Gooble Invasion

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Monsters attacking everywhere - in the cities, in the jungle, under the sea...
Let's fight them back into the Space they are coming from!

And finally, NUKE THEM ALL!

Various weapons and tactics to be combined:
- frost, tornado, thunder-strike or black hole
- bullet-time, hand grenades or The Mega Blast
- and last but not least, you can tap them down with your own light-speed iron-fingers...

Drag and drop weapons on the waves of monsters and they will do their job, helping you keeping the line and fight monsters back into their planets.

You can develop your arsenal more-and-more forward - and you will need to do so...

There is Story mode in the game where you can fight on various battlefields against various monsters with different strength and weaknesses you have to develop the most successful tactics for.

There is Survivor Mode as well where endless waves of monsters measures your fighting skills, test your ordnance depot and when all weapons are empty, your pure hands in close-quarter combat...

Your achievements are listed in built in high-score board, taking special attention on your personal best and sort of weapons helped you achieving that fine result.

Show your friend who is The One.
The One who can make it.
The One who can survive longer than anyone else...

Share your result on Twitter or Facebook - and challenge your friends whether they can beat it...

Cute graphics and nice game-play, ideal for a few minutes idle time or killing some hours with completing all levels in Story mode.

Not to mention hitting the High Score in Survivor Mode!


If you happen to have the weird idea of making some donation, here you go - thanks in advance!

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