Sailfish Podcast

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Search iTunes Store, add RSS from the Intenet, subscribe to your favorite stations to get free updates. With Sailcast Podcast you'll never miss your new episodes.


  • Search the iTunes Store podcasts
  • Subscribe to your favorite stations to keep them on the first page
  • Add any podcast found on the Internet by its RSS link
  • Play episodes with simple player


Reach us on Telegram: @ratijas, @Swebin, @nurmukhamet_abdullin.

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ogust_biller's picture

Superbe !  

martinbook85's picture

I fully agree with above comment.

Kabouik's picture

I love this app, I think it's easier to use than gPodder or Podcatcher, and the Search feature seems to be a lot more powerful.

However, I really miss:
1. Extra details on playing podcast, like date and duration. I often start listening to a podcast without knowing if it will take 2, 10 or 50 min, it's frustrating when trying new podcasts.
2. A way to navigate in a podcast, or at least go back 10 or 30 sec without restarting the whole playback Useful when you listen to podcasts while doing something else or walking/travelling, you can easily fet distracted and miss something.
3. A way to copy the podcast URL.

Also, are posdcasts streamed, or stored locally (and if so, where)? Are they deleted after some time ?