Patch: Launcher combined patch

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Combined patch for homescreen launcher.

Patch only for SailfishOS v2.0.2.43 and newer
Fits both phone and tablet.

This patch is incompatible with other launcher patches like Launcher background transparency, etc. and you need to unapply them before using this patch.


  • adding 4 icons style for folder
  • improves folder view by extending it size, moving drop area to header, converting whole view to attached page
  • contains settings applet to change rows and columns count, font and icons size change, text visibility in edit mode, disabling pager scrolling, background opacity and system themed background, 

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Updated for SailfishOS 2.0.2.x


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Where has coderus gone..?? None of his patches/apps have received any updated since long. Can anyone else takeover his patches...?? Seems like he is out of business.

Bowmore's picture

It doesn't work anymore :(

Jolla 1 -

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Hi Coderus. This patch stopped working since upgrade to 2.1.3 launcher is so ugly without this patch, can you please provide us with a fix. Thanks so much in advance

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Thanks for @qeef 's link, it works on Sailfish X now. And thanks for the extremely great patch.

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please share the link @Universebenzene

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please share the link @Universebenzene

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Any solution for zypper ref and zypper dup not help, patch not activate in patchmanager.

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I miss this great patch in SailfishX very much and hope for an update.

Thanks Ronny

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Hi. Great patch. I do not understand why thinks like this are not the components of SailfishOS itself. Anyway, it stopped working with the last  SailfishX upgrade. The solution greatly appreticiated. Hope that it would not be much complicate. Thanks!

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Coderus, you rule! Please make us happy again with this patch for SailfishX.

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Another vote for Sailfish X compability!

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Please add icons from Shturman's additional folder icons patch

breiti_oi's picture

Yes please,
Xperia compatibility and webkatalog integration would be great. :)

jayki's picture

Please Update for using with Xperia :)

Jessica_0rchid's picture

Всего Вам самого светлого, вы не думали добавить опцию *empty folder name* как в патче MoreFoldersIcon ? Патчи между собой не совместимы...посоветуйте что нибудь.

shults's picture

After update and applying the patch the homescreen and launcher are empty and no ap is shown. I can still see the events from and the ambience switcher. I connected via SSH. How can I remove the patch? Please help!

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Good thing I read your comment! I was just about to reinstall this essential patch after upgrading to, but now I'll hold off and hope for an update. Sorry about what happened to you, but at least your warning will help others...

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Can we please get an option to have the old folder behaviour back? ;)

coderus's picture

no you cant

gaelic's picture

Thx. Works like acharme with 2.0.3

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Hey coderus ! Will you update it for new versions ?

gaelic's picture

Any chance for an update for 2.0.2 or 2.0.3 ?

sfbsfb's picture

New one works fine here.


did you check for incompatible patches?


Thank you so much for the update.


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It's working now. The problem was with version update. I remove the patch and resinstall it. :)

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New version ( installation failed!!!

coderus's picture

new version works only on 2.0.1.x

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What is the latest patch version for SFOS ? Need it for the Nexus 5 port.

coderus's picture

0.2.9 as far i remember.

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