AllRadio Unofficial Build

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Official builds:

Built from latest source + Finnish translation patches (code here) which have now been merged upstream.

This will install over your existing version and you will need to uninstall this one before installing the version at Jolla Store. Use at your own risk!

Known issues:

- old favourites don't play and need to be deleted and added again

- some countries and flags are missing or incorrect(ly listed) and/or appear empty


Application versions: 
File harbour-allradio-2020.12.23-3.armv7hl.rpm293.89 KB23/12/2020 - 16:42
File harbour-allradio-2020.12.23-3.i486.rpm294.03 KB23/12/2020 - 16:42

Most relevant commit:

switch to the new API. see

- older translations should work now as well as ever
- updated Finnish translation, set LANG to fi_FI if it doesn't show up

- fix Finnish translation, should work out of the box now


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Barbados, is not in your list of countries. I find only one local radio station, VOB 92.9 when I use search. Would you kindly add radio station in Barbados? We are in the same geographical region as Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad etc. Thank you.

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oh great work! Do you have any clue if the api fix will find its way somewhat soon also in the jolla store?

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Don't thank me too much, I only built it! I've no clue about when something's going to land in the store. This is all I know, haven't heard from nesnomis since. Sorry!

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Big thanks! I have survived few months without AllRadio but my life quality was lower.
After installing I could see my list of stations but could not use them. Deleting and adding them again helped. The readded ones appear with ".0" in the bitrate, e.g. 64.0 instead of 64.

I had problems with some stations. E.g. the database has two entries for the same station and "Radio Svoboda Rus" worked, "Радио Свобода (Radio Svoboda, RFE/RL Russian, ch. 4)" did not. Now both work. But neither is assigned to any country while actually in the database they are in Czechia.

Some countries are missing in the countries list, e.g. Rwanda and also Czechia but there is Czechrepublic there, only it does not load any stations even though some are assigned to "Czech Republic" in the database. Some other countries do not load any entried either, e.g. "United Arab Emirates", "United Kingdom", "United states".

I do not remember if I could listen to sound of TV stations before. Now they just hand the program (example: "Current Time" TV).
Would be nice to have also a list ordered by language, as in the database WWW interface.

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You're welcome! I've reported the issue upstream.

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Waoooooww. Thanks a lot for this one

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Nice present! Thanks a lot!

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Couldn't have done it without all the wonderfull AllRadio contributors :) Merry Christmas, Chris!