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  • World radio channels from Community Radio Browser.
  • Simple search/filter on channels list.
  • Add & remove favorites.
  • Sleeptimer.
  • Global search by tag.
  • Global search by name.
  • Global search by popular/clicked/listened to etc.
  • Get metadata from radiostations (if available).

Version 1.4.9:(Experimental)

Changed readiosource from to Coimmunity Radio Browser. This means that AllRadio now have a lot more countries to choose from and all users can help adding and managing radio stations via their website. This function is even planned to be included directly in AllRadio (+ a lot more).

AllRadio will remember your old favorites and you can search and update your favorites from to Community Radio Browser by pressing and holding your radio station favorite.


1.4.9 - 1.5.4 (have been tested on Intex Aquafish and Jolla 1).

Jolla 1: I havent found any serious issues (yet).

Intex Aquafish: Some streams (mostly AAC) plays very slowly and sometimes they even crashes AllRadio. I dont know why? But it seems to be something in the codecs handling in Aquafish?!

Jolla C: I do not have one and i hope it doesn't have the same issues as Aquafish!

Jolla Tablet: I do not have one so i have no idea if it works or not?!


Older than 1.4.9:


version 1.5.6

- Fix compatability with Sailfish os 2.1.0

version 1.5.4

Pre Sailfishos 2.1

- openrepos version with MPRIS
- Added Tag info
- Added more options to find radio stations
- A lot of UI tweaking

version 1.5.2

- openrepos version (MPRIS).
- More correct tags

- Show current playing in list
- Small tweaks
- Added Chinese flag

version 1.5.0
- Added global search by tag
- added global search by name
- Lots of tweaking


version 1.4.9
- Experimental version
- Switched radio source from internal ( to external (Community Radio Browser)


- Swedish translation fixed (by eson57). 1.4.6 version


- Added MPRIS for openrepos version

- First step in a bigger update done.

- Changed initial page to favorites with direct link to favorite countries.

- Added radiostation metadata (if available).

- Tweaking the look and feel a bit.


- Swedish translation fix. Thank you eson57.

- Fixed an unforseen bug/feature in script not allowing some stations to be played (such as Mdr Sachen Anhalt, Germany and probably more!?). Thank you Blaubear1833 for making me aware of that.


giskard's picture

I like it very much! :)

If I may ask for some feature, I'd ask for this:

- Being able to add stream urls manually

- Search for arbitrary tags, not only by most popular (eg. "demoscene" is not listed, but there are at leats two radios: SceneSat and Nectarine)

- Choose buffer length

- Play/pause with the headphone button


Also, I just finished the italian translation.

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Works on both my Jolla C and my Tablet. Nice work :)

Have not yet experienced errors like on Aquafish, but haven't been listening very long.