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Unfortunately I cannot maintain this fork anymore. I ask the community to commit to further development of YTPlayer.


This is a fork of YTPlayer.

Help to translate YTPlayer to your language!

Application versions: 
File harbour-ytplayer-0.5.8-5.armv7hl.rpm4 MB16/09/2018 - 03:59
File harbour-ytplayer-0.5.8-5.i486.rpm4.01 MB16/09/2018 - 03:59

0.5.8-5 (Unofficial release):

  • Update translations
  • Update youtube-dl to 2018.09.10

0.5.8-4 (Unofficial release):

  • Add Chinese (China), thanks to JIMMY CHEN
  • Update Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Update Chinese (Taiwan)

0.5.8-3 (Unofficial release):

  • Add Chinese (Taiwan) translation, thanks to JIMMY CHEN
  • Update French (France) translation
  • Update names and ordering of languages
  • Update youtube-dl to 2018.03.03

0.5.8-1 (Unofficial release):

  • Update translations
  • Build youtube-dl with lazy extractors
  • Update youtube-dl to 2018.02.11

0.5.7-6 (Unofficial release):

  • Update French (France) translation

0.5.7-5 (Unofficial release):

  • Finish Portuguese (Brazil) translation
  • Update Dutch (Netherlands) translation

0.5.7-4 (Unofficial release):

  • Update Hungarian translation
  • Add Portuguese (Brazil) translation (partial finished)

0.5.7-3 (Unofficial release):

  • Finish Hungarian translation

0.5.7-2 (Unofficial release):

  • Add Hungarian translation (partial finished)
  • Add Japanese translation (partial finished)
  • Update other translations
  • Update youtube-dl to 2018.01.07

0.5.6-5 (Unofficial release):

  • Update Greek translation

0.5.6-4 (Unofficial release):

  • Add Greek (partial finished)
  • Add Turkish (partial finished)
  • Update other translations
  • Update youtube-dl to 2017.09.11

0.5.6-3 (Unofficial release):

  • Enable Suomi translation
  • Update youtube-dl to 2017.08.27.1

0.5.6-2 (Unofficial release):

  • Revert youtube-dl extractors

0.5.6-1 (Unofficial release):

  • Update youtube-dl to 2017.06.23
  • Add Finnish translation from the Transifex
  • Fix subscribe/unsibscribe button
  • Disable youtube-dl extractors other than youtube to reduce package file size

0.5.5-1 (Unofficial release):

  • Update youtube-dl to 2017.05.26
  • Open Youtube links from the video overview page with the application

0.5.4-6 (Unofficial release):

0.5.4-5 (Unofficial release):

  • Update YouTubeDL to 2017.04.14
  • Build with the latest SDK version

0.5.4-2 (Unofficial release):

  • Update YouTubeDL to 2016.05.10


  • Update YouTubeDL to 2015.12.09


  • Update YoutubeDL to version 2015.11.15
  • Add Polish translation


vkn999's picture

It`s planned to further support and improve and update from time to time youtube-dl.

osetr's picture

There is a newer fork of YTPlayer. Please wait for a release here in OpenRepos.

247's picture

As lls videoplayer is working i do assume youtube-dl just need to be updated from time to time. Well anyway thanks for your work :)

Mick's picture

Looks like Google have changed something and ripped a big hole in the space time continuum. Aka - "No streams found"

osetr's picture

Google changed something a long time ago. There is no API to get streams directly - they are searched with youtube-dl but this method is not very relieble...

247's picture

App is not working again, almost any video told me there is no flow (video) available to stream, maybe an update to ytdownload is needed?

retro486's picture

Unwatchable on 2.2.0 Sailfish X due to stutter video (even 320p) but interface is great.

Skillmon's picture

That's a known issue.

merpl's picture

Hello, tried to install on NeKit's new (December 2017) SFOS for Droid 4 (xt894) and get the error

Status: dep-resolution-failed

Extra details:

nothing provides pyotherside-qml-plugin-python3-qt5 needed by harbour-ytplayer-0.5.8-4.armv7hl

Thank you for this super super super important app! I will donate!

pdelfes's picture

Same here Mariusmssj

Mariusmssj's picture

On Sailfish X with 2.2.0 update the video is lagging and stuttering while sound is working fine. Anyone else is having this issue?

pdelfes's picture

The guy who translated this app to brazilian portuguese obviously did it using Google Translator cause the result at some words is an atrocity.

We do not say "jogar" while talking about the play action of media content, we say "Tocar" or yet  using a more correct and orthodox talking, "Reproduzir"

As we do not use to translate the word "Player" cause a MEDIA PLAYER has not same meaning of a football player. It's a "Player de vídeo", not a "Jogador de Futebol". Did ya got it translator?

C'mon guys, stop translating apps from english if you do not talk english!


osetr's picture

May be you can enter the YTPlayer team on Transifex and propose your corrections?

pdelfes's picture

I did it ;)

c755324's picture


All of string is 'ytplayer-action-xxxxxx'. It's not correct.


osetr's picture

For an unknown reason the compiled translation hasn't been included to the packages. Try the new version.

kuba77's picture

Could you compile it for Sailfish OS < 2.1 (eg. please? or do you use some new features from Qt 5.6?

osetr's picture

Sorry but I have not found a way to get an old SDK to compile the application for your OS version.

Skillmon's picture

I have an Xperia X. But am at no point an experienced developer. But perhaps I can take a look at it and try some things. I experience stuttering of playback on it, while for the same video LLs video player runs smoothly.

osetr's picture

It would be great))

Skillmon's picture

If I want to build the app, I need a API key. I'm not quite sure how to obtain the right key. And do I need to register the application? A bit of guidance there would be appreciated.

akikk88's picture

sailfish x need youtube app what works!! :/

osetr's picture

I totally agree with you, but I can do nothing with Sailfish X.

Kelmi's picture

Damn.. Perhaps some day this will be fixed.

Kelmi's picture

I noticed when I'm in videoplayer itself and there is option to choose video quality (bottom pulley menu), well that's very difficult choose lower quality setting because your finger should be just exactly right position (when you swipe to upwards of sceen).

My device is xperia x (f5121) ( Sailfish os

So I think this be caused by xperia x fullhd display ..

Hopefully you understand what I mean and at least create report for developers of this ytplayer.

Skillmon's picture

While your technically right, that it is hard to change quality in a single swipe on X, you can also pull the pulley all the way up and select the quality of your liking by another press. I'll still try and take a look into the code (because for me playback is stuttering -- changing that pulley on the way cannot be that hard, can it?). But don't expect anything any time soon. It's best you don't expect anything, actually.

osetr's picture


Unfortunately I have no Xperia device so I cannot test the app on it. The original developer of YTPlayer has abandoned his work but I trying to rewrite the player with YouTube IFrame API. I hope I'll manage with it and new player will solve issues including those on Xperia.

OpenDen's picture

Great app. With pleasure I use it. That's just not enough search through the channel

akikk88's picture

Not work so well with sailfish X. Videos lags all the time.

247's picture

Unfortunately it fails 50% of times...but well don't worry...by the way...lot of times if i use the time bar to move inside the video it simply does nothing...is this solvable or it is related to the other bug?