by pichlo
A Patchmanager patch to show the month, year and days of the week heading in Calendar. Because they both patch the same file at the same place, this...
This patch disables swiping from left when Android app is running. This way the apps own menu can be accessed easily. Without the this patch it could...
*** NOT REQUIRED SINCE SFOS v2.0.  NOT MAINTAINED *** This patch will change the Clock week start day to Sunday for Alarms.
by nodevel
Patch that enhances cover actions of the new Sailfish Weather app, to closely resemble the Meecast application. If there is just one location added,...
by coderus
Simple patch adding glass avatar to conversation background. You might need to killall jolla-messages after appying this patch. Github: https://...
Doesn't work properly after OS, i'm no longer mantaining this patch.   Create a wall clock accessible from the Jolla Clock, clicking on the...
by nickcis
Patch for sending messages with the enter key (for the jolla-messages app). Github:
by vasvlad
Patch: MeeCast on LockScreen Patch working only on Vaarainjärvi (u10) release I didn't found any problems using this patch, but it still at your own...
Doesn't work on 1.1.9, i'm not going to release an update since battery is natively visible in the lock screen since this update.   This patch...
by muppis
Adds a timestamps for calllog yesterday and older entries. Remember use Patchmanager Restart preloaded services -selection from menu or reboot the...
This is a set of base patches for patchmanager. Provides some nice patches like Enhanced video player for Gallery Vibrate when phone call is...
USE FOR YOUR OWN RISK. Still BETA. NOTE: It's recommended to unapply patches and uninstall the previous version before updating. Need patchmanager....
This patch is now part of the Sailfishos patches (advanced) package. If you still have problems uninstalling, run this command: rpm -e --noscripts...
by nodevel
Patch that disables the audio level warning required by EU legislature. Requires Patchmanager. See patchmanager for more information about patching.