by zlutor
Monsters attacking everywhere - in the cities, in the jungle, under the sea... Let's fight them back into the Space they are coming from! Smash'em!...
This is a little funny app drawing a small little Tux (linux mascott) assistant on the screen which lives on your multitasking (home) view.  You can...
Face Fun is a fun camera app. It helps you create various hilarious photos with various templates.  Take a photo of your friends and lock the fun...
by Enigma
Shooting game to collect the score competitive with world rank and also share the score on amazing Thailand game campaign to exchange for rewards
by HtheB
Every OS deserves a native fart app! Use the pulley menu or the cover triggers to make your phone fart! Notice: The farts on this app won't stink,...
Chestday is native application for SailfishOS to check whether it is chestday( = the day when you workout chest in the gym) or not. FYI monday is...
by gbour
THIS APPLICATION IS NOT WORKING ANYMORE AS VDM API HAS BEEN CLOSED! (VDM) is a collection of french user-submitted stories, likely to...
A game to make the most young babies smile and have fun for a while. You can also leave any comment at
FakeSMS is an application that can create text messages without sending them or receiving them. Fun, creative and useful! This application goes as...