Daily Comics

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Read every day your favorite comic strips.

Designed for phones usage
Basic tablet support

- select your favorite comics among the list for quick access
- retrieve automatically the new strips locally
- display basic information about comics
- quick view all new strips in a row
- glance at unread comics in cover
- full landscape view support
- comics from multiple languages
- animate gif comics
- individual comics as independent plugins

Unfortunately the application has not been accepted into Harbour for copyright issues.

Source code available at Github Daily comics

You can check current issues and planned features at Github issues

List of supported comics: comics list

If you have some additional comics you would like to be in the list, please contact me
You can as well check the guidelines and open a Pull Request for it.


Here below are few good online resources to find new comics




Application versions: 
File harbour-dailycomics-1.8.0-1.armv7hl.rpm4.79 MB28/01/2019 - 01:42
File harbour-dailycomics-1.8.0-1.i486.rpm4.8 MB28/01/2019 - 01:42


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Living with Hipstergirl and Gamergirl was broken after new website. I changed the RegEx to repair it.


I also created a new plugin for the cartoons of Tjeerd Royaards


Hopefully Tardypad is still around for a new version. Thanks, and best wishes for 2019!

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Thanks for the update

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Apparently no longer maintained. Error on all 'GoComics' strips.

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Hi Tardypad,

Indeed, all GoComics links need a fix. I tried to find out myself how to fix it. Unfortunately I could not. This is how far I got. It works the same for same for Calvin and Hobbes, and Wizard of Id.

Kind regards,



Old "stripSource": "http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/"

New url would be: "http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2018/04/08". This may need some extra programming, working through the past few days to find the most recent entry.

The comic itself  of today is "http://assets.amuniversal.com/23c23db0f01f013516bf005056a9545d" to be found in the html at:

<code><picture class="item-comic-image"><img class="img-fluid lazyloaded" srcset="http://assets.amuniversal.com/23c23db0f01f013516bf005056a9545d 900w" data-srcset="http://assets.amuniversal.com/23c23db0f01f013516bf005056a9545d 900w" sizes="
                       (min-width: 992px) 900px,
                       (min-width: 768px) 600px,
                       (min-width: 576px) 300px,
                       900px" src="http://assets.amuniversal.com/23c23db0f01f013516bf005056a9545d" width="100%"></picture></code>

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Hi, I've submitted a pull request to fix it, I hope Tardypad is still around! Meanwhile, I've built a version with the fix that you can download here: http://sthocs.free.fr/harbour-dailycomics-1.7.5-2.armv7hl.rpm

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It seems at least Andy Capp, Calvin & Hobbes and F- have are broken now.

EDIT: Also it'd be nice if the link to home page of the comic would appear in the error message. I'm using Droplet browser as default and to override that and open the page with default browser I need to tap the link twice. Can't really do that for pull-down menu. Of course you can open it to default from droplet so it's not absolutely necessary but would make the user experience a bit better.

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Excellent! I miss the possiblity to zoom the comics, though, sometimes the text is very small and my aging eyes are not helping enough.

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@Jordi, well then give this issue at least a "thumbs up" or reiterate your valid argument: https://github.com/tardypad/sailfishos-daily-comics/issues/2

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Thanks for the update! Been waiting for this.

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There's something wrong with Nedroid comic. It shows error and when I open their home page there isn't even a new comic there. So now I never get the all comics read popup.

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I've fixed Nedroid in the new release


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I believe you can remove The Adventures of Dr. McNinja in the next release as it has ended.

EDIT: You can also remove Octopus Pie. It ended too.

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Thanks for the info
I've removed them from the app in the new release, with some other comics that are discontinued too ;(

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Garfield stopped working again... :-(

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I've just released a new version 1.7.2 that fixes Garfield's issue

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Would you mind to add this comic?

Thanks, your app is great! 

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Thanks :)
Unfortunately I don't feel like adding this particular one because it's more a cartoon than a comic
You can see one of my previous response about this in https://openrepos.net/comment/9910#comment-9910

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Awesome app. Would be awesome if you could release a x86 build for the tablet :)

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Thanks :)
There is now a tablet build available here containing some basic layout changes
To be tested!

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thanks I use app every day in phone. I just got tablet (one of lucky ones..) and seems that app do not work on it. It is pity. Any possibilities some co- coder who have tablet could check if it is easy to fix?

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Some other people reported that the app was working  therewithout any change
And someone now made some basic layout changes which I've merged
A tablet build is now available here to be tested

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Just updated and I can't get the newly added comics to my front page. I select them in the settings and star appears but when I return to the front page none of the new ones are there.

Also would it be possible to add an option to show all non-read pages that were added after last check? Some comics have on-going story and you may not always remember to check every day for new comics and in some cases there might even be two pages added in the same comic at the same time.

EDIT: Examples that can't be added: Questionable content, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Nedroid and Andy Capp at least.

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Thanks for the quick report!
I'm just releasing a new version that fixes this problem

- https://github.com/tardypad/sailfishos-daily-comics/issues/3
- https://github.com/tardypad/sailfishos-daily-comics/issues/13

I think displaying the last few strips will require quite some efforts (especially for the interface) as the app was never designed for this.
So I'm not sure I'll have time for it. The other features will probably come before. We'll see.

Anyway, I don't have a SailfishOS phone anymore :( so I don't add any new feature at the moment.
I just add new comics and fix small bugs, as this is easy enough with only the emulator.
I'll hopefully restart some more development once I get a new phone :)

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Thanks for the fast fix. Octopus Pie shows only black, it seems. Also I would be nice if you could add Gone with the Blastwave: http://www.blastwave-comic.com

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I've just released a new version that contains Gone With The Blastwave
The comic doesn't seem to be updated too much lately though..
I've added it anyway

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Hm... I think I know the issue for Octopus Pie
If you check its website http://www.octopuspie.com You'll see the current strip is huge (>1Mb)
I thought I fixed the display of big images long ago but it seems it still appears in some cases...
I can't do anything right now as it is working fine in the emulator...
I'm sure that its next strip will be displayed fine though :)

I'll add Blastwave for the next release, probably in 1 month or so, once there are normally a few other requests