Patch: Launcher combined patch

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SFOS3 compatible patchh in Web Catalog!



Combined patch for homescreen launcher.

Patch only for SailfishOS v2.0.2.43 and newer
Fits both phone and tablet.

This patch is incompatible with other launcher patches like Launcher background transparency, etc. and you need to unapply them before using this patch.


  • adding 4 icons style for folder
  • improves folder view by extending it size, moving drop area to header, converting whole view to attached page
  • contains settings applet to change rows and columns count, font and icons size change, text visibility in edit mode, disabling pager scrolling, background opacity and system themed background, 

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Updated for SailfishOS 2.0.2.x


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I uploaded a SFOS 3.4.0 compatible version to the webcatalog. I plan to removed it as soon as Coderus updates his version.

4carlos's picture

Many thanks for your effort !!

Ropelius's picture

Not working from web catalog with 3.4

4carlos's picture

Is your patch in webcatalog ready for SFOS 3.4? It doesnt work.

davodego's picture

I would be very happy if you do the patch for I have been using it for a long time and could take it with me from the previous versions. So I was able to activate it under and it ran without problems. I had to do a factory reset and can no longer install it in Thanks a lot.

coderus's picture

i'm pretty sure the one from web catalog should still work :)

delocoyo's picture

doesnt work if I install them in Rokua

using it in my XA2

deutsche1976's picture

It worked for me when updating to last version. With a fresh install it does not work :(

sdiconov's picture

I confirm that the Launcher Combined DOES NOT install in SFOS (Koli) even yhough it claims to be compatible. I use patchmanager3 to install but any attempt results in an error message.

rdomschk's picture

Hello coderus,

Thank you for the update in web catalog. Great work!

rdomschk's picture

Hello, could you update this patch for please in webcatalog. The version for not wor on on my new Xperia 10. Thanks a lot. Ralf

nazzareno's picture

Does it works with actual update

coderus's picture

This is not, an catalog version is working

didilalalagon9's picture

HI Coderus, dont give up adaptation , This patch is a must, Would it be possible to give choice between the stock ''within'' folder page view and the new full page style for the format.Not the openning/closing animation and all , including background , all that is fine. Not that I dont like a full page display at all, but in term of reachability with one hand when it's a folder containing multiple icons spanning for more than the page size  it still hard to reach bottom icons app. We need both hands. The sailfish stock format (all app icons comprise in the center portion of the page with the 1 quarter of the size for the headder space and the other blank quarter space at the bottom. that way it is easy to reach and scrool the center section. I include links to screenshots to better understand.   :

patch applied on folder with multiple apps icons


folder view, pre patch aplication, ( real drab but better reacheability)


Tuxibaby's picture

Hello coderus,

I have installed the current Sailfish-OS, the launcher combined patches cannot be reinstalled. Can the patches be adapted to the current Sailfish-OS?
Thanks a lot!


zzico76's picture

Hi Coderus, at the last update of Sailfish this patch and patchmanager says "failed to instal patch".
How to fix it? thanks!

rdomschk's picture

Hello coderus,
Thank you very much! I Found it yesterday in webcatalog in the patchmanager! You are the best "patcher" ever :)

coderus's picture

SFOS3 compatible patchh in Web Catalog!

rdomschk's picture

Hallo, could you create an update for SFOS 3 please? It is the best patch ever and should integrate in SFOS. Thanks in advance

4carlos's picture

Did not work with SFOS 3. Any update in sight?

dirksche's picture

Would be great to have an update

levone1's picture

Figured it out - 'snapMode: ListView.NoSnap', and 'highlightRangeMode: ListView.NoHighlightRange' did it.

levone1's picture

Right - sorry, my comment was meant to say that the info in web catalog shows that the patch is not compatible with version less than 2.2, (but it used to be, and now even older versions don't work on less than 2.2...), so I'm just wondering if I could hack a way to get same features on my 2137...

coderus's picture

i have no idea why author of patch port to removed it

levone1's picture

Oh - is that what it was ... Sorry, I guess I didn't pay much attention. Anyway, is there some file I could modify to get scroll without pages? Thanks 

levone1's picture

info in web catalog shows not compatible with >2.2 anymore. Any way to modify files to make it work, or, does anyone know how to create the 'scroll without pages' tweak happen manually? That's my main interest ...

coderus's picture

there is proper patch in webcatalog for 2.2

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Does NOT work in SFOS .
Installed this on a Jolla C in search of 4 icon style folders. Options in the launcher settings applet have no effect. No additional folder style either.
Is there an isolated 4 icon style folders patch without applet or any other bells and whistles?

ajisht2's picture

Where has coderus gone..?? None of his patches/apps have received any updated since long. Can anyone else takeover his patches...?? Seems like he is out of business.

Bowmore's picture

It doesn't work anymore :(

Jolla 1 -