by korppi
  NOTE: sshfs part needs sshfs-fuse Simple SMB/CIFS/NFS/SSHFS mounting gui. Beta so something might not work. Backup part is broken.
All the good filesystems Jolla Oy missed! For Intex Aqua Phone and Jolla C (Kernel 3.10.49+ / SfOS (Aurajoki)) only! This package...
by itsenov
myExplorer allows you to open, copy or move files with WiFi connection between the phone and a PC (XP, Vista, Windows 7/8, Mac OS X or Linux). There...
by NielDK
The cifs-utils provides a means for mounting SMB/CIFS shares on a Linux system. mount.cifs mounts a Linux CIFS filesystem. It is usually invoked...
by olebr
This package allows You to mount windows/samba shares. Cifs-utils is managing the kernels module support for cifs-shares. The package was originally...