command line

by olf
Scripts for safe and automated upgrading of SailfishOS with logging                                          
This is a simple app to manage and run often used shell commands without using the terminal. It comes with some ready to use presets to show all...
by halftux
Gpscon for Sailfish is a command line tool to acquire the gps position with the qtlocation api. without parameter gpscon will be in endless loop and...
by shellkr
Tree is a recursive directory listing command that produces a depth indented listing of files, which is colorized ala dircolors if the LS_COLORS...
by NicoCnd
This is GNU Wget 1.18 built for Jolla Tablet. RPM spec is from lourens'
Expect is a tool for automating interactive applications such as telnet, ftp, passwd, fsck, rlogin, tip, etc. Expect really makes this stuff trivial...
About FFmpeg FFmpeg is the leading multimedia framework, able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play pretty much anything...
aria2 is a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line download utility. It supportsHTTP/HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent and Metalink. aria2...