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Last Added Applications

Rawcam allows you to capture images in raw
Holy Quran for MeeGo Harmattan A holy Quran reader for MeeGo Harmattan. Allows reading the holy book and allows adding certain verses to a list of...
Drop Cache An utility to flush disk cache and allow increase a free memory by dropping out an outdated low level cache
Simple app to securely store data like passwords. MeePasswords is a simple tool to securely store short snippets of sensible or confidential data...
Q To-Do is a simple to-do list organizer. Q To-Do allows to maintain nested to-do's and additional notes. You can indicate the importance of a to-do...
by ZogG
Imgrup - App for Simple photo uploader. You cna as well share photo after you upload.  known bugs: gallery might be broken after API of...
Receive updates from your friends on StatusNet services such as StatusNet is a federated free software microblogging platform. This app...
by thp
Download wallpaper patterns from COLOURlovers Browse wallpaper patterns from and download them to your device to use as lock screen...
A photo watermark application A photo watermark application built using Qt/Qml. User can select photo from gallery or take a photo instantly for...
Widgets for Harmattan Widgets is an application that brings widgets to your Harmattan device. It is based on libwidgets, a Qt/QML library that is...
Qt/QML based online English to English dictionary with audio pronunciations. It also features 'Word of the day'.
by ejjoman
Wake On Lan is a tool wich allows you to wake up your LAN-Clients (PC, Server, Media Center, ...) in an easy way. It allows you to configure an...
by fmunozs
Pocket client for MeeGo Harmattan. Simple pocket client for MeeGo. You can add items to your pocket from browser and share them with your contacts....
by bibek
A native QML UI for Harmattan to browse the forums. It was carried over from earlier works of developer pH5 who had coded it upto v0.0...
Are you a movie fan? app is for you • Tv program • Tv broadcast • Tv tips • Movie/Actor details • Search and more... MeeGo version required...
RubiBox native application for the Nokia smartphones with Symbian and MeeGo/(Harmattan)OS RubiBox is winning application of Openmobility Summer...
by rzr
meta-harmattan will add rzr's shared repo of thousand packages rebuilt for meego harmattan --  
by Khertan
KhtNotes is a note taking application for Harmattan devices (n950, n9), and all device running MeeGo/Mer/NemoMobile. Provide sync of notes with...