Zaster Banker

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Say hello to Zaster Banker, your mobile banking app!
Zaster Banker currently supports (mostly German) banks which use the FinTS/HBCI API - fast and easy-to-use!

  • Search-as-you-type for your bank: No complex searching for backend API URLs, your bank ID (BLZ) or other things. Just use your bank's name (or only parts of it), select your bank from the search results and Zaster Banker automatically finds all parameters for you automatically.
  • Balances for Accounts and Portfolios: See the balances of your accounts and portfolios at one glance
  • Transaction Details: Access all transaction details of last few months in a easy-to-use list

IMPORTANT: Due to the new PSD2 regulatations it might be possible that signing in to your account is currently not possible. Testing wasn't possible before and the current version may only work for a few banks as I can't test with others. If possible, please test and debug with your bank! Let me know if you need assistance!

Moreover, feedback about Zaster Banker is always appreciated (good, bad, improvement/feature ideas etc.).

As mentioned, you can contribute with a translation, a new feature or even a bugfix. The sources are on GitHub at Please acknowledge the GNU GPLv3 before contributing/forking. Thanks to all contributors!

Application versions: 
File harbour-zaster-0.1-25.armv7hl.rpm342.68 KB27/11/2018 - 23:05
File harbour-zaster-0.1-25.i486.rpm354.88 KB27/11/2018 - 23:05
File harbour-zaster-0.2-2.i486.rpm363.97 KB05/12/2018 - 00:11
File harbour-zaster-0.2-2.armv7hl.rpm350.8 KB05/12/2018 - 00:11
File harbour-zaster-0.3-2.armv7hl.rpm371.62 KB06/05/2019 - 23:24
File harbour-zaster-0.3-2.i486.rpm384.84 KB06/05/2019 - 23:24
File harbour-zaster-0.4-4.armv7hl.rpm365.75 KB04/11/2019 - 23:09
File harbour-zaster-0.4-4.i486.rpm379.05 KB04/11/2019 - 23:09
File harbour-zaster-0.4-4.aarch64.rpm367.39 KB15/09/2021 - 23:48

- Initial support for PSD2/SCA
- Several bugfixes (#17, #18)
- Removed Wagnis

- Choose current account from PIN/password screen
- Add abort button for loading screen
- Make transactions retrieval period configurable
- Bugfix: Transaction headers missing for some banks (e.g. GLS)

- Support for multiple accounts
- Limit transactions to last month (should solve missing transactions in most cases)
- Bugfix: Long bank name correctly wrapped
- Bugfix: Crash in case of incorrect account credentials
- Bugfix: Transactions without Cents for ING should no longer display NaN (untested)
- Bugfix: UniCredit banks complain about unsupported "All Accounts" option (untested)


Desmo's picture

Updating my review from Dec account at DKB now works. I am able to login, see my balance and go into my account to see my transactions. It only shows my Sparkonto. My credit card is not shown. However, the fact that I can see all my transactions on one of my accounts on my Sailfish device with a native app is fantastic!!
Thanx Werkwolf!!

inte's picture

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to work even though login seems possible in the first place, but then I get this error message: Aufrufe ohne PSD2-Modus nicht mehr erlaubt. Dialog abgebrochen. Do you think it is possible to implement PSD2 mode? 2FA through QR-code/HBCI is working just fine, but SMS-Tan is the only method which could be choosen but has not been supported by my bank any longer (probably for ages).

Seven_of_nine's picture

Is it possible for the user to add a bank that is not listed in the search function on app start? How is to find out the settings of a not listed bank? I need Caixa Bank (Spain).

treeman's picture

Moin Sebastian.
How is it possible to login with two factor authentification? After logging in with password an user TAN is needed (Targobank, comdirect, commerzbank). Thanks in advance.

WerkWolf's picture

Not yet possible as my banks apply 2FA only once after 90 days - impossible to test that... I need test accounts to implement that properly.

explit's picture

Great, that you have not abandoned it, Sebastian!

WerkWolf's picture

Well, it's just the aarch64 version. Maybe I need to ask again for proper test accounts - before I get them, chances are low that bugs can be fixed. :(

FW_SF_OS's picture

Hey, are there plans für a 64Bit version ? That would be nice.

WerkWolf's picture

Sorry for the late answer. I uploaded an aarch64 build, but with no other changes. As long as I don't have test accounts there will probably be errors with banks others than Volksbank.

Desmo's picture

App supports my bank, Deutsche Kredit Bank, but when trying to login I get the same error as the poster above me. Error 9050 & 9370

monkeyisland's picture

I tested with my Sparkasse Hannover Account. I got following error :
Die Nachricht enthält Fehler (Fehler 9050)
Anzahl der Signaturen für diesen Auftrag unzureichend laut UPD oder BPD (Fehlernummer :9370)

csg1976's picture

When having to enter a TAN, I am lost.

tmojo's picture

Same for me, I get a SMS with the TAN from my bank and don't have a UI component to enter the TAN.

Actually my bank (Spardabank) announced to stop supporting SMS TAN and that I have to switch to ChipTAN for 3rd party apps. Will you also support ChipTAN?

WerkWolf's picture

It will be supported if my accounts require it or if somebody helps to implement it... As said, unfortunately there are no test accounts so far...

WerkWolf's picture

Unfortunately, no time yet to implement TAN support as it's not needed for my accounts. If you want, please join our Telegram group to help out:

Alex's picture

Hey @WerkWolf,
I just bought a license key and I am unable to log into my bank account now, even though this worked some months ago.
I am receiving the following error:
'No accounts found! Please check your credentials and if they are not locked. (Error code: internal)'

WerkWolf's picture

Mid September some new regulations related to PSD2 came into effect which caused Zaster to cease working. Update is in progress, until then I need to ask you to stay tuned. See also the comment in the description:

"IMPORTANT: Due to the new PSD2 regulatations it might be possible that signing in to your account is currently not possible. Testing wasn't possible before, but now as the final behavior is online, an update can be worked on. Stay tuned!"

Alex's picture

Thanks for the update, v0.4 is working now. :)

csg1976's picture

Defunct as of Sep 14th due to new EU payment directive.

BonoNL's picture

Love the idea of this app, but unfortunately dutch banks don't support the api.

objectifnul's picture

Okay. So not for Belgian banks.

objectifnul's picture

Is there a way of checking the compatibility with a specific bank before purchasing a contribution key? Or a list of certified compatible banks?

WerkWolf's picture

Of course. Simply install it and see if your bank works with it - there is a 14 days trial period as for all apps by WerkWolf. One disclaimer though: Only German banks with FinTS/HBCI support will work...

nobodyinperson's picture

Very nice and clean app.

bomo's picture

With v0.2: How to switch between the different accounts on the main pager and after having logged in into the first account?

WerkWolf's picture

You need to open "Settings" via the pulley menu. Improvements to that behavior will come in a later version.

oldsoccer's picture

Thanks. I'll checked the folder harbour-zaster doesn't exit under the folder .config in my case

oldsoccer's picture

I also delete the app and delete all files which I could find with the name zaster. After the new install it goes after I accept right away to the authentication page without the possibility to select my bank. Thanks

oldsoccer's picture

Thanks for your answer, but this directory does not exists on my device. Is there some other file i can delete

Kelmi's picture

File what you are going to delete is hidden file (if first character is "." it's always hidden), you can't see it via filemanager unless you go filemanager settings and enable "hidden files and folders". Also if you want do same via cli/terminal basic "ls" command not shows these hidden files/folders, you must use "ls -a" command to see them. You do not need root priviledges to remove this .config file.