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Morsender is SailfishOS client for libpurple. There is tons of missing functionality so its highly WIP but usable. Accounts creation is slightly faulty but you can (and better do if something is not working) just create accounts in pidgin and copy .purple folder. Do not bug me about plugin error only morsender itself errors. Also dont bug me about missing features its WIP. Just use it if you want if not then don't its not like i made that for you. Also if somebody would be interested in helping ill be welcome as its not small project.

There are also Facebook and Telegram plugins:



Application versions: 
File morsender-0.4.0master.20180808172652.38f4bb4-1.23.1.armv7hl.rpm375.92 KB21/08/2018 - 18:05



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First: what is the error message ?

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I cannot install this app. Total noob, first time using sailfish. Can you please explain what should I do? Thanks

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Hi. Unfortunately, telegram doesn't come up as an option when added. The purple plugin doesn't appear to work for pidgin on ubuntu either!

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This is not related to this app. third party plugins questions should be asked in its pages or if you have problem with plugin ask author not me im not an author.

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Can finally use Facebook Messenger on Sailfish again! As suggested I copied the .purple/accounts.xml from a Pidgin install and it's all working great.

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Glad you got it and like it!

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Is facebook account supported? If yes which plugin i should use to login?

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Ill add it to openrepos later im quite busy