Bleeding edge sd-utils

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This replaces /usr/sbin/ with a experimental version including these commits:
Adding support for swap space on SD card
Wait for the tracker after we mounted, not before.
Correctly unmount
Remove duplicated code
Enable TRIM on ext4 and btrfs
Remove useless indexing
Add TRIM support for f2fs.
fschk before mounting.
Try to fix exfat support.
Don't flush on exfat.
Mount by label.
Remove swap support if SailfishOS handles it native (>=



Installation failed, why?
To correctly install it you have to uninstall first, then install (see comment #13836 and comment #9665 for more information).

My card won't mount anymore after a update of SailfishOS, what to do?
Reinstall bleeding edge sd-utils (see comment #9665 for more information).

Use at your own risk!

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Application versions: 
File sd-utils- KB28/06/2015 - 13:28
File sd-utils- KB04/07/2015 - 13:40
File sd-utils- KB08/07/2015 - 19:25
File sd-utils- KB08/07/2015 - 19:37
File sd-utils- KB26/09/2015 - 14:55
File sd-utils- KB13/10/2015 - 08:47
File sd-utils- KB08/05/2016 - 19:49
File sd-utils- KB08/05/2016 - 20:26
File sd-utils- KB20/06/2016 - 12:19

- Remove swap support if SailfishOS handles it native (>=


rfa's picture

I'm trying to follow these instruinstructions :

download warehouse
find bleeding edge sd utils

& then my sd permission should work. I think I missed something, my sd appears, but no permission to access /media/sdcard... is still returned

TMavica's picture

after update, it wont work again

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Point 2 of the FAQ:
My card won't mount anymore after a update of SailfishOS, what to do?
Reinstall bleeding edge sd-utils (see comment #9665 for more information).

TMavica's picture

of course I know, bit still same
Reinstall previous version fixed

V10lator's picture

Wait, are you talking about an update of SFOS or this package here?

TMavica's picture

this package here

V10lator's picture

That's strange and it I can't reproduce it.
Is there any output if you execute
/usr/sbin/ add /dev/mmcblk1p1
(change /dev/mmcblk1p1 if needed: /dev/mmcblk is your SD card, p1 is the first partition) with the newest version of this script? Also do you have the file /etc/sailfish-release on your device and does it contain the line

TMavica's picture

1. Nothing show in first command
2. I got this line

TMavica's picture

It seem it cant mount my exfat sdcard now in 2.0.2
uninstall and reinstall nil help, it said unknown filesystem

V10lator's picture

My Jolla 1 is still on, how did you get access to 2.0.2 (do you own a Jolla C) ?

So as our OS versions differ the following is just guessed:
Most likely this package is working as it should but you also need exfat-nofuse and exfat-utils installed. If that doesn't fix your issue exfat-nofuse might need a update. You could check that by enabling developer mode on your SailfishOS device and executing
uname -r
it should show If it shows a higher number either contact me to give me the new number and test a pre-release for me or wait till 2.0.2 is available to early access users so I can test for myself.

//EDIT: If you try to mount exfat manually please try to add
-t exfat
to your mount command.

TMavica's picture

If I manually mount , it said filesystem not support
Mine is
I update to by using ssu re , version --dup

I have tried install exfat fuse , it works only after I create its filesystem
after reboot, it wont mount again, I have labelled it

V10lator's picture

Thanks, investigating.

TMavica's picture

Find me if u want me to test new version

V10lator's picture

Fixed. Please update exfat-nofuse to 1.2.11.

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Installation failed for me (from within Wareshouse) due to:

Status: dep-resolution-failed
Extra details:
There is no update candidate for sd-utils-0.1.0-1.13.1.noarch

V10lator's picture

You might have noticed that it showed as installed while it wasn't (0.1.0-1.13.1 is the version Jolla uses, 0.3-1 is the newest upstream ( ) and is the newest bleeding edge you want to install, see also ). So I guess you tried to "update" which won't always work. To correctly install it you have to uninstall first, then install.

Skillmon's picture

Thank you for the fast reply. Now installation worked just fine!

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If I may, are you the V10lator of Q3arena and QuakeLive?

sorry if you're not!


If you are, I guess we shared a few hundred of frags together :D


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No, that's not me, sorry.

Just for reference, that's me on Steam:

MoritzJT's picture

Does this need updating for SailfishOS

Currently my f2fs partition won't mount, only my SWAP partition.

I have uninstalled the original utils and installed these instead but it won't mount my f2fs one.


V10lator's picture

This doesn't need updating, but f2fs does (read on the description: "Compiled for kernel (SailfishOS -").

Sorry to say but at the time of writing I can't update f2fs to (kernel as Jolla didn't release the kernel sources yet.

//EDIT: Yes, that means I also can't access my SD card atm. :(

MoritzJT's picture

Carsten (stskeeps on irc & elsewhere) offered to pull the kernel sources out if it is urgent, but he also said it might have to be done again then upon the final release. As I have no experience with this I didn't ask him to. Maybe you can be a better judge on the situation and get back to him on IRC


Thanks for the clarification though!

V10lator's picture

Updated f2fs. Have a nice day. :)

MoritzJT's picture

Hey, do you know whether we f2fs needs an update for Jolla C on I can't seem to mount my SD card :-(

uname -r shows: 


V10lator's picture

​As the description of f2fs says it's compiled for kernel and so yes, it would need an update. But even if I would update it for the Jolla C I couldn't test it at all as I don't own the hardware, so I won't make a version for the Jolla C. Sorry about that. :(

eson's picture

There's one thing worrying me. I've never installed this app or even enabled this repository, and yet openrepos app show me the uninstall button when I browse this app on my phone. This seem somehow hazardous to me!

What is it that gets uninstalled if I tap that button?

V10lator's picture

This replaces a system package, so if you tap on uninstall your sd-card won't mount anymore untill you reinstall it (pkcon install sd-utils).

//EDIT: Please note that this isn't the only package acting like this. For example NielDK has a lot of replacement packages in his repo.

eson's picture

Ok, thanks. That's pretty much what I thougt.

I think this needs to be fixed somehow. Sooner or later someone will tap that button, thinking he's got something installed that needs to be uninstalled. ;)

MoritzJT's picture

Will you update this one to work on SailfishOS 2.0?

Currently I cannot install it anymore.

Before the latest update I had an issue with getting my swap partition mounted by this script. It just did not work. The first partition of my sdcard is formatted to f2fs and the second 2GB partition is formatted to swap.

swapon does not list it after a regular boot. I can however mount it manually using this command in my specific setup:

swapon --discard --priority 10 /dev/mmcblk1p2

I assembled this command from your script as this should be what is called upon executing it. It does not work.

I therefore have to do this after each reboot on my own.

Love all the work that went into this by now!


V10lator's picture

It already does work on SFOS 2.0 ( To install it open Warehouse, go to it, then _uninstall_ it and re-install again. For some reason (either openrepos or SFOS change) it just can't update from original to bleeding edge anymore (which will hopefully be obsolete soon anyway as all these changes are in queue for inclusion upstream).

Swap works here, too, this is right after a reboot:
[nemo@Jolla ~]$ devel-su swapon
/dev/mmcblk0p24 partition 508M 0B -1
/dev/zram0 partition 52,6M 3M 100
/dev/zram1 partition 52,6M 3M 100
/dev/mmcblk1p2 partition 1024M 0B 10

So if it's different for you please contact me again so we can figure out what's wrong.