Opera Mini 8.0 for Harmattan (at least)

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This is a midlet (java application). It's from Opera software but no more downloadable from their site.

Please, first of all, install PhoneMe (Java TM).

Here is a possible installation procedure :

- remove the .deb extention and unzip

- copy the opera-mini-8.0.35626-advanced-en-us.jar (and .jad) into /opt/phoneme

- copy the operamini.png file into /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps

- copy the operamini.desktop file into /usr/share/applications

- chmod +x operamini.desktop.

NB: edit the operamini.desktop if you want to change the /opt/phoneme target.

Opera Mini works in a client/server way with an Opera "proxy" server in the middle (between you and the site). The web Pages are not running on your device but on the Opera proxy server. This server will then send the final result onto your device.

Application versions: 
File operamini.zip_.deb318.15 KB30/11/2020 - 23:06


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I need root access, but I don't have this deb archive, anybody have it?

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A browser which have TLS 1.2 feature !

Gmail is working. 

Many thanks

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very good