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- this is considered a test package, it won't alter your original package,
if everything goes good, all functions will be migrated to fork of original
version, translations not adapted to "testing" version, everything in English
- I am in contact with original author

* Tue Nov 19 2019 Petr Skoumal <-willbeupdatednexttime> 2.3-1
- several functions and things, two small menus (one in TabView, second in
BrowserWebView), both can be set to (g)old ways in settings
- some proxy agents
- Loading screen on start, mainly because of QuickGrid loading  

- Smaller UI
- BUG: Closing the tabs in TabView crashes no more
- TabView changed to GridView, on Landscape  there are two columns
- added possibility to lock tab from being closed
- TabView changed to GridView, because of GridView context menu did not work
properly, Context menu recreated to different style
- possibility to be able to open link with WebPirate as MIME

- AdBlock is partly broken
- Translations

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@pstassen If I login on gmx.net the desktop view is shown even if the mobile view is setted; and I can't scroll down. Dwd.de always chrashes the browser. Adblocker is not enabled. I use Defender. Witch device are you using?

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Hi, this browser is quicker and more reliable than the stock browser, and for what I can say, more "suitable" to Sailfish OS than WebCat. The webpages gmx.net and dwd.de load perfectly and quickly. Instead of using Adblock, I suggest editing the file /etc/hosts to redirect all trackers and ad domains to

Thank you for reviving WebPirate, great job!

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Thanks for your reply. I'm sure it's not your fault. Browser experience on Sailfish is very special. Thanks for your work

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I like the grid page on start. Its intuitive an fast. But the browser can't, for example, handle https://gmx.net, uses the desktopbrowser view with http://dwd.de and fails to load https://company.pocketbook.de/de-de
This were my first 3 attemps of loading pages.
Second time I tried with gmx.net and dwd.de the app chrashed and the phone was frozen and I had to soft reset the phone. Please take this as a feedback. It would be great to have the web pirate back again

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Hello, I have no idea what these pages are, unforunately the Browser is still tied to WebKit 3.0, I have noticed some crashes, which were obviously caused by ads on the page.. AdBlock is not fully working, but you can try to download at least some filters if it may help.. Also you can try to change User Agent to predefined Desktop Waterfox (like firefox), some pages seemed to work lot better with it
I tried to load:
gmx.net - took some time, but loaded, not sure how exactly it should look though

dwd.de - took hell of a time and browser web process crashed, probably webkit issue

pocketbook.de - page loaded quickly and without stutters, but the view is blocked by some banner on the page, so nothing is visible
All of these are tried on the User Agent I mentioned

Hopefully Jolla will update the Webkit already, version of used WebKit is hell of old and there is nothing I can do about that :(

BTW: all tried on Jolla 1 if that matters

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FWIW, Jolla won't.

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Yay, cool!

Will take a look at it this weekend.

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I have alse created i486 packages, but have no way to test them on the actual device..

no GitHub yet