Patch: Launcher combined patch

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Combined patch for homescreen launcher.

Patch only for SailfishOS v2.0.2.43 and newer
Fits both phone and tablet.

This patch is incompatible with other launcher patches like Launcher background transparency, etc. and you need to unapply them before using this patch.


  • adding 4 icons style for folder
  • improves folder view by extending it size, moving drop area to header, converting whole view to attached page
  • contains settings applet to change rows and columns count, font and icons size change, text visibility in edit mode, disabling pager scrolling, background opacity and system themed background, 

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Updated for SailfishOS 2.0.2.x


coderus's picture

if you satisfied with this patch you can remove all other standalone patches doing same thing.

malibu's picture

And if i want to try yours ?

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read my message again please :D

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I unapplyed all old patchs, this was not working. But i do a factory reset, update is here, and i want to clean phone before !
I'll try to install your patch soon :P
I'm sure it's a great work .. !