone finds my app useful!

Sorry. I'm not accepting any donations right now. Maybe in the future...

benclark06's picture

hi, i cant seem to connect to kodi, ive got upnp on but it doesnt seem to show up when i open it up.

mkiol's picture

It should work. I've tested it with Kodi on Pi on Linux desktop and even on Android tablet without any problems.

Did you enable Settings->Services->UPnP/DLNA-> "Enable UPnP support" and "Allow remote control via UPnP" on Kodi?  Your phone and Kodi are in the same LAN?

If nothing helps I could try to investigate logs. Please enable logging (Jupii settings, last option), restart Jupii, do some tests and send me back the log file (/home/nemo/jupii.log). Email: jupii@mkiol.net

JacekJagosz's picture

Firstly, I have never used UPnP before.
My Philips Smart TV is not shown by default and when you enable unsupported devices in the app it is visible, but although its type is MediaRenderer:3 I can't stream to it. It supports: RenderingControl:3, ConnectionManager:3, AVTransport:3
In TV's settings I have Digital Media Renderer enabled.
Do you know why it doesn't work?

mkiol's picture

Oooo... it appears that I've harcoded "MediaRenderer:1" in the devices filter :-/

I'm planning to release a new version near the end of the next week and this will be fixed. If you want to try pre-release version now, you can download rpm package from my GitHub: https://github.com/mkiol/Jupii/blob/master/binary/harbour-jupii-2.6.0-1....

mkiol's picture

Issue should be fixed in 2.6.0 release.

objectifnul's picture

AudioCapture no longer working (Xperia X SFOS 3.x)

mkiol's picture

Info: Issue with Audio capture is resolved in the latest 2.7.0 release.

mkiol's picture

I can't reproduce this issue. I've checked with latest software on JollaC, XperiaX and Xperia10. Audio Capture seems to work fine.

If this error still occurs I would be grateful if you could gather log file (Settings->Enable logging).

objectifnul's picture
mkiol's picture

I've managed to observe this issue. I don't know how to fix it yet. Ugly workaround is to restart pulseaudio server or phone restart (sorry!). I'm investigating it...

objectifnul's picture

BTW restarting pulseaudio doesn't seem to help.

objectifnul's picture

Workaround : quick triple to sextuple tap on frozen item to activate it. 80% success.

PamNor's picture

Testing video streaming to Sony android TV. Fast tapping 2-3 times on spinning wheel does the trick. Video is playing on TV.

mkiol's picture

Thanks for the logs. I'm investigating this problem. It appears that renderer (device/app on which music should be played) stops playing just after Jupii started streaming.

What exacly is your renederer? It presents it self as "MPlayer 1.1".

Historyscholar's picture

update Chinese translation;)

Shervrar's picture

I only just installed this but so far you're restoring my faith in dlna. Something actually works for once! :)

Sanpo's picture

Works great with Kodi. Thank you!

sponka's picture

Thanks for usefull app! I can confirm it works great with windows version of foobar2000 + plugins, can be controlled by Jolla.

And please include slovenian (sl_SI) translation, its finished on transifex.

mkiol's picture

Info => Slovenian translation is included in the recent 2.2.2 release. Thank you for your contibution.

w_oe's picture

I've just tried the app on an Xperis XA2 with a Samsung C6800, which is about 8 years old. Streaming a video works nicely, but audio (microphone and capture) incurs a lag of about 1 minute. Playing music files directly doesn't work for me, maybe because transcoding would be required. So, thanks for this nice app. Maybe these issues can be solved.

mkiol's picture

Thank you for reporting it. Definitely I can look in to log to find were the issue is. This 1 munute lag is far to much, it should be not more that 10 seconds. I'm suspecting that your device for unknown reason tries to buffer the stream.

Procedure to gather log:

1. start Jupii from command line and redirect all output to a file (e.g. log.txt) :

[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ harbour-jupii &> log.txt

2. test microphone, test capture, test playing files

3. close Jupii, get log file, check if log doesn't contain any sensitive data from your perspective

4. send log to jupii[at]mkiol.net

dirksche's picture

Thanks for keeping this great app up to date

Historyscholar's picture

Please  add  Chinese  translation .

Ingvix's picture

Would it be possible to stream all audio output from phone to upnp/dlna devices? I heard this was possible on some android app so I thought to ask if it'd be possible for this app too. It would be nice to be able to stream music from Spotify to my speaker system wirelessly, for example.

mkiol's picture

Yes, I belive it is possible. For example pulseaudio-dlna do such things for a desktop and SFOS uses pulse audio server as well. I'm investigating how to port or implement similar functionality in Jupii.

Ingvix's picture

Any news on the matter? I'm a bit eager to have this feature.

mkiol's picture

Please check the latest release => version 2.1.0. The "Audio output" feature enables to capture audio playback generated by any app including web berowser or Android app. It is in "beta" stage and has few bugs but it is usable and quite cool :-)

Ingvix's picture

Quite nice though a bit annoying that it doesn't mute phone speakers and if volume level on the phone is set to 0%, it will mute the streaming as well, though otherwise volume level doesn't seem to effect the streaming volume. I'm guessing this is already on your bug list.

mkiol's picture

Thank you for your tests.

> a bit annoying that it doesn't mute phone speakers

Actually it should be working as you expect it to. When Jupii starts audio capturing, app on the phone should be muted. I've tested it on XperiaX and JollaC. Maybe it is something device-depended? Please check it with only one app opened because sometimes it is a little bit unpredictable from which app audio is captured. I will improve it in the next release.

> if volume level on the phone is set to 0%, it will mute the streaming as well, though otherwise volume level doesn't seem to effect the streaming volume.

Yes, I'm aware of it. Maybe I will be able to find a solution.