Patch: CallLog timestamps for yesterday and older entries

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Adds a timestamps for calllog yesterday and older entries.

Remember use Patchmanager Restart preloaded services -selection from menu or reboot the phone to make this patch effective.

When upgrading to Yliaavanlampi ( you need to reapply this. 

You can unapply before upgrade or just unapply/apply afterwards. In every unapply/apply change services must be restarted to make it effective.

Application versions: 
File sailfishos-calllog-time-patch-0.0.1-1.noarch.rpm3.41 KB25/01/2015 - 13:50

Initial release.


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Hi @muppis.
Coderus said your patch have a little mistake, can you check it please from this post:

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Thanks for patch!
A little question, can you put the timestamp under the words "yesterday" etc.. instead to put it in one line ?

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I considered and tried that, but that line is reserved to display label and/or type of number set in phonebook. Of course there's possibility re-arrange whole second line to make it look good .

There is a discussion about this in questions and I planned to make another patch to obtain same functionality in pulley menu of entry.

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Ahh forgot about label... I use Velimir's patch to show number and now I combined both patches (Velimir's and yours) in one package and it work great. Velimir's patch put the phone number and the lable under the name and in this case I have empty space under the "Yesterday" :)

Maybe you can point me how to change your patch and put the timestamp under "Yesterday" and create ultimative patch for myself :D ? If it possible at all...


two patches

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Hello Muppis,

This is nice patch. Although this has some problem to use with the Better calllog patch that shows the phone numbers in the same place.

Is this normal?

Better call log and call log timestamps on use at the same time:

And with timestamps and without better call log:

(I write this same to Sfiet_Konstantin also)

Best Regards,Mikko

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The same problem...have you solved it somehow?

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Couldn't find that better call log -patch to test this.

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It's from Sailfishos patches (advanced).

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I just installed this today. Will I start to see the timestamps only on new log entries? I.e. it will not update old entries which were there before the patch was installed?

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jolla_jo, for me it shows for all, even olders than when patched. Is your Sailfish OS up to date?
This patch modifies QML template which is used to display date, not date itself.

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Mmmh, I'm running . Is this phone app pre-loaded? I could try a reboot of course..

UPDATE: A reboot did the trick. Thanks for this patch!

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Oh.. Yeah, reboot is easiest. My bad. :D I'll update installation information about patching, as it requires service restart. It can be done by restart of phone or from Patchmanager pulleymenu selecting Restart preloaded services.

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No problemo :-) I actually did notice the patch manager pulley menu entry, but it was greyed out for some reason...

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Seems to work otherwise well, but once the date entries get longer, the text field of the date (like 19. Tammikuuta 20:44) overwrites the caller name and number.

This happens at least with Finnish language.

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I know this. I'm looking for solution for it. Line below date is one possibiity, but it contains other information which can be messed up as well.