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Unfortunately I cannot maintain this fork anymore. I ask the community to commit to further development of YTPlayer.


This is a fork of YTPlayer.

Help to translate YTPlayer to your language!

Application versions: 
File harbour-ytplayer-0.5.8-5.armv7hl.rpm4 MB16/09/2018 - 03:59
File harbour-ytplayer-0.5.8-5.i486.rpm4.01 MB16/09/2018 - 03:59

0.5.8-5 (Unofficial release):

  • Update translations
  • Update youtube-dl to 2018.09.10

0.5.8-4 (Unofficial release):

  • Add Chinese (China), thanks to JIMMY CHEN
  • Update Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Update Chinese (Taiwan)

0.5.8-3 (Unofficial release):

  • Add Chinese (Taiwan) translation, thanks to JIMMY CHEN
  • Update French (France) translation
  • Update names and ordering of languages
  • Update youtube-dl to 2018.03.03

0.5.8-1 (Unofficial release):

  • Update translations
  • Build youtube-dl with lazy extractors
  • Update youtube-dl to 2018.02.11

0.5.7-6 (Unofficial release):

  • Update French (France) translation

0.5.7-5 (Unofficial release):

  • Finish Portuguese (Brazil) translation
  • Update Dutch (Netherlands) translation

0.5.7-4 (Unofficial release):

  • Update Hungarian translation
  • Add Portuguese (Brazil) translation (partial finished)

0.5.7-3 (Unofficial release):

  • Finish Hungarian translation

0.5.7-2 (Unofficial release):

  • Add Hungarian translation (partial finished)
  • Add Japanese translation (partial finished)
  • Update other translations
  • Update youtube-dl to 2018.01.07

0.5.6-5 (Unofficial release):

  • Update Greek translation

0.5.6-4 (Unofficial release):

  • Add Greek (partial finished)
  • Add Turkish (partial finished)
  • Update other translations
  • Update youtube-dl to 2017.09.11

0.5.6-3 (Unofficial release):

  • Enable Suomi translation
  • Update youtube-dl to 2017.08.27.1

0.5.6-2 (Unofficial release):

  • Revert youtube-dl extractors

0.5.6-1 (Unofficial release):

  • Update youtube-dl to 2017.06.23
  • Add Finnish translation from the Transifex
  • Fix subscribe/unsibscribe button
  • Disable youtube-dl extractors other than youtube to reduce package file size

0.5.5-1 (Unofficial release):

  • Update youtube-dl to 2017.05.26
  • Open Youtube links from the video overview page with the application

0.5.4-6 (Unofficial release):

0.5.4-5 (Unofficial release):

  • Update YouTubeDL to 2017.04.14
  • Build with the latest SDK version

0.5.4-2 (Unofficial release):

  • Update YouTubeDL to 2016.05.10


  • Update YouTubeDL to 2015.12.09


  • Update YoutubeDL to version 2015.11.15
  • Add Polish translation


osetr's picture

Honestly I don't know. I didn't study sources in details. I could try to implement IFrame player which should solve many issues if I have time. But I don't know how good the performance would be.

247's picture

Would it be nice to have the no stream error fixed...or is it just impossible?

osetr's picture

As I know YouTube does not have a native API for platforms other than Android. So it's not possible just show a Youtube video with a native player. Possible solutions are to embed an IFrame YouTube player into a webview or to use youtube-dl to search for streams. YTPlayes uses youtube-dl.

akikk69's picture

But if i get finnish support, it's fine to me :)

akikk69's picture

Last videos of my subsciptions channels.

akikk69's picture

If i go subscriptions and there last videos, there it's show me wrong videos. I mean can that show same way like android youtube player.

osetr's picture
akikk69's picture

Can you fix subscribe/unsibscribe button, or is it hard? Sorry my bad english i'm finnish dude :D

osetr's picture

I thought I've already fixed it( Can you describe your issue more detailed?

English is not my native language too))

akikk69's picture

Ok! Thank you very match :)

akikk69's picture

Can you enabled that any soon? :)

osetr's picture

Of course! I'll do it today. I've also asked tworaz to give me rights to manage the translations.

akikk69's picture

I have versio 0.5.6-2 and no finnish support. Can you give that plz? :)

osetr's picture

Oh, I've added the Finnish translation file but forgotten to enable it.

akikk69's picture

Coming updates? Finnish support plz. :)

osetr's picture

Coming updates?

What kind of updates do you want to see?))

Finnish support plz.

Finnish is already here. Doesn't it work?

florifreeman's picture

720p Videos stuttering in Jolla Phone

Ancelad's picture

I don't have any problems with 720p videos (Jolla C SFOS Is it possible to add streams watching feature?

Ingvix's picture

I'd love to have live streams supported too.

Caballlero's picture

I upgraded to harbour-ytplayer-0.5.6-1 then not work any more. "MessageError: [ Can not get stream to reproduce ]" Also can you give a little more buffers..i have an issue to reproduce 720p too.

thanks ...

osetr's picture

Did you upgrade from a version from the OpenRepos or the Harbour?

Caballlero's picture

I use Warehouse. version  0.5.5-1 worked to me, but current version not work, maybe something it wrong related to   [ Disable youtube-dl extractors other than youtube to reduce package file size ]

osetr's picture

I admit that I have badly tested that update. I revert changes to youtube-dl extractors and published a new version. Please update and give your feedback if it works.

Caballlero's picture

Yes ,now it is work with the new release . Only i have problem to reproduce videos 720p, this problem has been in effect since the first version. Give more buffer time, I think it would solve


olf's picture

Are you sure the your network setup suffices videos in 720p (WRT bandwidth *and* jitter), e.g. do other Players (on your SFOS device, e.g. with LLs vPlayer, and / or other devices / video players) in the same WLAN display 720p videos from YouTube without stuttering?
I have also seen this issue, but only occasionally, when WLAN reception was weak.

Caballlero's picture

well, i have 20gb in bandwidth, i dont have problem to reproduce 720p in the fresh release webcat browser, or LLs vPlayer. i suspect that the buffer time in YTplayer it too short.

osetr's picture

I also have problems with 720p videos, but I don't know how to increase qml MediaPlayer buffer size. I need time or someone's help to figure it out.

mr_Upolo's picture

Would it possible to watch Subscriptions page with all recently video like in the android YT app?

Caballlero's picture

OK, must be somewhere the file. I will check & testing too.

paolomi's picture

it works! :) many thanks! :)