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All the good filesystems Jolla Oy missed!

For Intex Aqua Phone and Jolla C (Kernel 3.10.49+ / SfOS (Aurajoki)) only!

This package adds support for the following filesystems:

  • F2FS (Make sure to also install f2fs-utils)
  • ExFAT (Make sure to also install exfat-utils)
  • CIFS (Samba)
  • NFS (client, up to v4.1)

If you need support for another FS feel free to request it.


Question: I want to use one of these filesystems on my SD card, what to do?
Answer: Install V10Filesystems, the utils package of the filesystem you want to use (see links above) and the bleeding edge sd-utils.

Question: Why aren't you making versions for early access releases like you did with the Jolla 1 stuff?
Answer: Cause I own a Intex Aqua Fish, which doesn't have official access to early access releases. Also AFAIK the guy who handled the kernel sources of EA releases to me doesn't work at Jolla Oy anymore.

Question: So when there's a new release, how long does it take till this package updates?
Answer: Normally a new release should happen shortly after Jolla Oy released the sources of the new SfOS version here: http://releases.sailfishos.org/sources/

Question: Why did you deprecate the Jolla 1 stuff? I really want to use ExFAT and/or F2FS with that device.
Answer: Cause my new device is a Intex Aqua Fish and maintaining software for hardware I don't use anymore is a waste of time for me. If you want to overtake maintenance of a specific package just ask me and I'll handle everything over to you.

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Application versions: 
File v10filesystems-0.1-0.armv7hl.rpm2 MB11/10/2016 - 17:51

- First release.


Kelmi's picture

It would be nice if this f2fs will be still under development. I would like to donate for that indeed. Because f2fs is one of the missing Sailfish features.

V10lator's picture

SailfishOS should ship a f2fs module since 2.0.5 (see https://openrepos.net/comment/16587#comment-16587 ). If that's not the case please bug the Jolla guys on IRC as I have no device to develop anymore (but I remember talking to a Jolla employee on IRC who even ask me which version of f2fs would suit my needs).

klampfenfreak's picture

any news about cifs working on sailfish x

bomo's picture

Could you share a build recipe so that other can build it for different versions and devices?

klampfenfreak's picture

provide for version, please.


Thanks a lot!

V10lator's picture

I can't do that untill Jolla Oy uploads the a package for 2.0.4 at http://releases.sailfishos.org/sources/

Anyway, 2.0.5 ships all these modules (except exfat) out of the box, so just update to that: https://together.jolla.com/question/150237/release-notes-205haapajoki-re...

coderus's picture

does every update require recompile modules?

V10lator's picture

@coderus You're talking about SfOS updates? If so (based on my experience with the Jolla 1) : Not every but many. AFAIK (not 100% sure) SfOS 2.0.4 EA got a kernel update, so recompiling will be required.

Is there any module you would need? If enough requests arise I might expand this package to none-FS modules, too. ;)

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me and community want packet mangling for TTL

via https://habrahabr.ru/post/238625/