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this is still a test build! there are and will be bugs. please tell me about them on talk.maemo.org or raise an issue on github ;)
Talefish is a really simple directory based audio book player. 

This means:

  • You can open a directory of audio files (or a single file)
  • It remembers where you were the last time
  • It remembers where you were when you've opened another directory since

​Why simple?

  • almost everything is QML. opening big directories may take a while.
  • there are no file infos available (artist, cover etc). instead, directory and file names are displayed. image files like cover.jpg are displayed.
  • ability to play files should equal system media player audio files. *.mp3, *.m4a, *.m4b, *.flac, *.ogg, *.opus, *.wav can be opened.
Application versions: 
talefish-0.0-1.armv7hl.rpm286.94 KB02/01/2016 - 03:31
talefish-0.0-1.i486.rpm291.37 KB02/01/2016 - 03:31
talefish-0.0-2.armv7hl.rpm287.2 KB03/01/2016 - 03:28
talefish-0.0-2.i486.rpm291.62 KB03/01/2016 - 03:28
talefish-0.0-3.armv7hl.rpm287.28 KB04/01/2016 - 21:52
talefish-0.0-3.i486.rpm291.57 KB04/01/2016 - 21:52
talefish-0.0-4.armv7hl.rpm287.56 KB06/01/2017 - 03:44
talefish-0.0-4.i486.rpm291.99 KB06/01/2017 - 03:44
talefish-0.0-6.armv7hl.rpm288.99 KB07/01/2017 - 17:38
talefish-0.0-6.i486.rpm293.77 KB07/01/2017 - 17:38
talefish-0.0-7.armv7hl.rpm296.17 KB22/01/2017 - 17:57
talefish-0.0-7.i486.rpm300.36 KB22/01/2017 - 17:57
talefish-0.0-8.armv7hl.rpm124.52 KB12/02/2017 - 02:50
talefish-0.0-8.i486.rpm129.48 KB12/02/2017 - 02:50
talefish-0.0-9.armv7hl.rpm126.56 KB05/03/2017 - 20:13
talefish-0.0-9.i486.rpm131.53 KB05/03/2017 - 20:13

* Sun Mar 05 2017 velox 0.0-9
- new translation: Dutch (thanks pljmn!)

* Sun Feb 12 2017 velox 0.0-8
- user request: second app cover button
- user request: .opus file support
- enhancement: cassette indicator now looks nice on hi-res screens
- packaging: reduce size dramatically
- translation updates (thanks, everyone!)

* Sun Jan 22 2017 velox 0.0-7
- new (EXPERIMENTAL/UNTESTED) feature/options: configure hang up button press + long press
- bugfix: fixed regression where skipping always paused playback
- added available parts (some features were implemented later) of sv/es/ru/pl translations (thanks eson/caballlero/ancelad/marmistrz)
- new page: about
- new option: purge old saved directory progress
- new convenience setting: reset playback speed by long pressing slider

* Sat Jan 07 velox 0.0-6
- bugfix: fix playback bug introduced in 0.0-5 while trying to fix speed issue
- bugfix: more sane speed reset workaround
- bugfix: skipping by time pauses playback when it switches to previous track
- add missing german translation strings

* Fri Jan 06 2017 velox 0.0-5
- bugfix: speed often resets to 100% as track switches
- new option (experimental): control with head set buttons (call/hangup = play/pause)
- new option: periodically save current progress
- new option: verbose logging
- new option: sort naturally when scanning files
- options are saved when leaving options page (previously only on clean app exit)

* Fri Jan 06 2017 velox 0.0-4
- Display file/folder names on Lock Screen
- Simple enqueue function (will not save progress for reopening that directory)
- Show directory name in Playlist view

* Sun Jan 03 2016 velox 0.0-3
- uppercase file suffixes (*.MP3 instead of *.mp3) allowed

* Sun Jan 03 2016 velox 0.0-2
- now lets you open *.mp3, *.m4a, *.m4b, *.flac, *.ogg. *.wav files (ability to play equals system media player)


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Problem: nothing provides libQt5Core.so.5(Qt_5) needed by Talefish-0.0-9.armv7hl

The file exists (/usr/lib/libQt5Core.so.5), provided by qt5-qtcore-5.2.1+git36-1.30.1

This problem affects both version 0.0-8 and 0.0-9

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I'm no packaging expert, much less so for RPM, so I'm starting with the this-fixes-most-install-problems-question:
Have you tried pkcon refresh as root to ensure your package lists are up to date?
I've just now uninstalled and reinstalled Talefish via warehouse on my Jolla1 with SFOS without any problems. zypper what-provides qt5-qtcore lists a higher version (5.6.2+git12.1-1.34.1 in the jolla repository) for me, but there should be no minimum version requirement for Talefish – at least I have not defined any in the package meta data.

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Is is possible to add support for control from headset, like play/pause as for the native media player?
Also, are sources available somewhere?

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I don't have a headset supporting this, so I most likely won't include it soon (and don't really know how yet), but it's a nice Idea – noted.

edit: It's not open source, but that may change.

paranoik's picture

With my Philips SHE2115 headset the play/pause control doesn't work, unfortunately.

velox's picture

That's a shame, thanks for testing!
It's open source now, so if you'd still like to take a look at what I've done wrong, you can find it at the bottom of https://github.com/jgibbon/Talefish/blob/master/qml/lib/TalefishPlayer.qml :)

Note: Yesterday's version with the controls part was so unuseably buggy I've removed it after an hour, perhaps you've missed it and got the older one. Todays update includes it again - you can enable it in the options.

Thanks for your help!

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If sources are opened I could contribute to handle pause/play management from headset.

velox's picture

Wow, thanks for the offer! I've only seen that now – after adding it. That would have been a great incentive to budget some time to clean up the code mess for releasing. Well… there's a chance it does not even work, so I might come back to your offer at some point ;)

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Found a bug.

I usually listen to audiobooks with 120% speed (would probably use faster if possible) and the speed often resets to 100% as track switches to next. Pause/replay sets speed back to 120%, but it has to be done from the app itself or from cover action, lockscreen is not enough.
Thanks for the otherwise great app!

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Should be fixed in 0.0-5

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Thanks for the bug report – I'll try to reproduce it.

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Is this project still active? Is there a github somewhere?

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It was inactive for a long while, but I've resumed looking after it. Not open source, but that might actually change at some point. [edit: it DID change! see description for details!]

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Thank you for this audio book app the best. I listen in my car but i can start/play and pause by bluetooth can you update please.

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Will be hard to implement, because I don't have regular access to a bluetooth set up with play/pause buttons. [edit: implemented!]

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Thank you for this audio book app.

There are two issues that slightly hinder the use of this excellent app.

When OOM killer kills the app the current track position is lost.  I think that after been killed by OOM, Talefish continues to play from the track where it was last time properly closed by the user.

The other thing is with playing track order. For example my audio book is ripped from CD disks and there are 9 disks and about 110 tracks. When there are more than 10 tracks in a disk/folder the Talefish does not play tracks in correct order. It plays track1, track10, track11, track2 and so on. The tracks which number is over 10 gets misplaced in queu.

Thank you anyway and I hope you can fix these issues and make the app even better.


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The app state is only saved on clean exit to keep it a bit more light weight while running. I might add an option to periodically save it in between. 

The file name sorting is just "dumb" alphabetical – right now you'd have to add leading zeroes to the file names to make it work. I'll have a look at this at some point.

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There are new options for handling both of your problems in 0.0-5.

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 first of all nice that there is a tablet version. But I have some problems with the app. First of all, on the tablet the crashes regulary, when another app is open and used. Than when the app crashes app changes are neglected. :( Thinks that would very usefull: add audiobook with all its subfolders...

Nice to have: easier change of audiobook, download artwork, artwork is not always found, fast-forward to next audio file.

The artwork with the tape looks great...

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Sorry it crashes… :( 

You can skip to the next track by swiping the cover image area, though.

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Couple of minor bugs:

1. Sometimes next track in the directory starts not from the beginning but from position 10-20-30 seconds after track zero position.

2. If Tailfish is paused you open directory first paused track (from previous directory) will star to play.


Thank you again for great app.

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Hey, Thank you!

The cassette animation is very nice!

And it's very important that it's possible to choose directories and use them as playlists. Me and many others have untagged music which is organized by directories.

Thank you again!

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Hi, i am using talefish for listenin to audio books (mp3)

The chapter of the books are seperated into audio files with about 5minutes playtime, so there are quite many files in one folder.

Talefish often skips one of the files, so instead of playing chapter 5 after chapter4, it plays chapter 6 (when it skips, always skips just one chapter)

Apart from that, it is a great player, since Sabas seems to get no support anymore. And Sabas doesn't have the support for the multimedia buttons on the lock screen.

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I've a question for @velox: does the displayed cover comes from the local cover.jpg or albumart.jpg file or from the cover image embedded into the metadata?

Issue: cover, artist and track title not shown on lock screen.

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No Metadata is used, only files in the opened directory.

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I found some bugs:

  • Talefish hangs when opening a directory (different songs everytime).
  • Sometimes I get 9642000% on the play queu (or something like that).
  • Opening directories with sorting on 'last modified' doesn't work always, however I guess it's related to the first bug.


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Well, that doesn't sound good, does it? I've sent you a Message with a few follow-up questions to not flood this page. :)
Thank you for testing and giving feedback!

minitreintje's picture

Great music player! It's in beta/release candidate but already my favorite :)

It's the only music player that supports playing by sorting on modification date, this was a feature I was missing on Jolla... And the tape is nice!


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Thanks velox, works like a charm!

@eson, that's true but Unplayer does not work for me. Files do not appear in directories. There is also quasarmx, but it is a gas factory and it is quite slow and clumpsy to use in my opinion.

And the tape is so cool! ;)

eatdirt's picture

Very good, but not for audio books, for directory based-music!! there is no other players doing this, please add support for other file formats, such as aac, flac, dts, ac3 and so on, and you have the best directory-based music player. I did not notice any slow-down in opening huge directories, you rock!!

And the display is super nice, I love the tape advancing movie. Would be even nicer with a full tape advancing with the two wheels fitting in the screen?