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Note: The quota issue should now be fixed. Thanks a lot for help, tworaz!

Note: I will soon update the Jolla Store release of YTPlayer, so please report any issues as soon as possible!

YTPlayer is an unofficial YouTube client for SailfishOS.

This version is a fork of YTPlayer by osetr, which is a fork of YTPlayer by tworaz.

The current version is mostly just an updated build with current youtube-dl, but there are important performance fixes and many layout adjustements, too.

Source code is available at GitHub. Pull requests and translations are welcome!

Application versions: 
File harbour-ytplayer-0.6.7-1.armv7hl.rpm273.1 KB24/05/2019 - 22:03
File harbour-ytplayer-0.6.7-1.i486.rpm294.6 KB24/05/2019 - 22:03


  • Update German translation
  • Fix category cover page background


  • Improve dark theme support
  • Fix version number on About page
  • Restore logo in various pages
  • Adjust main menu list item size
  • Adjust video list item size
  • Update Swedish translation


  • Added youtube-dl update functionality in Settings
  • Added auto-updating youtube-dl, if it is missing
  • Not bundling youtube-dl anymore
  • Fix for light theme cover
  • Compiled using Sailfish Application SDK 2.1 (
  • Changelog added


  • Fix quota issue (thanks for help, tworaz!)
  • Re-uploaded correct armv7hl build


  • Compile using Sailfish Application SDK 2.1 EA (3.0.3)
  • Update youtube-dl


  • Compile fixes
  • Enable youtube-dl lazy extractors
  • Add channel icon to search results for channels
  • Main menu, Categories list, Video list layout fixes
  • About, Translations and License layout fixes
  • About page credits updated


  • Update youtube-dl to 2019.02.09
  • Fix translations
  • Performance fixes
  • Tons of compile- and project-related fixes


direc85's picture

Actually the icon was only partially in SVG format, so I'm considering the old logo for the Store release.

direc85's picture

Thanks for commenting.

This indeed seems to be a trend. If it doesn't turn out hideous - it shouldn't - I'll update the icon color in the next release, which should land in Jolla Store, too.

Skillmon's picture

Thank you very much for your answer (and all the work you're putting into this!). Sorry that it took me this long to finally notice your comments. Again, thank you very much!

carmenfdezb's picture

Thanks for the update, it works perfect now

Shervrar's picture

Going on 'subscriptions' lists the channels I am subscribed to, but selecting 'latest videos' shows some random videos from channels I definitely didn't subscribe to. Any Idea how I can see my subscription feed?

direc85's picture

I *think* it shows the latest uploads in general, not your subscriptions' latest videos. I'll check the API if it provides anything useful...

Shervrar's picture

Not sure how good this would be, but if the API does not provide a way to see subscription videos anymore there is another way: RSS.

Users can export a opml file from I guess you could make users be able to import their opml file to show subscriptions?

That would admittedly raise the complexity of the program though.


Also, would it be possible to make the app open videos it got as an argument? I was considering just using an external RSS app as a workaround and opening youtube links with harbour-ytplayer, but `harbor-ytplayer` does not cause the video to open in the app.

akikk88's picture

I restart phone and now works :) thanks man

direc85's picture

Good to hear!

direc85's picture

Strange, I had no issues. I'll check it out tomorrow. I'm away until then.

akikk88's picture

I install again and now app don't open

direc85's picture

Whoops! I uploaded a wrong 0.6.2-1 build for armv7hl by accident, so please uninstall and install it again.

Sorry for the mixup!

akikk88's picture

Ok, thanks

akikk88's picture

1080p playback support?

direc85's picture

This has been on my mind, too. I'll see what I can do, once the current situation gets a bit more stable.

direc85's picture

I have a method for updating youtube-dl automatically, and it is high on my todo list. The quota issue comes first, though...

mugshot's picture

Nice! Thanks for the effort on maintaining the app, much appreciated! :)

mugshot's picture

Same issue. After updating, the app doesn't work. I'm back to using the Store version with manually updated youtube-dl, seems to work so far.

Could you check Vodman, and maybe implement an internal yt-dl update as the app itself works quite nicely? It's just the yt-dl that's the bottle neck here.

Bocephus's picture

Nothing works even with the latest update; log shows constant API quota errors. All pages are blank, including favorites and history. I'm not going to bother with this since Youtube works just fine in the stock browser.

direc85's picture

Sorry for the delays, I've been occupied by other things... Again, thanks for the feedback! I'll update youtube-dl and push the update soon!

direc85's picture

A quick note about the size increase: youtube-dl has grown that much since last update.

RodSeq's picture

Thanks for your indication, works again like a charm: Great App !

kuba77's picture

Via terminal:

curl -L -o /usr/share/harbour-ytplayer/bin/youtube-dl

chmod a+rx /usr/share/harbour-ytplayer/bin/youtube-dl

carmenfdezb's picture

Thanks!! I can watch all videos since I updated youtube-dl

akikk88's picture

How update youtube-dl?

kuba77's picture

It plays at least videos from favorites after download the latest youtube-dl.

carmenfdezb's picture

Is there any issue? It was working fine, but today it doesn't load any videos and categories are empty :/

direc85's picture

Using your own API keys would be great. I'll look into it! Thanks for the tip!

247's picture

Just noticed i can't subscribe to channels with the app, if i click on subscribe just nothing happens

Shervrar's picture

Right now it's not showing anything . Consider adding a way for us to use our own api keys (i think that's possible right ) please :)