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OKBoard (a.k.a. Magic Keyboard) is a gesture based keyboard that allow single stroke typing. Usage is explained in this video. English, French and Dutch are supported without the need for additional packages, other language resources are available in separate packages, e.g. for Swedish (okb-lang-sv). It should work on any Sailfish phone with screen size from 4.5" to 5".

Do not use other third party keyboards at the same time (unless they are just simple layouts for new languages).

Source code: http://git.tuxfamily.org/okboard/okb-engine.git/ and http://git.tuxfamily.org/okboard/okb-keyboard.git/. Instructions for adding new languages are included in README.md files (latin alphabet only at the moment)

If you get an error message about missing dbus-python rpm file when installing, just run "pkcon refresh" as root and try again.



Application versions: 
File okboard-full-0.6.9-1.armv7hl.rpm10.51 MB26/02/2017 - 22:20
File okboard-full-0.6.15-1.armv7hl.rpm10.54 MB10/05/2018 - 17:33
File okboard-full-0.6.16-1.armv7hl.rpm10.54 MB06/09/2018 - 20:22
File okboard-full-0.6.17-1.armv7hl.rpm10.54 MB18/11/2018 - 21:18

0.6.17: Fix for SFOS 3.0 & for sound issue. This version is for SFOS 3 only. If you have an older version stay with 0.6.16 at the moment.

0.6.16: fix for SFOS 2.2.1 Nurmonjoki ... Thanks ade for the fix.

0.6.15: bug fixes

  • Fix for words that become impossible to type and to re-learn
  • Upgrading issue (keyboard would not appear after an upgrade)

Do not use the 0.6.11/12 that were temporarily published


0.6.9: support for devices other than Jolla phone: This is still unfinished / unstable, but i'm spreading it in order to get some feedback. Only tested on Nexus 5 so YMMV on other devices. Older language files can still be used. No change is expected on Jolla1 phone.

New features (cf. prefs app): WPM speed meter & logs sending form


skyjumper's picture

Does the app crash for other ppl randomly? I will go to a text entry screen and will be back at the regular individual key instead of swipe. I have to restart the app.

djamigo2001's picture

Thanks eber42.

skyjumper's picture

Thanks for the 0.6.15 upgrade as I too was wondering why the keyboard wasn't coming up. I cna't live without swype now!

HackTheFish's picture

Wonderful, it works!!! Thank you so much! Donation possible?

djamigo2001's picture

Many thanks, this is a great addon for SailfishOS.

Does it transmit logs / data to any server ? I ask because many of the other os swipe keyboards do this.

eber42's picture

OKboard does not send any information outside of your device (except if you hit the "Send logs by e-mail" button, obviously). This can be checked as OKboard is 100% open source.



Orologiaio's picture

I can't install the latest version ok OKBoard (latest official SFOS on Xperia X). How can I help to debug this issue?

eber42's picture

Thanks for your feedback. Installation/upgrade issues should now (hopefully) be fixed with the last release (0.6.15)

ferlanero's picture

Yes! Now everything works with 0.6.15 on Sailfish X. Thank you very much!!

Orologiaio's picture

Still doesn't work for me! I even downloaded the rpm directly. If I can do something to help you track the issue, let me know.

eber42's picture

It would be really helpfull if you could send me a bug report (device and os version used, what are the symptons, etc.). You can use the e-mail address shown in the OKBoard settings application. Thanks.

HackTheFish's picture

Sorry, German language don't work with Jolla 1. The Keyboard freeze and nothing works.

Olsen's picture

I had the same problem. Then I uninstalled the German language package and OKBoard itself and installed both again afterwards. Now it runs again.

ferlanero's picture

After some testings, version 0.6.11 has lots of bugs using Spanish okboard dictionary where 0.6.9 version worked perfect. Errors like this while swapping words: el Eǹ

ferlanero's picture

This kind of errors become OKBoard almost unusable with the Spanish language

eber42's picture

OK, problem reproduced here, expect a fix soon. And in the meantime do not use the 0.6.11 version (I have removed it from the download area)

ferlanero's picture

Thanks for all of your work! I love this swappable keyboard! If you need more testing, please, let me know.

TamarindoJuice's picture

Not, i don't, i really liked it.

ferlanero's picture

It seems not to work on Sailfish X Okboard simply doesn't appear

eber42's picture

It works for me with official on Xperia X.
Please could you run:
killall maliit-server ; maliit-server 2>&1 | tee /tmp/okboard.log
and send me the okboard.log file
(I can't add error management for this part as maliit-server is managed by the OS)

Maybe that is the old bug that require a uninstall/reinstall of Okboard (unfortunately this one will not be fixed until I can reproduce it or gain physical access to a device with the issue)

ferlanero's picture

Hi! I just have uninstalled and deleted all files related with OKBoard and then reinstalled it from scratch and the app works again as intended. I can't send you any log because I already have reinstalled it before reading your comment.

cvp's picture

Jap, i uninstall okboard + german pack, and reibstall it. After then it works. Can confirm that. Thanks for the update :)

TamarindoJuice's picture

Great wallpaper, can you share it?

eber42's picture

I have found it there, but unfortunately the link seem broken and it was a SFOS 1 ambiance only anyway.
(Are you making fun of me ?)

claustn's picture

Is it possible to add custom "words"? With the original Swype keyboard (like on N9) I could insert easily simbols like ! ? and even simple smiles like :) swyping on the part of keyboard which has those symbols behind.

eber42's picture

You can already add words if they are composed of letters (just type them once) and you'll be able to swipe them a couple of minutes later.

If you want to add words with other symbols, you could add a word in the file ~/.local/share/okboard/<language>-user.txt.

For exemple if you add the line:
TL/DR tldr 1 1
would make "TL/DR" appears if you swipe the letters "tldr"

(this is completely unsupported so it may not work as intended)

codecivil's picture

Installed 0.6.9-1 on Moto G falcon (XT1032), SF with german language file by mautz. Works like a charm!

cizi's picture

hello  guys, please can you give me a hint how to do a own dictionary? I can't  find the instruction anywhere :-(.. I have text file where is on each line ontal lines in  the file  is  160000.Many thanks

gembiak's picture

Is there a Polish language file available? And where can you download it?

vansid's picture

Wow, this works really well on the new Xperia - great job!  The only issue that I've seen is that it sometimes doesn't capitalize words even when the Shift is active.