QtWebkit 5.212 DEV

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QtWebkit 5.212 Test builds for SailfishOS.

QtWebkit is the webengine for the WebView in Silica. Many applications like Webcat, LLs Video Player and others use the WebView and thus this Webengine.


Warning: These packages will change the webview component of your system. It could be that it isn't 100% compatible with every third party or system application. Only install if you know how to restore to the original packages.

You need to install the original packages in order to upgrade to a new SailfishOS release.


This is QtWebkit 5.212 build with gstreamer html5 audio + video support for SailfishOS including a fix for the Xperia X BGRA performance stuttering issue.

You need to install all the rpms for your specific plattform in order for it to work.


  • Expose MediaPlaybackRequiresUserGestureEnabled to qml for allowing control if autoplay should be allowed for html5 audio+video
  • Use default settings from iOS as they make more sense for mobile touchscreen devices
  • Set to 80 for even better higher display support and easier to click links


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Hi, is it me or Sailfish doesnt need this to work seamlessly? Coz I had reverted qtwebview to original backup before updating (as suggested by Leszek) and now I didnt notice any previous problems is this a pure luck or confirmed info ? I checked whole SFOS post on TJC and didnt see anything qt.webview related so its kinda wierd. Anyway thanks for Your hard work, and hope to get some hint about this situation :)

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Hi, can you please upload development packages ?

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"Only install if you know how to restore to the original packages."

I don't. Can you add a description?

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I have the same question Llectronics, could you please list the original packages? I couldn't find all 5 packages even after pkcon refresh. Also, should we uninstall the dev versions first, or direclty install the default ones?

[Edit] Found your instructions here: https://together.jolla.com/question/171114/xperia-xbug-qtwebkit-unusably...

For reference:
mkdir /home/nemo/Downloads/qtwebkit-orig-backup-rpms;
cd /home/nemo/Downloads/qtwebkit-orig-backup-rpms;
pkcon download . libqtwebkit5 libqtwebkit5-widgets qt5-qtqml-import-webkitplugin qt5-qtqml-import-webkitplugin-experimental qt5-qtwebkit-uiprocess-launcher

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