Zaster Banker

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Say hello to Zaster Banker, your mobile banking app!
Zaster Banker currently supports (mostly German) banks which use the FinTS/HBCI API - fast and easy-to-use!

  • Search-as-you-type for your bank: No complex searching for backend API URLs, your bank ID (BLZ) or other things. Just use your bank's name (or only parts of it), select your bank from the search results and Zaster Banker automatically finds all parameters for you automatically.
  • Balances for Accounts and Portfolios: See the balances of your accounts and portfolios at one glance
  • Transaction Details: Access all transaction details of last few months in a easy-to-use list

IMPORTANT: Due to the new PSD2 regulatations it might be possible that signing in to your account is currently not possible. Testing wasn't possible before, but now as the final behavior is online, an update can be worked on. Stay tuned!

Zaster Banker is and will remain Open Source Software. However, in order to support the development of Zaster Banker, we'd like to ask you for a contribution - you could also call it royalty - before you can run it after a trial period of 14 days. Such a contribution can be made by translating Zaster Banker to another language, help developing it or simply by purchasing a key from

As mentioned, you have a testing period of 14 days after the first run of Zaster Banker. Take your time to test the application and ensure that it fulfills your needs and that you really like it. There are no limitations to the software during this time - simply press the button "Continue Testing" on the initial screen.

If you decide to purchase a contribution key in order to keep on using Zaster Banker beyond the testing period, please choose a contribution type. You have the choice between 4 different contributions: S, M, L, XL. No matter which size you choose, the purchased key will unlock the the complete application after the trial period. It's up to you to decide how much the app is worth to you.

Moreover, feedback about Zaster Banker is always appreciated (good, bad, improvement/feature ideas etc.).

As mentioned, you can contribute with a translation, a new feature or even a bugfix. The sources are on GitHub at Please acknowledge the GNU GPLv3 before contributing/forking. Thanks to all contributors!

Application versions: 
File harbour-zaster-0.1-25.armv7hl.rpm342.68 KB27/11/2018 - 23:05
File harbour-zaster-0.1-25.i486.rpm354.88 KB27/11/2018 - 23:05
File harbour-zaster-0.2-2.i486.rpm363.97 KB05/12/2018 - 00:11
File harbour-zaster-0.2-2.armv7hl.rpm350.8 KB05/12/2018 - 00:11
File harbour-zaster-0.3-2.armv7hl.rpm371.62 KB06/05/2019 - 23:24
File harbour-zaster-0.3-2.i486.rpm384.84 KB06/05/2019 - 23:24

- Choose current account from PIN/password screen
- Add abort button for loading screen
- Make transactions retrieval period configurable
- Bugfix: Transaction headers missing for some banks (e.g. GLS)

- Support for multiple accounts
- Limit transactions to last month (should solve missing transactions in most cases)
- Bugfix: Long bank name correctly wrapped
- Bugfix: Crash in case of incorrect account credentials
- Bugfix: Transactions without Cents for ING should no longer display NaN (untested)
- Bugfix: UniCredit banks complain about unsupported "All Accounts" option (untested)


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Just took a look again and it seems that AKTIA has an open API (not sure about the terms and conditions), but might be worth taking a look:

Too bad it's not my bank of choise, but I'm optimistic that other banks will follow suite as the September deadline for the PSD2 draws closer.

Edit: Seems that S-Pankki has also opened up the API: (site in Finnish, but leads to here: So good progress here in Finland regarding the banking API development.

PawelSpoon's picture

Nice idea ! Could not find my bank: Easybank. Do.they the api or are they not on your list ?

WerkWolf's picture

Easybank is Austria, isn't it? Zaster Banker is currently limited to German banks supporting FinTS/HBCI. Other APIs/banks may come at a later stage. It's the first version 0.1, right? ;)

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very good

naytsyrhc's picture

Thanks for this app. Highly appreciated. A suggestion: will you support multiple bank accounts? It seems, I'm currently limited to one. And: do you have plans to support initiation of transactions?

WerkWolf's picture

Multi-bank support it highest priority as I need it myself and not that hard to implement. Transaction initiation is a different story and quite complex to implement. I tend to scale to other European countries with read-only access before more features for Germany are implemented, but let's see. I can't give any detailed commitments as all depends on an open API...

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You can take all the money you want directly from my bank accounts if you can extend that to other banks within Europe and help everyone getting rid of Android and Google services for good. I suspect they use other APIs, bur I hope you can add N26 (German) in the future, and then other countries (one vote for French banks here).

glanternier's picture

Another vote for French banks.☺

WerkWolf's picture

N26 has its own API, but support might be feasible. If the other banks have an open API, they can be supported as well. However, no promises yet as everything needs to be checked and evaluated first.

Kabouik's picture

I don't know if that helps because I'm not sure whether it is open, but it seems most French banks (and some others, including N26) are supported by Linxo: (couldn't not find this page in the English version of the website, sorry). Is this the kind of APIs you need?

Otherwise, I read that banks have been asked to provide APIs in the near future anyway: Now, I'm not sure how realistic this is on the short term.

WerkWolf's picture

Zaster Banker will only use APIs which are directly supported by the individual banks. There will be no investment in any third-party services for privacy and security reasons. Seems like Linxo is something like such a third-party service, but I may be wrong...

PSD2 is very promising, but there are tendencies to limit access to PSD2-compliant APIs to bigger companies which need to go through a certification process. We'll see how it will work...

Kabouik's picture

Understood. Looking forward to having those banks supported then, if it turns out to be feasible. I'll definitely buy  the app when/if I can use it for my accounts. 

To be honest, my main accounts are in French banks, but I can live without applications for them because the websites, even though very annoying to use on a mobile devices, offer the same features as the Android applications. However, things are different with N26 because the application is required to do any operation, like a bank wire or the validation of a secured Internet payment. The website does not allow confirming those operations, on purpose, which to be honest is quite annoying. I know Zaster Banker is read only at the moment, and that it doesn't support N26 yet, but if it can replace mandatory Android applications one day, this would be a game changer for Sailfish. It is critical for N26 since the official application does not install anymore on 4.4.4 provided by Alien Dalvik (meaning even with Google Services installed, I can't use N26 anymore).

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Shut up and take my money!

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Thx! May I suggest to be in touch with ? Would be so great to drop Android permanently.

WerkWolf's picture

Sure, thanks for the hint! However, I can't give any promises yet if and when other banks can be supported. Some may charge fees for using their APIs...

objectifnul's picture

Okay. Looking forward to having it working for Belgian banks, and willing to pay for it. Any idea of how much they may be asking for licensing a corporate API ? (To be honest, after discussions with CBC's IT department, I'm not really optimistic... They keep saying "Usage restrictions are for your security", without any explanation). Anyway, please keep trying, preferably with top executives.