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Piepmatz is a Twitter client for Sailfish OS

Welcome to Piepmatz - the new Twitter client for Sailfish OS!

Already now, it supports many features which you need in your daily Twitter life:

  • Personal Timeline
  • Mentions
  • Search (for tweets and users)
  • Profile Pages
  • Complete display of extended tweets
  • Embedded tweets
  • Inline display of pictures
  • Multi-picture support, incl. pinch-to-zoom
  • Embedded video/animated GIF playback
  • Link preview powered by Open Graph (e.g. for Instagram, Facebook, news sites etc.)
  • Retweet/In Reply to information on top of tweet
  • Favorites/Retweet count with every tweet
  • Favorite/retweet directly from your timeline
  • Reply to other tweets
  • Follow/unfollow people
  • Attach images/videos to tweets
  • Open tweet in browser
  • Direct messages (up to 10.000 characters)
  • List of followers/following accounts in profile page
  • System notifications for new messages and mentions
  • Details view for tweet
  • @-mentioning support in new tweets
  • Geocode your tweets
  • Show trending topics in your area
  • A lot of eye-candy

Development is still in progress, so please expect some glitches here or there. There are already some known issues for this version such as

  • If you favorite or retweet a tweet, scroll down or up and return later to the tweet, the favorite/retweet indicator will be reset. You need to refresh the timeline to get a proper status then.
  • The application is generally not optimized for bigger screens yet, but runs fairly well on the Jolla Tablet for example :)

Many other features are in the pipeline, so ensure to have always the latest update installed. Next versions will include:

  • Caching of timeline/notifications etc.
  • Use embedded web viewer for links
  • Custom filters on timeline
  • ...and many more...

In case you want to support the future development of Piepmatz, you don't need to donate anything. Please send me a picture postcard to my physical address from your home town/area/country instead! You can find the contact details on http://ygriega.de/y/index.php?/pages/impressum.html underneath "Adresse". 

Moreover, I always appreciate feedback (good, bad, improvement/feature ideas etc.) about Piepmatz. However, please give me some time to reply. I have a 40+ hours/week day job and a private life. 

Additionally, if you're a native speaker in a language which is currently not supported, translations are always welcome. Please check out https://www.transifex.com/wunderfitz/piepmatz/. You can find the sources on GitHub at https://github.com/Wunderfitz/harbour-piepmatz. Please acknowledge the GNU GPLv3 before contributing/forking. Thanks to all new and especially to the existing contributors!

Application versions: 
harbour-piepmatz-0.1-19.armv7hl.rpm253.8 KB02/04/2017 - 19:12
harbour-piepmatz-0.1-19.i486.rpm269.46 KB02/04/2017 - 19:12
harbour-piepmatz-0.1.1-2.armv7hl.rpm259.45 KB08/04/2017 - 17:29
harbour-piepmatz-0.1.1-2.i486.rpm274.84 KB08/04/2017 - 17:29
harbour-piepmatz-0.2-5.armv7hl.rpm278.9 KB03/05/2017 - 23:56
harbour-piepmatz-0.2-5.i486.rpm297.32 KB03/05/2017 - 23:56
harbour-piepmatz-0.2.1-4.i486.rpm300.26 KB08/05/2017 - 21:04
harbour-piepmatz-0.2.1-4.armv7hl.rpm282 KB08/05/2017 - 21:04
harbour-piepmatz-0.3-8.armv7hl.rpm305.79 KB21/05/2017 - 18:37
harbour-piepmatz-0.3-8.i486.rpm326.88 KB21/05/2017 - 18:37
harbour-piepmatz-0.4-3.armv7hl.rpm311.06 KB10/06/2017 - 16:53
harbour-piepmatz-0.4-3.i486.rpm332.2 KB10/06/2017 - 16:53
harbour-piepmatz-0.4.280-1.i486.rpm305.55 KB08/11/2017 - 22:38
harbour-piepmatz-0.4.280-1.armv7hl.rpm288.97 KB08/11/2017 - 22:38
harbour-piepmatz-0.5-19.armv7hl.rpm336.86 KB21/11/2017 - 23:53
harbour-piepmatz-0.5-19.i486.rpm356.47 KB21/11/2017 - 23:53

- Show user's favorites in profile
- Standalone tweet page incl. geotagging information
- New picture slideshow
- @-mentioning support during tweet creation
- Local trends (see popular hash tags and keywords from your area in search)
- Copy tweet/user URL to clipboard
- Geotagging for tweets (needs to be enabled in your Twitter privacy settings at https://twitter.com/settings/safety)
- A lot of bugfixes
- Probably a lot of new bugs

- Use 280 characters for a tweet
- Bugfix: Bottom push-up menu can't scroll infinitely anymore

- Retweet with comment
- Load more tweets in timeline
- Improved video playback (now with remaining time)
- Better link preview
- Bugfix: Crash/Freeze on scrolling
- Bugfix: Error loading direct messages with suspended user

- Search for users
- Display user lists for followers & following
- Direct messages (up to 10.000 characters)
- System notifications for new messages and mentions

- Find images in Pictures folder on SD card
- Added Swedish translation (thanks to Åke Engelbrektson)
- Updated Japanese translation

- Pinch-to-zoom for images
- Attach up to 4 images to a tweet
- Link preview powered by Open Graph (for Instagram, Facebook, news sites etc.)
- Open tweet in browser
- Translations for Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish. Thanks to all contributors, listed in the README

- Added translations for Dutch, French, Russian and Spanish. Thanks to d9h02f, Sagittarii, Oleg Urzhumtcev and Carmen F. B.
- Cover action for reloading now also updates notifications
- Fixed loading indicator for notifications, terms of use and privacy statement
- Fixed blank timeline after loading error

- Initial public release


objectifnul's picture

Great job.

<neversatisfied mode ON>

Wish list: Mastodon capability (see https://github.com/tootsuite/documentation/blob/master/Using-the-API/API.md)

<neversatisfied mode OFF>

Ygriega's picture

Thanks. And yes, I know that Mastodon is the new trending platform and that it has a nice API. I've received quite some requests to support it as well.

However, I have to admit that it's not on my priority list. First I would like to get some additional Twitter features into Piepmatz and second I have some other app projects in my mind which would come before Mastodon.

From my side I only see a chance of Mastodon support this year if Twitter stops their API support, if there is a huge shift in the userbase from Twitter to Mastodon so that I personally would have the urge to move as well or if there is suddenly a huge opportunity in earning money if I wrote a Mastodon client. All these events are possible, but highly unlikely. ;)

So I have to say sorry for now (but times may change). However, maybe somebody else starts an initiative. Moreover, Qt/SFOS development is not as hard as it may look like. Would be great to see more people start developing... I started last year as well because I was missing a decent dictionary application. ;)

flanker's picture

I've got ported Oneplus X. I used Sailfish now I've upraged 2.1 version.

Suddenly, I can't click on any link. Clicking on link do nothing. Link doesn't open in Piepmatz nor external browser.

I'm not sure but I have this problem since Piepmatz version 0.2-5, no relation to Sailfish version.

Did anybody find out same issiu?

Ygriega's picture

I've got such reports several times already - in all cases the root cause was that users played with the settings for their default browser. Maybe https://openrepos.net/content/llelectronics/mimer is an option for you to reset the setting if you've not already used it.

flanker's picture

Thanks for reply. I tried adviced Mimer. It helped, now I can at least open Piepmatz links in native browser.

As root I didn't do any related changes (sometimes I only install apps localy ...). It's strange what could change.


objectifnul's picture

Hi. Every time I load my TL, an error message appears (too briefly to copy it), beginning with "error tranferring https://api..." and finishing with "...server replied: Forbidden"

Ygriega's picture

Sounds strange. Maybe try to re-initialize the app. Please delete /home/nemo/.config/harbour-piepmatz and restart the app. Then you need to authenticate with Twitter again.

objectifnul's picture

Already done before. Error still showing up. Private messages not shown.

Ygriega's picture

Previously, you mentioned your TL, now you say that the private messages are not shown. So don't you see any of both or are just the direct messages missing?

In any case, it would be better to continue the bug hunting either on GitHub (as new issue) or via e-mail. No matter what you choose, please give me as much information as possible: Which parts of the app are not working? Can you see the exact URL of the error message (the part before the .json is important)? Which device, OS version?

objectifnul's picture

Okay, will try to do so. Uneasy, as the error is only displayed less than half a second. Didn't find any log file to track it. Device is Jolla phone, running Iijoki.

Ygriega's picture

Well, you should at least be able to answer which parts of the app are not working - or which information is not displayed. ;) Moreover, if you launch /usr/bin/harbour-piepmatz from the Terminal (Developer Mode required), you'll also see all the errors there...

objectifnul's picture

Email sent with details.

EDIT: Issue solved with v0.3.1

Ygriega's picture

To explain a bit: If you have direct messages in the last 30 days that were sent by a nowadays suspended user, you get this error message and no DMs are displayed. I have a hotfix for this issue available, which will be included in the next release 0.3.1. In case somebody of you experiences the same issue, please let me know, I'll send you a preliminary build as I did for objectifnul.

ferlanero's picture

Wow! What an incredible work you have made with Piepmatz! Thank you very much for this gold-piece. If you admit sugestions, it would be great if Piepmatz could support timeline auto update ;)


Ygriega's picture

Thank you very much for this nice feedback! Of course, suggestions are always welcome. Timeline auto-update will come after the keep-list-position-after-update works smoothly. There is already a preliminary solution to this in 0.2, but maybe it needs some refinement. :)

TMavica's picture

unable to choose the picture from sdcard?

Ygriega's picture

So far, Piepmatz only scans the default Pictures path and all subfolders. This path is set by the operating system, so I wonder why Jolla doesn't change it when you change the respective Camera setting. Details here: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qstandardpaths.html

If I were allowed to access the Gallery's tracker/index data, life would be much easier. But as far as I know, there is no official/Harbour-approved API for this... If anybody knows something, please let me know!

TMavica's picture

I cant refresh my tweet either in background cover or inside apps, it said network unavailable

I need to close and relaunch to work


Ygriega's picture

Is this still reproducible or was this a one-time issue? If it is, please send me an e-mail with details about used device, OS version and used network...

TMavica's picture

JollaC, version

It seem happened when it is idle long time or maybe I switched the network from mobile internet to wifi, or maybe I lost connection, it reconnected, dont know which situation it happen, should be either of them


RouvMU's picture

I've been waiting for a long time for an updated twitter app like yours :) Very nice! Will it be possible to see group (direct) messages? Or is that an api limitation? Thank you!

Ygriega's picture

Unfortunately, Twitter has decided to support personal direct messages only - currently no support for group chats is being planned. See also https://twittercommunity.com/t/group-dm-support-via-the-apis/31266

So I'm sorry to tell you that Piepmatz will only support personal direct messages in the near future...

fr0zi's picture

Awesome! :) I can't wait for Direct Messages :)

richdb's picture


ferlanero's picture

Wow! Incredible work! Only a few minutes using this app and I already love it! Keep the good work and thank you very much for your efforts! :D

hoodlum's picture


Sailbook's picture

Nice work thanks for it !