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YTPlayer is an unofficial YouTube client for SailfishOS.

This version is a fork of YTPlayer by osetr, which is a fork of YTPlayer by tworaz.

The current version is mostly just an updated build with current youtube-dl, but there are important performance fixes and many layout adjustements, too.

Source code is available at GitHub. Pull requests and translations are welcome!

Application versions: 
File harbour-ytplayer-0.6.9-1.armv7hl.rpm273.92 KB15/09/2019 - 14:19
File harbour-ytplayer-0.6.9-1.i486.rpm295.42 KB15/09/2019 - 14:19
File harbour-ytplayer-0.6.10-1.armv7hl.rpm274.41 KB25/09/2019 - 01:07
File harbour-ytplayer-0.6.10-1.i486.rpm295.72 KB25/09/2019 - 01:07


  • Update Chinise translation
  • Use .yaml file to generate .spec
  • Use git head revision in About page


  • Remove unused 1080p menu element


  • Fix updating youtube-dl
  • Use internal log when updating youtube-dl
  • Better propagate youtube-dl update internally
  • Translations refreshed
  • Built with Sailfish Application SDK 2.2 (


  • Update German translation
  • Fix category cover page background


  • Improve dark theme support
  • Fix version number on About page
  • Restore logo in various pages
  • Adjust main menu list item size
  • Adjust video list item size
  • Update Swedish translation


  • Added youtube-dl update functionality in Settings
  • Added auto-updating youtube-dl, if it is missing
  • Not bundling youtube-dl anymore
  • Fix for light theme cover
  • Compiled using Sailfish Application SDK 2.1 (
  • Changelog added


  • Fix quota issue (thanks for help, tworaz!)
  • Re-uploaded correct armv7hl build


  • Compile using Sailfish Application SDK 2.1 EA (3.0.3)
  • Update youtube-dl


  • Compile fixes
  • Enable youtube-dl lazy extractors
  • Add channel icon to search results for channels
  • Main menu, Categories list, Video list layout fixes
  • About, Translations and License layout fixes
  • About page credits updated


  • Update youtube-dl to 2019.02.09
  • Fix translations
  • Performance fixes
  • Tons of compile- and project-related fixes


JacekJagosz's picture

Subscribed videos to me show just random recommended ones. Could you try to fix it? It has been reported on the original project

rossholmes's picture

Thank you for the effort, this is a great and very functional app! Cheers

tabasko's picture

Great work man!

akikk88's picture

Thanks now works very well :)

Pohli's picture

Thanks for maintaining this app! I've found one issue: in Download Settings my choices of the Preferred video quality option are: 360p, 360p,1080p. I have a Jolla Phone with SFOS and YTPlayer 0.6.8.

direc85's picture

Thanks for noticing that. That was a leftover from my failed attempt to implement 1080p support. As YouTube provides 1080p (and up) quality videos as separate audio and video streams now, I have no idea how to accomplish that using Sailfish/Qt/QML.

Version 0.6.9 published accordingly.

Pohli's picture

Thanks for quick fix! About page still says 0.6.8-1. ;-)

direc85's picture

Dang it! :D

Edit: That should have updated actually... Gotta look into it.

direc85's picture

As of writing this, the current youtube-dl version is 2019.09.12.1 which caused my version check sanity checks to fail. I updated the rules and released version 0.6.8 accordingly.

akikk88's picture

Can't play videos any more.. Because there is problem with youtube-dl.

akikk88's picture

Can`t update youtube-dl any more. If i try check update it fail every time. Where is the problem?

direc85's picture

That's right; tge update check fails. I'll fix it soon. Thanks for reporting!

predator2019's picture

Feature request: Beautful app. It would be helpful to install youtube-dl as an dependency when installing ytplayer similar to other linux distributions. Or a message at start that youtube-dl is needed to play youtube videos in ytplayer when youtube-dl is missing. For downloading videos is clear, but to play videos it's not obvious.

direc85's picture

Thanks for feedback. YTPlayer downloads youtube-dl automatically if its not present at startup, but its not updated automatically updated after that. You likely gave too old version of youtube-dl installed, please update it using the Settings menu.

Edit: There was a bug in youtube-dl update mechanism, please update YTPlayer first and then youtube-dl.

akikk88's picture

Lataa videota aika kauan aina aluksi ku laittaa videon pyörimään, pystyiskö sille tehdä mitään? Itse videot pyörii kyllä hienosti itsellä.

bionade24's picture

I get Buffer all the time, even though I have latest yt-dl and good network connection. Earlier, everything worked better. Has anyoone a solution for this problem?

lqramen's picture

Thank you. Works great.

Klaas's picture

Yesterday I downloaded this package. Got that new icon, but could not activate it.  Today the problems are solved like magic.  When I tried to open the icon everything worked well. Thank you for the good work!


Klaas's picture

After downloading and 'installing' of the second version (1.i486) nothing happened. I then downloaded the YTplayer from Jolla store and downloaded the first version  (armv7.hl) and the icon of YTplayer changed into the new icon as above on this page. When tapping on the icon it does not open, the wheel keeps turning for a while and then it disappears from my screen.

Klaas's picture

Hello Direc85, I downloaded the app on my Xperia XA2 (latest update), but installation did not work. The download appears in 'transfers' and when I tap on it nothing happens.

247's picture

Hi, we noticed that if you go to the sailfish home screen and play a video, the video is actually loading (as for searching the stream) much faster than just waiting inside the app, is this a bug?

direc85's picture

I can't reproduce this; both ways seem to be equally slow. I'm using mobile broadband, how about you? Could you provide step by step instructions so I could try to reproduce it again?

There really shouldn't be any difference if the app active or not regarding stream searching...

grucha's picture

Hi, good app.
You can also add playlist view.

wesbluemarine's picture

Hi, thanks for your update, now light themes are perfect with this App.
There's one thing I think is "wrong" for me... When I want to press "play" button on multitasking, it should not open the fullscreen window but stay minimized.

direc85's picture

When the video is already playing, and I minimize the app, the video pauses. Then if I click the play cover action, the video resumes and the app stays minimized. If the play cover action is clicked while the application is on the video details page however, the application is activated and video starts to play. This is intentional, and the cover action works for me.

wrwpoel's picture

When I try to install the application I get a "Nothing provides pyotherside-qml-plugin-python3-qt5 needed by harbour ytplayer-0.6.7-1.armv7hl" error.

direc85's picture

The old cure would be running `pkcon refresh` and try again...

What Sailfish version you are running? What device?

wrwpoel's picture

Thanks, that indeed solved the problem.

TMavica's picture

Also can add a refresh pull down option in lastest video large?

TMavica's picture

Is too dark to see