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sRadio is a native and lightweight SHOUTcast client, built on the Shoutcast-sailfish open source project,


Features include:

Over 50,000 stations provided by SHOUTcast,

Browse by top 500, Genre or keyword search,

Station recording, record with one touch,

Car Mode, inspired from our BlackBerry App Star Player, sRadio includes a Car Mode with large controls and station picking,

Sleep timer with customisable functions and duration,

Night Volume for one touch reduction in playing volume (little moon button),

Favourites and station history both avaliable from the sRadio home,

MPRIS support with MPRIS.artUrl property implemented for any Apps which can show Artwork,

Built in battery monitor so sRadio can pause, close or reduce volume when the device reaches a user set percentage (find this in settings)

This is only my second Sailfish App so please give it a try and pop any feedback below or via email to me :)


NOTE: If you experience stuttering during playback, myself and Jolla are aware of this, the shoutcast-sailfish dev kindly created some patches which may help with this until a permanent fix is implemented by Jolla:

QtMultimedia Patch

GStreamer Patch

Or Leszek Lesner has also created his own patches:


Other Packages







Jolla Pioneer Fans

Application versions: 
File sradio-1.03-4.armv7hl.rpm101.05 KB22/02/2021 - 21:14
File sradio-1.03-4.i486.rpm108.41 KB22/02/2021 - 21:14


This update focuses more on improvements underneath than user facing changes:

Changes made to help with loading failures when picking stations and adding to favourites(App will now retry 3 times with a short delay in-between),

Can now save station artwork from station info page (via pulley menu),

Artwork in history is now stored on the device instead of loaded remotely, this will save data in the long term,

Button to clear all history Artwork added to settings,

Added option in History to show duplicates,

Improved Artwork cleanup when deleting all Favourites






Hopefully fixed phantom touches causing Floating button to partially appear,
Improved Car Mode 1/2 - You can now use Car Mode all of the time with new Settings, choose from Always on, never on or the traditional toggle on the Player controls screen,

Improved Car Mode 2/2 - Home and station picking is now easier to use while on the move (only available when using Always on mode)




Manual stream URL input will no longer open if you have no internet connection,

Added experimental bubble controls as replacement for traditional bottom bar(Find in settings),

Added option to prevent screen from dimming while using Car Mode,

Added option to choose where to save recordings,

Added option to delete all recordings (this will only remove those in the currently chosen location)


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Any tip to help dummies installing qtmultimedia patch?

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Sorry for my late reply, I've been insanely busy.

After speaking to another dev who has created some patches of his own I recommend trying from these:

So, go here if (ARM) :

And install the following packages from that page:









~-audio-pulseaudio ~-gsttools

If you're on intel (tablet) it will be

Hope that helps

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Yes, it works, thx. But maybe it works too well: the "improved" buffer is huge (about one minute needed to load it), and cannot be adjusted. Also, pkcon can't uninstall the patch...

(I understand this an issue to be discussed with the author instead)

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Перестало работать, запускается и схлопывается.

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Please open settings, scroll to the bottom and click the button which says "help my playback is stuttering", there are patches to solve this until Jolla do.

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Thank you very much for app. Can it possible to make control for playing from garniture?

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I'm not sure to be honest, I don't own anything to test it with

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Works perfect on Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus and Fxtec Pro1 :)

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Great! Let me know if you have any suggestions :)

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Works perfect on xa2. UI is really beautiful.

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Thank you :) 

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'Audio player error: not found'

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Is this for every station or just a specific one ? 


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Oh, for some stations. Ok. Thank you.

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What are the new features you implemented on top of shoutcast-sailfish?
AFAICS, most of the features mentioned above are already present in shoutcast-sailfish 0.5, hence my question.

Are these new features proprietary?
Background: I was unable to find the source code of sRadio, in contrast to shoutcast-sailfish.

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The Sleep timer, 

Favorites and history, 

Station recording,

Different home UI with quick access to history and favs,

Manual Url input for non shoutcast streams,

Actual Player UI as shoutcast sailfish just has a little pop-up,

Battery monitor,

Car Mode,

Various things in the App settings like remember last station and fade in audio


Shoutcast Sailfish has non of these features :) 


Hopefully more features to add to that as I get some time.


Currently closed source, will hopefully open source it in the next few versions, the code is currently very minified which isn't ideal for any contributors (in the meantime feel free to explore the QML files they arent hidden, the c++ code only handles the updater, artwork downloading, recording and some basic functions)

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Thank you for the detailed answer.