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this is still a test build! there are and will be bugs. please tell me about them on talk.maemo.org or raise an issue on github ;)
Talefish is a really simple directory based audio book player. 

This means:

  • You can open a directory of audio files (or a single file)
  • It remembers where you were the last time
  • It remembers where you were when you've opened another directory since

​Why simple?

  • almost everything is QML. opening big directories may take a while.
  • there are no file infos available (artist, cover etc). instead, directory and file names are displayed. image files like cover.jpg are displayed.
  • ability to play files should equal system media player audio files. *.mp3, *.m4a, *.m4b, *.flac, *.ogg, *.opus, *.wav can be opened.

* Thu Jan 09 2018 velox 0.0-10
- allow opening of .aac (thanks jakibaki!)

* Sun Mar 05 2017 velox 0.0-9
- new translation: Dutch (thanks pljmn!)

* Sun Feb 12 2017 velox 0.0-8
- user request: second app cover button
- user request: .opus file support
- enhancement: cassette indicator now looks nice on hi-res screens
- packaging: reduce size dramatically
- translation updates (thanks, everyone!)

* Sun Jan 22 2017 velox 0.0-7
- new (EXPERIMENTAL/UNTESTED) feature/options: configure hang up button press + long press
- bugfix: fixed regression where skipping always paused playback
- added available parts (some features were implemented later) of sv/es/ru/pl translations (thanks eson/caballlero/ancelad/marmistrz)
- new page: about
- new option: purge old saved directory progress
- new convenience setting: reset playback speed by long pressing slider

* Sat Jan 07 velox 0.0-6
- bugfix: fix playback bug introduced in 0.0-5 while trying to fix speed issue
- bugfix: more sane speed reset workaround
- bugfix: skipping by time pauses playback when it switches to previous track
- add missing german translation strings

* Fri Jan 06 2017 velox 0.0-5
- bugfix: speed often resets to 100% as track switches
- new option (experimental): control with head set buttons (call/hangup = play/pause)
- new option: periodically save current progress
- new option: verbose logging
- new option: sort naturally when scanning files
- options are saved when leaving options page (previously only on clean app exit)

* Fri Jan 06 2017 velox 0.0-4
- Display file/folder names on Lock Screen
- Simple enqueue function (will not save progress for reopening that directory)
- Show directory name in Playlist view

* Sun Jan 03 2016 velox 0.0-3
- uppercase file suffixes (*.MP3 instead of *.mp3) allowed

* Sun Jan 03 2016 velox 0.0-2
- now lets you open *.mp3, *.m4a, *.m4b, *.flac, *.ogg. *.wav files (ability to play equals system media player)


minitreintje's picture

Great music player! It's in beta/release candidate but already my favorite :)

It's the only music player that supports playing by sorting on modification date, this was a feature I was missing on Jolla... And the tape is nice!


eatdirt's picture

Thanks velox, works like a charm!

@eson, that's true but Unplayer does not work for me. Files do not appear in directories. There is also quasarmx, but it is a gas factory and it is quite slow and clumpsy to use in my opinion.

And the tape is so cool! ;)

eatdirt's picture

Very good, but not for audio books, for directory based-music!! there is no other players doing this, please add support for other file formats, such as aac, flac, dts, ac3 and so on, and you have the best directory-based music player. I did not notice any slow-down in opening huge directories, you rock!!

And the display is super nice, I love the tape advancing movie. Would be even nicer with a full tape advancing with the two wheels fitting in the screen?

eson's picture

You are wrong about no other players playing directory based music. Unplayer is actually doing a pretty good job, doing that.

velox's picture

Agreed, Unplayer did get even better with the directory filter.

subeditor's picture

But now it seems to be dead. Or asleep.

subeditor's picture

+1 for folder based player, more formats.

velox's picture

*.mp3, *.m4a, *.m4b, *.flac, *.ogg, *.wav files now allowed – if you know of other file types the normal media player can play, please let me know. I'll add them if they work.

subeditor's picture

BTW, I do not see "donate" button.

subeditor's picture

*.ape, *.wma files

velox's picture

Thanks for your kind words! Of course I'd be happy too if you listen to music with this instead of audio books! 
I will definitely check which file formats are supported by default and add some more file types "soon"™.

Yeah, the tape took quite a while to paint/program. Awesome that you like it as well. I actually did a test with both reels, but they were either too small to be of use or too dominant.