Swipe URL in browser toolbar right/left in order to go back/forward

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Swipe URL in browser toolbar right/left in order to go back/forward, version >= 3.0.2

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File sailfishos-patch-browser-history-swipes-0.0.3-1.noarch.rpm8.42 KB23/05/2019 - 16:21

update for SailfishOS >= 3.0.2


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Wow! This patch absolutely rocks! Thanks!

trial's picture

Perfect! Makes the Browser way more usable. ^^

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@ninepine Great. Enjoy!

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THANKS! Thanks for bringing this back :D

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@pemek - Have just solved installation issue. My bad. Conflict with another patch which if used properly would not have prevented install. Duh - had mananaged to toggle unapply all patches on! This prevented installation.

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@Pemek Sailfish

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For me it works perfect on patchmanager3 beta

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Which Sailfish version?

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Fails to install on Patchmanager 3 beta

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Thanks for this patch!!! It's very useful ;)

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Really nice patch. Thanks a dozen!