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shoutcast-sailfish is a simple SHOUTcast browser and player for SailfishOS

  * Browse by Genre
  * List Top 500
  * Search by 'Now Playing' or Keywords
  * Tune in on a Station
  * Pause/Play

More information and source code can be found on GitHub:

In case of bugs/problems/wishes please use GitHub Issues.

Built on OBS:

On my phone (oneplus one) buffering of audio streams is terrible. I have tried two solutions to allow to change the buffer size:

  1. Patch gstreamer. See
  2. Patch qtmultimedia. See

Using a buffer size of 256000 makes buffering of the qml mediaplayer fast and hickups are gone.

Application versions: 


  • Fix for SFOS 3.1 (nemomobile). Thanks to Malakay.


  • Added buffering indicator and some settings for buffering.


  • show station logo's in the lists
  • busy indicator when starting to play


  • initial release


Malakay's picture

Thanks wdehoog, translation working again and app too :)

Malakay's picture

But czech translation is not working anymore :(

Malakay's picture

Working now, it is case sensitive :D thanks :)

Malakay's picture

Not working for me, after changing qml still whitescreen

kan's picture

Fix for white screen after update:
edit file


and change line 11

import org.nemomobile.connectivity 1.0


import Nemo.Connectivity 1.0
Malakay's picture

Wdehoog : Hi, I want to make czech translation, if you are interested, contact me :)

Historyscholar's picture

Thanks !

Historyscholar's picture

Thanks !

Markkyboy's picture

It doesn't find my favourite stream, Groove Salad from I've searched as many ways as possible, but nothing from SomaFM shows; groovesalad; GrooveSalad, groove salad, Groove Salad, etc, etc..

Erdrandbewohner's picture

You can add your prefered SomaFM-Streams manualy to FlowPlayer. SomaFM is not a part of Shoutcast.

wdehoog's picture

Does have this stream? Did you try to search there? The app does not perform any miracles it is just using the shoutcast api. See