Telegram plugin for liburple (Morsender)

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Telegram protocol plugin for libpurple created by i just built it for sailfishos. libgcrypt20 and libwebp6 are also needed but they should be pick up. Its working with Morsender so if you have any problems with this plugin:
1. Its not Morsender fault
2. Its not my fault as i dont maintain it
3. i dont care you can open issue in the author thread

!IMPORTANT! Enable fallback sms otherwise you will not be able to type code. Name is your number with +XX at the beginning. After adding account app will freeze its normal (not Morsender fault but telegram plugin) and after freeze you'll (hopefully) see Telegram at the buddy list (main screen). then you type your code in it and bum! it should work.


Application versions: 
File libpurple-plugin-telegram-1.0-1.4.3.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm343.53 KB02/12/2018 - 22:37



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Guys i'm sorry i didn't realise :D 

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Unfortunately this package installs the facebook plugin. Could you add the telegram plugin? Would be very nice :)

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Hi all, there is no plugin version available?

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Sure i could update it but dunno if there is point in it atm. i doubt very much changed

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On the repo the libpurple file is for facebook and not telegram. Is the same plugin used for both messengers?